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Why U.S. Soldiers

Might Urinate on Dead Bodies ...

1/11/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The USMC is investigating a video appearing to show U.S. soldiers peeing on dead bodies -- but there could be an explanation for the despicable act. Basically, war is hell ... and Harvey says that drives good men to do horrible things. Reasonable?

Plus, the is-Khloe-a-real-Kardashian debate rages on -- and you gotta hear Charles' mutant theory! Also, the so-called "ghetto GPS" has some people in the newsroom pissed ... and others excited.


(3:30) Shocking video allegedly showing U.S. soldiers peeing on corpses ignites a Marine investigation -- and a furious debate.
(7:35) Soldiers are forced to kill for their country one minute -- then asked to act civilized the next. Unfair?
(17:40) Does this make sense? Floyd Mayweather's allowed to box -- but has to take anger management classes too!
(21:00) Casey Anthony's attorney runs for the hills -- why Mike thinks it's all about money. 
(25:10) Khloe -- accused of not being a Kardashian ... and of being a mutant! 
(29:03) Is Anna living proof that Khloe is a Kardashian?
(33:00) Brian is a mutant -- check out his freaky pinkies!!!
(38:03) Harvey and Liz go toe-to-toe -- is a GPS app that shows crime rate help or hurt the community?
(48:01) Kelly defends the "Toddlers" mom who let her daughter get down to a sexy song at a club.


No Avatar


Soldiers and Marines are not the same thing. TMZ please try to get the distinction.

1016 days ago


It's clear that TMZ defends the Kardashians at every turn. I like the Kardashian family and find the show entertaining. But TMZ's relationship with Ryan Seacrest is pretty clear.

1016 days ago


I think American soldiers and marines are hero's even if they get stressed by the atrocities of war. They are human beings and those people lying there dead would have done far worse to the American's if they were the ones that died. It's us or them in war and the aftermath of killing someone you truly would have to hate looks something like what we saw in this video. To suggest these marines are anything less than humans that react in ways like this to diffuse the tragedy of war from their minds is cruel. They should not be court marshaled. This happened but it was filmed which is the only real unfortunate fact. The question is, who filmed it and why? Did these guys not know it would end up youtube?

1016 days ago


Harvey, have you lost your mind? You are suggesting that this is staged? And then you lackey agrees with you? Not a lot of brain cells in play here. Just another Jewish apologist for the terror waged by Americans. You guys are such cowards that you would NEVER suggest that terror is an integral part of American foreign policy (water boarding, Crispy Critters and the Highway of Death, Abu Ghraib, American helicopter gunships exposed by Wiki Leaks, anybody? Anybody?) Now the finger is pointed at you. Any slick comments about Barack Obama taking away due process of American citizens this past December? Time to do a gut check, Harvey. Stand up and show us you have some balls. Americans are against these crimes committed in our name and you, stick to the fools in entertainment, stay away from the political commentary, you propagandist dolt.

1016 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Big deal: they are pissing on DEAD BODIES!

I suppose the gentlemanly practice of blowing up civilians of all ages and beheading people is so nice coming from the taliban.

The pissees are ******* dead: get over yourselves.

1016 days ago


Khole K is not a Kardashian. Duh! Kris Jenner had an affair admitting it in her book.

1016 days ago


Marines..not soilders..most soilders (army ;-) wouldnt be able to find their d*** to piss on those bodies

1016 days ago


Yes, they are MARINES, not soldiers. If you ever was in combat, you would do the unthinkible some times to. SEMPER FI

1016 days ago

Waseem Khan    

Remember Black Hawk Down how pissed we were when the soldiers were dragged through the streets in Mogadishu. Kinda hypocritical huh, whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Ask Mitt Romney we should apologize for this.

1016 days ago


Because they are brain washed killers that love the new world order and are enjoying killing people for the devils world government. This is not what this country was brought up on and we need to get our troops out of all countries and bring them home. The new world order is destroying our country wake up!!!

1015 days ago


that black out line on the map looks like a man with his penis

1015 days ago

Bill Phillips    

They are our enemies, Marines are just getting payback for the Taliban burning the bodies of our troops previously. They should not be punished!

1015 days ago
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