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Khloe Kardashian

Rips Ex-Stepmoms --


1/11/2012 8:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian
is lashing out at her former step-mothers -- claiming the women should be "ashamed" for telling a tabloid magazine that Robert Kardashian isn't her biological father.

Khloe's fury is directed at Jan Ashley and Ellen Kardashian -- who were each married to Robert after he split from Kris Jenner. Both recently claimed Robert privately revealed to them that Khloe was fathered by another man.

Now, Khloe is firing back on Twitter ... saying, "The audacity you have to mention my father’s name like this! Should be ashamed of urself! I let a lot of things slide but this one is really low… YOU ARE DISGUSTING! (yes you know who YOU are)."

Kim Kardashian is backing up her sister -- claiming Robert Kardashian is 100% Khloe's biological father.


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Well, that explains why she looks nothing like them lol and has the nerve to call somebody else disgusting. She's a man I tell ya.

1016 days ago


Khloe Kardashian looks just like her father, Robert Kardashian's mother who had blonde hair and blue eyes!

1016 days ago


Her Biological father is in the video "I love my friends" at 3:17 holding a hair dryer. She looks just like him.

1016 days ago

Melissa lee    

I agree lollol couldn't have said it better

1016 days ago


Wow!, that is so sad to hear that Khloe Kardashian biological father is "Not" Robert Kardashian. The two former Step-Mothers "Jan Ashley" and "Ellen Kardashian may just be actually telling the truth because if everyone actually take another good look at Khloe who once had even blond hair, and then look at Kim, Kourtney and Robert Kardashian; it is unfortunately that Khloe just do Not look like her other brother and sisters. Folks, we know how painful this is for Khloe Kardashian Odom, but she may want to seriously consider getting a DNA test to find out the truth in order to get some sort of closure. In addition, I think it's time that she confront her Mother, Kris Jenner about this issue, and her Mother NEEDS to seriously come clean on this issue because DNA test don't lie. Good luck Khloe on this one because it looks like your husband, Lamar Odom Needs to suggest that you get a DNA test, and find out the actual truth. This is the ONLY way that you are going to ever have a peace of mind. Unfortunately, your Mother, Kris Jenner seems to (LACK) integrity and credibility which all came to light after your sister, Kim Kardashian shameful divorce filing of only (72) days of marriage. Perhaps, you and your family should call on a Family Conference meeting and hopefully you and your entire family will all agree to withdraw from out of the limelight now because your family, and Kim Kardashian divorce mess to Kris Humphries, and now this breaking news about the deceased father Robert Kardashian who may Not be your biological father; it's all just a bit TOO much for the general public.

1016 days ago

Melissa lee    

Um I don't care if he raised her as his own. Everyone deserves to kno who there parents are and the history behind how u were created. This prob explains Khloe lack of respect for kris Jenner. She talks to her very disgusting

1016 days ago


She is Arnold Schwartzenegger's daughter for sure.

1016 days ago


that is so ironic i was just thinking in the last couple of weeks with NO prompting that she looks not as "ethnic" as kim/kourtney and there is no way she is fathered by robert..take a paternity to prove it.

1016 days ago


Khloe looks more like Robert Kardashian than all her siblings! The other two girls look more like their mom. Both those women should be ashamed of themselves! That's disgusting and I totally agree with how Khloe feels...those are disgusting pigs that would say something like that!

1016 days ago

arale norimaki    

Kris Jenner on the affair that tore apart her marriage to Robert Kardashian
His name was Ryan and he was a producer. We had wild sex everywhere, all the time.'

'One morning, Robert had me followed. He found us at a restaurant.'

That finally explains Khloe.......same timeline different father!!!!

1016 days ago


How is this any different that what her mom revealed in her book...she openly discussed cheating on Robert. This has been a long standing rumor and I believe that it was only revived due to Kris Jenner's constant need for attention. Sorry Khloe!

1016 days ago


Chloe has a right to know who her "real biological" Father is. Her Mom has a legal and moral right to provide this to her,if for any reason, to know for health-related reasons and having children. So important, my husband is carrying a gene that makes his children blind by age 40, no cure; so you see where I am coming from. Fess up Mom and stop worrying about making $ off your children and micro-managing their life. I know it is hard today with the economy and jobs, but how embarrassing to make a living with cameras coming into your homes and lives with a script. No morals and values instilled in her future grandchidren lives...............but, look who is watching her show, so very sad what our world is coming to and the entertainment we have to resort to.
Just do the DNA with your sister(s). Your ratings will probably sky rocket.

1016 days ago


December 21, 2012. Hopefully it will be the end of the Kardashians. and their bastards. lol

1016 days ago


both Stepmothers .. two different women Robert Kardashian married after a divorce from Kris Jenner who was whoring around then was found out. HE TOLD BOTH OF THEM THAT KHLOE WAS NOT HIS REAL DAUGHTER ...come on Khloe, be glad you're not a Kartrashian and escape while you can ... YOUR STEP MOM'S ARE NOT LYING . THAT'S TWO OF THEM HE TOLD. AND IT'S TRUE FOR YOU LOOK NOTHING LIKE YOUR UGLY GRANDMA. gosh she's the worst looking as was her son and by the wwy, she is the one Kim and Kourney do look most like ...KIM IS A DOUBLE OF HER DAD'S MOM .. IDENTICAL and only changed some by the face work she's had done.

1016 days ago


Khloe should be lashing out at kris jenner. Everyone had their doubt wheter khloe is a kardashian or not. When kris jenner wrote in her book for a quick buck and fame that she had an affair, people did the math and foud out it was around the time khloe was conceived. That answered the question that maybe khloe was not Robert's daughter. Even khloe had her doubt. She gave kris a DNA test on the show. When I saw that I said to myself, she gave the test to the wrong person. Kris is her mother but who is the father is the question.

1016 days ago
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