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'Pawn Stars'

WAAAAHHH Me a River!!!

1/11/2012 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The fellas from "Pawn Stars" are bawlin' mad at the fact no one told them the new 'Cajun' spin-off of their hit show was coming out. Ummm ... "Waaaahhh!!!"


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They just want to be the only ones ripping people off for a living.

925 days ago


First of all the new show is really good. It is really refreshing to not always be in the pawn shop. Cajun Pawn actually goes outside and you get a real feel for the area and the people. Vegas always seemed small and limited to me. Also I happen to know for a fact that the boys in Vegas knew about Cajun Pawn Stars (I heard them talking about it in the shop). So TMZ is trying to cause a dust up or the guys in Vegas are sour grapes. If there is room for 100 talent contest shows (American Idol, X factor, So you think you can Dance. . . ) then there is room for two VERY different shows about pawn shops. Stop hating.

925 days ago


this show sucks, the people on the show suck.

925 days ago


This men are worst than a bunch of women on PMS! Be thankful for what you have! You are only making yourselves look bad and may lose viewers over your petty jealousy. Why be upset over a show that doesn't even compete with yours? Totally different time slots? DUH!! Oh and BTW...walking around like Billy Bad Ass thinking your **** doesn't stink is getting old. You all need to go on a serious diet or their won't be any of you left to have a show period!

924 days ago


So the big boys are getting nervous about a competing show. Maybe they worry that they won't be able to light their cigars with $100 bills anymore or buy $60...,000 worth of champagne to impress some hicks in a dive bar somewhere in the south. My wish for them would be that they had to work for a living.

923 days ago

Paul Fitzgerald    

The Cajun Pawn shop show sucks..but most of the shows that have been on lately are lame..Shipping Wars..Storage War Texas..etc..etc.. and the worst of the worst is Hardcore Pawn. The dad is alright but the son and daughter are just plain spoiled.

919 days ago


The show is retarded and so are all the idiots on it. Seriously America, what is wrong with you? These people are the dumbest of the dumb.

914 days ago


Pawn stars likes to try and save face on their show, be nice, giving people an honest price. Cajun Pawn Stars needs to take notes.

913 days ago


Couple weekends i was in Alexandria,LA. & decided to stop into the Silver Dollar Pawn ( home of cajun pawn stars )
THESE GUYS HAVE ATTITUDES ! The older owner barely acknowledged my presence and the younger one practically bumped into me with out saying a word. GET THESE ****holes off the air !

899 days ago


Jimmy Deramus is a doofus who is a legend in his own mind. I live here and have known him for years. No one calls him "Big Daddy", as he claims, they call him a crook. I am always amazed at how fair the Vegas guys price their purchases and how much Deramus screws people. The spin off is stupid and Jimmy is using someone's great idea to make money because he can't come up with his own. Most of the stuff in his store is crap and his biggest money maker is exploiting people. I have been to the Vegas store and dealt with those guys as well and they are a class act, unlike the man who is making all of Louisiana look even worse to the nation.

866 days ago

Fred Buttlicknicoff    

And what makes it even worse is the Cajun Pawnstars do not try to rip their customers off like those guido thugs in Los Vegas do!!! I think it's time for them to go because the fame has gotten to their heads and the show is like a repeat every week.....same ole' ****, just a different day but the same old customer screwovers and their lowball offers for items that they turn around and sell for 3-4 times as much as they offer or them!!! I do not have anything against making a buck but it a totally different thing when they stand there and make those ridiculous offers to people who are most always in need of the money for various reason!! Let's put it this way, if they tried to pull that crap where they came from they would end up at the bottom of the nearest "Great lake"!!!!

658 days ago

Joyce Arnold    

I like Pawn Stars a lot except for Corey who seems to think he is the total star of the whole show. Too bad he doesn't have his dad's sense of humor!

657 days ago
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