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Beyonce's Hospital Room

Like a 5-Star Hotel [PICS]

1/12/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonces hospital room where she birthed Blue IvyLenox Hill Hospital constructed a suite for VIPs which looks like a Four Seasons penthouse ... and the room was christened Saturday when Beyonce gave birth.

TMZ has obtained photos of the room where Blue Ivy came into this world, and it's baller. There are 4 flat screen TV's, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, nice art, mahogany walls and plush furnishings. And take a look at the bed where Jay Z got some shut eye!

Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ ... the suite was not constructed specifically for Beyonce, but it was always intended that Beyonce would be the first patient to use it.


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If that's an executive suite then I must have really good insurance. I had the same room with one of my 3 children. Hmmmmmmmmm somethings fishy here

985 days ago


Maybe in her next life she will be sent to a third world country and have to squat
behind a tree to give birth. For this, I pray.

985 days ago


Looks like Lenox Hill is a great place to have a baby if you're a celebrity but a really bad place to have one if you're not.

985 days ago


WTF is the big deal about Beyonce having a baby? Can anyone explain why this is being made out like the second coming of Christ? Babies are born everyday theirs is nothing special. Why such a big deal that she chose thier hospital? WTF cares ??????

985 days ago


I think everybody is just sick of all this crap about the broad having a kid. It's not like it was a medical marvel, is it? WE are all so beyond BEYONCE or whatever her name is. NOBODY GIVES A CRAP!!!

985 days ago


i still dont believe she actually gave birth. them collapseing(sp) belly pics? please. no belly does that if ur prego.

985 days ago


I've been to 5 star hotels, that looks more like a La Quinta.

985 days ago

Trevis Miho    

It's rediculous all the negative comments put on this story. Get out of their pockets, they're not out flaunting where they were staying, media outlets are sniffing for these details. TMZ is throwing all these pics out, not Jay-Z and Beyonce. They're millionares, and they can do whatever they want with what they earned. If Beyonce was being fanned by feathers, being fed grapes and had nurses in Victoria Secret wings telling her how beautiful she is while in labor, then so be it. If you can't afford it & are mad about that, that's on you. If MY wife was pregnant, I'd want her to be as comfortable & stress-free as possible - and if we had the money then that DAM sure would be the case. They make contributions, moneywise, to different causes, so there's no reason to hate on them wanting to be pampered for the birth of their 1st child.

985 days ago

Sarah Mack    

I have delivered 3 children in my lifetime. Each birth is a gift. However, each woman birthing children should ALSO get this treatment. In my opinion, ALL hospital delivery rooms should be that nice within reason.

985 days ago


They can rent out the Taj Mahal to have the baby for all I care. But it still won't change the fact that it will be one ugly little troll with Jay-Z as the father.

985 days ago


The negativity is born out of envy. Money CAN and SHOULD buy comfort. The ugliness and constant concern over what B and Jay are doing is the reason the tight security is required too. These people make a living and enjoy it. Why is it a big deal? OOOOOOOH Yea, because YOU can't do it! LOL. Get em B!

985 days ago


If I had the money, I would do the same. Doesn't look so spectacular to me. The hospital should have made sure the other "common" people also had a pleasant experience however so their births were not overshadowed by Beyonce'.

985 days ago


It's okay with most people to pamper the rich and famous, they can afford it. But to keep others from seeing their children, especially keeping parents from their high-risk
infants is cruel and highly inflammatory to us everyday people.Guess they figure it's okay to F.... the peons.

985 days ago


The part I can't get over is the hypocrisy. Jay Z (among many other celebs) support things like the Occupy movement, yet they epitomize the disconnect between the extremely rich and the average American. I believe in the right to spend your money any way you want, however I am getting really tired of the Hollywood hypocrites.

985 days ago


TMZ you guys give them more power than what they really deserve. Celebrities forget we the fans make them. Without our hard earned cash they would be nothing. It was vert distasteful how the hospital let them parade $$$ in their faces, whild real American families were treated horribly. Its time for you rag tag celebrity sites start calling them out of character.

985 days ago
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