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We've Been Threatened

By a Violent Sports Maniac

1/11/2012 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD is on the hunt for a cyber-douchebag who threatened to attack the people at FoxSports.com ... all because they blocked the idiot from posting on their message board.

The drama began on November 1, 2011 ... when Fox Sports banned a user who posted an "inappropriate comment" on a FoxSports.com team page.

According to official police documents, Fox Sports later received a threatening message which the user sent to the "report abuse" tab ... which read, "All you moderators are c**ksuckers and one day you are going to get your faces caved in to your brain."

The message continued, "You think just because you do this over the Internet you cannot be located. You are wrong .... Watch your ass you f**king b*tches. I am coming for you ..."

FoxSports.com security officials told police they were "extremely concerned for the safety" of the staff ... and insisted they are "not taking this threat lightly."

Now, detectives from the LAPD Threat Management Unit are on the case .. hoping to track down the suspect.

A rep for FoxSports.com had no comment on the situation.

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No Avatar

Hello is anybody in there?    

What? These threats happen all the time on the internet just look at the YouTube comments.

1015 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

I bet it's a fat ass arm chair bandit making all the threats. You know, the one that talks smack all day about sports but can't get off the couch to do one effin sit-ups. Only someone like that would make threats. On the other hand, someone that makes real threats shows up at their office the next day to follow through. Like those LiLo and Pari******on stalkers.

1015 days ago


I've seen worse comments on this website!

1015 days ago


A d-bag Internet tough guy sitting in his mom's basement eating mini-bagel pizzas and typing racists or threatening posts on message boards.... Gee... there's something new... TMZ, you do read your own message boards from time to time, right?

1015 days ago


Well, FOX reaps what they been sowing.

However, the moderation on most news sites has gotten out of hand. A lot have gone to Facebook commenting which sucks ass, because you shouldn't have to sacrifice your privacy to comment on a news story. And many others will delete (or not post at all) a comment that they disagree with, which also is ridiculously stupid censorship.

1015 days ago


LOL I've seen worse on these message boards. He should listen to his own words though; "You think just because you do this over the Internet you cannot be located. You are wrong" Just like the folk at Fox this moron can also be located. Probably not a threat though, just another loser talking tough out of his ass

1015 days ago


Sounds like a guy in my fantasy football league. And his name was Dimitri BTW.

1015 days ago


It's called domestic terrorism and women live with it on a daily basis. See examples.

1015 days ago


Everyone knows all you message board posters are crazy LOL

1014 days ago


Idiot. He's probably 12.

1014 days ago


This happens on every message board on every site as long as the entries are anonymous. People get VERY brave on message boards -- especially racists. They assume they cannot be found; therefore, no one can beat their a**** like they would in real life. Just look at this board sometimes! Most of the people on here would NOT say 80% of the things they so boldly say on here if it were real life! TRUTH

1014 days ago

Fantastic Four    

This is newsworthy? You've got to be kidding me.

These sort of posts on daily at every online forum with more than fifty users.

What an absolute waste of police resources.

1014 days ago


Really now, this kind of threat should be reserved for Fox News not fox Sports.

1014 days ago

good as gold    

At some point in the future all internet message boards [including tmz] will ask for a cell number and send a verifiable text per post. People will then think twice when they post knowing they can their a$$ sued.

1014 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Drama queens. All of them. Next!

1014 days ago
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