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Lindsay Lohan

Taxes Just Ain't My Bag, Baby

1/11/2012 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan blonde hair
Lindsay Lohan
had no idea she was so deeply in the hole to Uncle Sam ... because she THOUGHT she had accountants to take care of that crap for her ... sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the I.R.S. hit Lohan with a big, fat tax lien, claiming she failed to fork over $93k in federal income taxes from 2009.

Now, sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she was completely unaware of the problem. We're told Lindsay actually cleaned house recently and replaced most of her business team.

Our sources say Lindsay believes the debt was most likely lost in the shuffle, but the issue will be handled immediately.

Lohan SHOULD have the cash to get herself in the clear -- after all, she just hauled in close to a million bucks to get naked for Playboy.


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981 days ago


Umm tax debt does not get lost in the shuffle. You sign your taxes when you submit them. You put your name on the tax forms you have to file.

Your accountant knows the income and it is YOUR obligation to follow up with your money and those who work for you and to know your finances and know if your taxes were paid in or not.

Lohan's always love to find someone to blame or be a scapegoat for their bad choices and irresponsible behavior.

Own what you do and do not do. The IRS would not have filed a lien if you did not owe on your taxes, therefore you had to of known that you did not pay in or pay your own taxes. No matter who you hire to handle your money, you still need to be responsible and oversee that they are managing it properly and honestly.


981 days ago


Had the IRS filed the lien earlier they could have put a claim/lien on her Playboy check. That would have covered her debt.

Maybe Lindsey should not be vacationing over sees for weeks at a time or shopping for new Birkin bags and designer shoes, jewlery, furs, or hmmmm

MAYBE the IRS needs to take her new car away.

981 days ago


No excuses.....when it comes to others handling your finances you must still be on top of it. Your namen the dotted line....your responsibility.....period.

981 days ago


With all the rip-off accountants and financial advisors in California - I'd keep track of my OWN money if I was rich and famous. Remember what Nick Cages accountants did to his fortune. Bunch of thieving bas*ards. If you care about your cash, keep your own eyes on it and dont let someone else handle your money.

981 days ago


The State of CA brings it to your attention long before the Feds this probably the usual addict behavior...denial, avoidance, procrastination & blame others

981 days ago


You know dam well Lou Taylors just been settin back waiting for Lohan Inc to points it dirty finger at her.....LOL
Don't worry she's ready for them....but tell me this Lohan Inc what's ya going do when they audit 2010 and 2011 hope you havn't lost them in in the shuffle. Cause they start dingging into those your cooked..
Me.. Obsessed ..hell I see your name as much as anybodys ...So that would be Mr Pot call Mrs Kettle Black ...
Don't think Lohan Inc is going like me much today...."Fun ..Fun ..Fun ...the they cme and take the Keyboard (car keys" away "
a salute to the Beach Boys...

981 days ago


Great photo of a beautiful girl! Her accountants really let her down on this one and TMZ needs to leave her alone! Love you, Lindsay!

981 days ago


For the last time--she did NOT get $1 million from Playboy, nor did her issue "sell out."
That's all spin, agreed to by Playboy and her publicists.
If she made $1 million, her taxes would be MUCH higher.

981 days ago


Then she will go to the judge on her court date, weeping and wailing. Right, it will be paid off, her friends better put a lock-down on their stuff.

981 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Taxes? We don't need no stinkin taxes...........

981 days ago


What did Lohan Inc do to radar online....they are avoiding Lindsay's Spins like the plague.......Lohan Inc must have stiff them on a payment............

981 days ago


Wheres everybody ? Ive been up since 6:00 and already made it though one whole genealogy report for a client ..just got to sent it I'm on fire this bad I'll probably crash and burn by 1:00 pm ...but the bright side it its nap time for baby's and granny's ...LOL
Love the way TMZ gets on story and strings it out into 2 or 3 timed releases for better man Harvey Levin ..nasty but smart.......!

981 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

What idiots are paying her enough to woe so much in taxes?

981 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Lindsay doesn't think, she has people to do that for her. Pshaw.

981 days ago
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