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Heather Locklear Hospitalized

For Rx Drugs and Alcohol

1/13/2012 8:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

8:00 PM PT:
A hospital spokesperson tells TMZ, Heather was awake and responsive when she arrived today -- and she is currently responding well to treatment. According to the spokesperson, Heather is doing much better now and doctors are hopeful she will be released tomorrow.

We're also told Heather's parents are currently with the actress inside the hospital.


Heather Locklear
was taken to the hospital by ambulance Thursday afternoon after taking a dangerous mix of prescription drugs and alcohol ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

We've learned ... Locklear's sister called 911 at 2:05 PM PT fearing Heather was in danger.

The fire department, along with the Ventura County Sheriff's Department responded. Paramedics examined Heather and determined she needed to be hospitalized.

This is not the first time Locklear has had a medical emergency where 911 responded. In 2008, her doctor was concerned she may have overdosed on prescription meds. He called 911 and the operator described the situation as a "suicide attempt." It turned out to be a false alarm.

Locklear recently called off her engagement to Jack Wagner.

Heather was at the Lakers game Tuesday night ... hanging with a friend, who was playfully trying to take away her beverage. It's unclear if the drink contained alcohol.


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Heather, get help. You are a beautiful and talented woman who can beat these demons. You can do this. Get better. No man is worth losing your life over. Get serious about being well and overcoming your addictions.

984 days ago


Wow. Really sad. Just can't seem to get her depression under control.

984 days ago


look at her eyes - she was already wasted on pills - her friend was trying to do her a favor so she wouldn't die on the spot!

984 days ago


The red flag here is that she is drinking early in the day on top of prescrition meds and this is not her first go around. I think Heather is vain and selfish with little or no regard for her daughter's feelings or safety.
Ava deserves to come home to a sober present parent she can rely on. I prescribe a month or 3 in a residential rehab where she can learn to accept her age,sober up and stop filling her face with crap/fillers.

984 days ago


Heather should be thinking of her daughter and stop pining over a worthless man like Jack Wagner who screwed around on his first wife and is in love with his own image in a mirror. Get a grip, woman!

984 days ago


Gee, what a surprize.

984 days ago

disgusted in pasadena    

oh how proud her daughter must be!!!!! mom of the year

984 days ago


I hope she overcomes this.....Just deal with the fact tat you're past your prime and deal with it...Botox can't help.

984 days ago


Heather is not taking aging very well. I guess it's hard to give up the "Hottest Chick in Hollywood" crown. Younger and prettier girls are always just around the corner. Beauty fades. Get your act together Heather. You have a teenage daughter and you and Richie are not the best role models for Ava.

984 days ago


I'm not sure what disheartens me more...the pain this poor woman must be living with (which I sinerely doubt is all about aging...jhc), or the ugliness that lies in the hearts of so many who choose to comment on it. What is wrong with you people? Heather, people it's time to get up, put one foot in front of the other, and try, try again. Best wishes!

984 days ago

David Leigh Noblett    

I would love to be a fly on the wall to see her getting out of control lol.

David Leigh Noblett

984 days ago


How can a 50 year old rock and roll party animal still look so good? I'm glad to hear she's going to be okay. She is a sweetheart.

984 days ago


Heather's alway been a wild child. She was married to Tommy Lee for seven years for craps sakes! Pretty, wholesome looking, blue eyed, blonde haired ladies can also have major issues. She needs to crawl out of that bottle and get her shiat together.

Our society looks down on drunken, drug addicted females. This behavior is o.k. for Richie or for Tommy, but not for Heather. You are a mother Heahter, get your act together.

984 days ago


SAVE your pity for the PLAIN or UGLY or POOR that REALLY have a ROUGH ROAD in life! They don't get to cut in front of ANY line, they don't get complimentary vacations, they don't have people kissing their AS*, they don't ride in FIRST CLASS or PRIVATE JETS, they don't have their "people" put out glowing (though false) words about their daily weekly, monthly, yearly crisis, they don't get ringside/court side sports seats etc.
The BEAUTIFUL WOMAN?....let's see what do they do? They put an UNREALISTIC pressure on the masses who are without finances, plastic surgeons, photographic air brushing, public relations sleaze representatives etc.
The BEAUTIFUL WOMAN gets opportunities they DON'T DESERVE,
Everyone's skin wrinkles, every organ ages, fails, dies. 50 the New 40 is PUBLIC RELATIONS BULLSH*T. Hollywood has "created" the New Circus Freak Show Standard for screwed up old faces. Part BASS, Part HALLOWEEN MASK, Part INFLATED with PLASTIC and BOTOX so they look like an exploding SANDWICH BAG!
To the valued people of the world, for their spirit, drive, intelligence, caring and participating in the truly valuable purposes of life on this Earth....THANK YOU!

984 days ago


This behaviour is ok for Richie and Tommy, but not Heather?! I think not!!! They're both fathers, too. They all enabled each other for many, many years. That's why they're all so f-ed up!

Heather chose prescription drugs and alcohol and her "friends" who enable this behaviour over a relationship with a man who got sober for his kids and has remained so for years. He tried desperately to get her help. You never saw her with a drink in her hand when she went to Lakers games with him. No more partying with the girls and those huge margaritas she loves so much. That's one reason why her family loved him so.

But no one can save Heather but herself. I understand that addiction and depression are diseases and sadly both run in her family, but she seriously needs to rearrange her priorities and deal with her issues asap, if only for her daughter's sake.

984 days ago
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