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Kim Kardashian

Robert Is 100 PERCENT

Khloe's Biological Dad

1/11/2012 11:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
's sister Kim is saying Robert Kardashian is WITHOUT A DOUBT Khloe's biological father ... and anyone who suggests otherwise is completely full of crap.

Sources close to Kim tell TMZ ... the family is fuming at Robert's ex-wives ... who both told the tabloids Robert privately revealed that Khloe was fathered by another man.

We're told, "It's totally untrue and the family is very hurt."

One source close to Kris Jenner tells us ... Khloe's mom isn't even fazed by the rumors because "it's so ridiculous, it's not even worth her time."

The family has been dealing with wild allegations about Khloe's biological dad for a while -- and even joked about it on their reality show -- but one family source is adamant, "She looks just like Robert's mother."


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Who cares Khloe is ugly as **** anyways.

984 days ago


She looks nothing like either of them....reality hurts baby

984 days ago


we don't care.

984 days ago

Fat Mike    

This story is a load of crap. Robert's ex-gold diggers have obviously run out of cash and need to top up the crack fund.
Seriously, how low can someone go?
Next you'll be telling us some made up story about them running sweat shops in China. Oh wait, you did that a couple of weeks ago.
Beofre you were all wrapped up in the TV show, one of the greatest things about this website was you knew everything that was posted was well researched and most likely true. Reprinting other people's paid-for storiesd used to be below TMZ, but now seems to be the norm.

984 days ago

Jana Beth simpson    

Kris Jenner was a ho and cheated on Robert. The witch is covering her tracks by saying that she wouldn't even respond to the allegation. She knows that a simple dna test would confirm it. If it were a lie...she would have that done and then sue. Also, it would bring her even more publicity. What kind of mother writes a book and brags about cheating on her husband. I feel bad for all her children. She is the role model they had growing up. They were doomed as far as morals go. Khloe is paying for this now because of that nasty ho's book. She doesn't care who she hurts as long as it brings her money. She hurt the Brown family using Nicole in her book. Some friend she was. I despise this woman and feel for anyone that has the pure bad luck of coming into her ugly world. She is complete white trash and keeps proving it to us every day. The widow is another piece of crap too. If Bruce Jenner had two brain cells he would take the young daughters away from this evil witch. She ruins everything she touches.

984 days ago


"Kris Jenner tells us ... Khloe's mom isn't even fazed by the rumors because "it's so ridiculous, it's not even worth her time."".

It is obvious from what Kris J wrote in her
book that Khloe has a different father, a grade school child could easily do the math.

When Kris J was ruining Kimmy's marriage, she just wouldn't shut up. Now, she is using silence to drag Khloe down. If it were not true, and if she actually cared about Khloe, she would prove it, instead of lying.

And, speaking of lying, it has been well do***ented on the show that Kim lies frequently, so what she says has absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

Khloe, you are a beautiful woman, on the outside and in the inside!!! The mistake you have made is in behaving and dressing like your sk*nky short sisters. It is much better to be tall and stately than short and weasely. This is your big chance to differentiate yourself from your trashy sisters (and mother). You have made a great start by making your husband and your marriage a priority. Be classy, dress in a way which will cause people to respect you, and be a leader!!! In the end, you will be the one who will actually live the life of your dreams!!!

984 days ago


I dont understand some of these "Hollywood people" all they want to be is famous and in the spot light. Then when they are for something negitive they get all mad. Get bad press and want to sue someone. If you dont want the spot light than get out of it. Stop going out and doing things for the attention. But I believe the Kardashian like the attention. Hell ive seen them on the show googling themselves to see what people say about them.

984 days ago


LOL, no she is not. Why lie to the poor girl? I would be SO happy not to have that awful man who supported a murderer as a father. Having Kris is a mom is bad enough.

984 days ago

Pittsburgh's Finest    

What does Kim know? Was she in the room watching them have sex? Better yet, did she see her daddy bust a nut in her mother? Oh even further, did she do her calculations based on the time she saw Khloe conceived? She is just listening to what Kris is telling her. Kris already admitted that she had an affair in her book. This is nothing new. Now, the next step would be for her to identify big foot's father. I am sorry but even Stevie Wonder can see that she is not a Kardashian. By the way, where does Kim think she got her whore *ss ways? From her slutty mother! She inherited that trait!

984 days ago


She doesn't look anything like Robert's mother, or Robert. I see a little of her mother in her, but she does look quite different from her sibs. btw, my wife and I have seen all of them up close at various places. They're nothing great, they wear a boatload of makeup and have fake hair and are all considerably plumper than you see on all the magazine covers. Worse though is the entitled "we're bitchen" attitude that they all have to various degrees, especially that little Pr1ck Scott *****. I wouldn't believe a word any of these trashy people say.

984 days ago


Kris "Ho Mom" Jenner admitted to cheating during that marriage.


Would love to see MobWives kick the K's family asses!

984 days ago


The Kardashian genes seem to be very strong. Just one look at Mason will tell you that. If Khloe had those genes, she would look more like her siblings and Mason. Just look at Kris' 2 girls by Bruce - they look nothing like the other K-dash girls. I'm pretty sure Khloe knows she's not Robert's biological daughter. She does seem to have a chip on her shoulder. Love her & Lamar - they are the cutest couple and REAL. Can't stand the true K-dashians. Come on Kris just own up to it - Khloe will feel much better.

984 days ago



984 days ago


I've never thought Khloe looked like the other siblings as a whole.... In Kris Jenner's book she talks about her affairs while married to Robert Kardashian, so who knows and actually, who cares.......

984 days ago


I'm sorry but to me she looks nothing like Robert's mother. In every family photo that's been put out there just seems to be no resemblance to anyone.

984 days ago
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