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Lindsay Lohan

Taxes Just Ain't My Bag, Baby

1/11/2012 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan blonde hair
Lindsay Lohan
had no idea she was so deeply in the hole to Uncle Sam ... because she THOUGHT she had accountants to take care of that crap for her ... sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the I.R.S. hit Lohan with a big, fat tax lien, claiming she failed to fork over $93k in federal income taxes from 2009.

Now, sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she was completely unaware of the problem. We're told Lindsay actually cleaned house recently and replaced most of her business team.

Our sources say Lindsay believes the debt was most likely lost in the shuffle, but the issue will be handled immediately.

Lohan SHOULD have the cash to get herself in the clear -- after all, she just hauled in close to a million bucks to get naked for Playboy.


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Link to the lien:

979 days ago


The Hillbilly in the Corner
thinks that this is all spin..that Lohan Inc is already worked out a payment plan and they are paying off already...but the Story is Great way to keep her in the news and on the net and like a whole dam bunch of Lohan Loony's having been selling " all the big stars have Tax problems..."

in early talks or a movie which never be made (again)
piddying little noname deals that is billed to look
a hell of a lot better then it actually is.
All within 2 weeks of her next perp walk ...and nobody thinks that their's any connection....LOL

Whats your gal done now Lohan Inc ?????

979 days ago


Lindsay looks better without makeup.

979 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Lindsay is busy making twitter money to pay the tax lien!
lindsaylohan Lindsay Lohan
Check out Chris Tasara's new suspense thriller "Deadline" featuring the tiger from The Hangover. #ad

979 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

I have the flu and feel like death warmed over. Could you all fight some more to entertain me? Thank you for respecting a sick person's request.

979 days ago


Fine. Were you aware that:

DUIna just inked a deal with Marvel Publishing to whore out her new pile of self-serving fiction. Marvel has promised to deliver a “whole new demographic” for DUIna’s literary skills, and further assured her that there would be “pictures. Lots of pictures”. While the terms are not being disclosed, “sources close to DUIna” have hinted that Marvel’s investment could reach upwards of $250.00 and DUIna isn’t shy about confirming her latest windfall. “I bet I maek moar than u so dunt maek meen coments abote me or linds”Tweeted DUIna. Here’s to hoping the “book” will be an easier read than the Tweet. DUIna plans to celebrate by booking the Honeymoon Suite for her and Linds at the most expensive hotel in S. Newark, NJ. “jusst a litel mother dotter bonding if u no wot I meen”, she bragged.

I bet you already knew that.

979 days ago

big bamboo    

I bet if the IRS man came baring a bag of blow worth $93,000
she would pay that lien..
she would sell Ali Pootie and LNOR to pay off that

979 days ago


I forgot you are in La La Land were normal rules and regulation for the rest of us don't apply...
I know exactly what the IRS does sweetie you could say I have exspienced it sweetie shut up already you all are getting boring...

979 days ago


HA! According to Honig, he.... "hasn’t seen the case but accused the paparazzi of invading her privacy daily".

Yes. We all demand our privacy while staggering around blitzed in public outside various nightclubs and lesbian bars. What a faeg.

979 days ago

AGENT smith    

I'm back from Boogie boarding, wow the ocean is pretty damn scary and cold. It's going to be a challenge to surf and I need some serious time in the pool and on the weights...

979 days ago


new avi is just for BRW.
Now he is garenteed to take away all your chills and make you nice and toasty warm....Feel better soon

979 days ago


As of this posting, 911 comments. A random sampling doesn't seem to demonstrate any love or support for ElizaMariLinds. Any - as in: None. Zero. Actually, they all pretty much call her a washed up, worthless skank in desperate need of bathing.

Have you read this, NICOLE, or have you been sidetracked char-broiling chihuahuas?

979 days ago

AGENT smith    

Izzy, do me a favor and don't dream about me......LOL

979 days ago

big bamboo    

Red Cloud...congrats she is trending on yahoo again..#2 for her Tax Lien..with a little more help and debt she can be #1

979 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

100K is nothing when you make a fast $1,000,000 getting naked for the camera, it's only 10%. And the year has just gotten started douchebags! Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when the Internet police come for YOU????

H8rs and people who bully the stars online will face greater than normal heat from the POlease this year.

WTF, just line em all up..............................

Gtti roll again, julia, RC, and Smitty keep the trolls at bay and don't pay attention to Vorlon or Madi, they're both FOS and HOTAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

979 days ago
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