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'Pawn Stars' Cast

FURIOUS Over 'Cajun' Spin-off

1/11/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pawn Stars and Cajun Pawn Stars
The debut of the new "Cajun Pawn Stars" was a huge hit with the History Channel ... but TMZ has learned the guys at the original "Pawn Stars" show are PISSED because they had no idea it was being made.

Sources close to Left Field Pictures -- the production company behind "Pawn Stars" -- tell us the Vegas crew feels "blindsided" ... because they only learned about the show a few weeks ago ... when the network made the official announcement.

We're told Chumlee, Rick, Corey and the Old Man insist they were promised by the network that no "Pawn Stars" spin-off shows would be made of any kind ... and now feel like they were betrayed.  

Sources say the guys are "really hurt" by the whole thing and feel like the new show is a "total knock-off" -- but their beef is with the network ... and NOT with the cast of the new show.

Pretty shocking behavior by the network -- considering "Pawn Stars" is the number one show on History and one of the highest rated shows on cable.

No official comment from the "Pawn Stars." Ditto for the History Channel.


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Cajun Pawn Stars star is a child molester, I am living with prof.

971 days ago


Pawn stars aren't stars- they are fat, uneducated idiots with no class that couldn't get a real job anywhere else and love to con people.
Cajun Pawn stars on the other hand are more personal, fair and have more class than any of those idiots in Vegas any day.

966 days ago


I have watched both Pawn Star programs, & I will never watch "Pawn Stars" again. Every time someone brings somthing in to sell, they have to call someone elses in to tell them what they are looking at. The episode about the Les Paul guitar take the cake, or the man that brought in the Rolex watch. Neither one of these episodes was reality. For my money "American Pawn Stars" is second fiddle to "Cajun Pawn Stars"

965 days ago


Shut up and run your pawn shop! You're probably making a killing now that your place is famous and are making a ton more from the show and swag that's being sold!

961 days ago


Pawn Stars is a good show.

961 days ago

Automan 57     

Pawn stars are MAD because the Cajuns have their FFL Licence and can deal in new fire arms, have the ability to take in live stock or just about anything someone would like to Pawn or buy!!!~~~

961 days ago

bu yaka    

i totally agree with the pawn stars crew here, iwhen i saw CAJUN pawn stars i was like WTF? really? i havent watched it, never will. there's only one original, the REAL pawn stars (and that other knock off from another channel? the cross between a heavy metal group and pawn stars? yeah right, what a p0s show). i hope pawn stars takes their show and switches over to another station, nat geo, discovery, etc. im sure the other guys would LOVE to welcome them! wherever they go, i'll follow, history channel messed up bigtime here!

960 days ago

rob wilson    

pawn stars has no reason to lose any sleep,Cajun pawn is a blatant ripoff and not a very good one at that,Hardcore pawn has turned into a very poor copy of jerry springer by exploiting the weaknesses of the people who deal with them

956 days ago

Blood Wolf    

eh pawnstars is better because it balances the awe of strange and cool items, with the education, and the humor from the cast. cajun pawn stars is ok. they are more funny than educational if anything.

951 days ago


The Las Vegas crew had their run, they should be happy with all the money and publicity they've gotten.

Anyway, if he ever needs more money, he could always do a commercial for priceline! LOL

948 days ago


Why would anyone, whether they're on the show or a fan, be upset or feel betrayed? It's the "Hardcore Pawn" crapola on TruTV that tried running it in direct competition. Cajun Pawn Stars is NOT in competition at all. Are they in the same city? No. Are they in the same state? No. They're not even in the same region of the country, not to mention that they run on the same channel, so they're not competitors, for the idiots that make this into a fanboy war of which show is better.

The shows are also different in that they deal in different trades.
The Cajun guys even deal with livestock. Just shut up. How do we know that the Pawn Stars cast is even angry? They may have just made a sarcastic remark which these world-class journalists made into a story.

912 days ago

Loran Hedgecoke    

I like Cajun Pawn better anyway.That bald guy makes me wanna lurch,that dude would try to rip off his family if he could.He comes up with an excuse for every single deal and person that comes in there not to give them jack for their stuff.You couldnt pay me to go in there.

910 days ago


sorry to say guys ... your show was great (AT FIRST) then you went with the Springer type reality show. Arguement among each other !! The whole idea of " the pawn " is really interesting to watch. But if I want to see people fight with each other I can just turn off the TV and deal with family and friends ! Hardcore Pawn is way too much Jerry Springer ... you have turned to the Springer side. Cajun (so far) is about the pawn. That is the show I will watch.

903 days ago


vegas pawn stars are the best. at least they make sure their products they buy are the real deal, not a fake.

850 days ago


Hey guys, don't worry about a thing. Cajun pawn stars and now Hardcore pawn are also rans and will not be decent competition for you. Hillbliies and white trash won't make it.

850 days ago
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