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Montel Williams

Reinstating DRAFT Could

Stop Bad Military Behavior

1/12/2012 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former talk show host Montel Williams tells TMZ ... "making" U.S. citizens join the military could help PREVENT soldiers from acting like the "bad apples" featured in the urination footage.

Williams -- a retired Naval officer who started with the U.S. Marines -- hooked up with us via satellite this morning and explained that our soldiers in the field, including the guys in the footage, are likely stressed out from carrying such a heavy workload.

"The stresses must be getting to the point that it caused some of this ... why don't we spread out that stress and start making more people put on the uniform and defend this democracy?"

Williams claims only .25% of the U.S. population is serving in the military ... and says, "Maybe it's about time that this country wake up and understand that we can't put the pressure of defending our democracy on less than .25% of this entire population."


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big al    

If this sort of disgraceful behavior is what we get from the .25% of our population that joined voluntarily I can only imagine what we'll be seeing if they start forcing people to join. Montel, no one wants to hear your marijuana induced opinions.

1016 days ago

Proud Veteran    

Montel, When I joined in 1966 the draft was still on. My senior year the guidance councilor called all of us who had been poor students into his office and told us that if we screwed up he would expel us and call the draft board. There were 13 of us and his idea was that he could save the smarter students from the draft by feeding us dumb kids to the military. Three of the 13 came back from Viet Nam in body bags. The draft was an unfair and evil system that is better off as part of history.

Draftee's did not want to be in the military and in todays world could not handle the technology that the military is using th reduce the need for numbers.

A far better idea would be to enhance the GI Bill and make veteran preference for employment more beneficial to employers.

1016 days ago


wow. talk about a double edged sword.
On one side, you could pluck out all the trouble makers, give them a weapon and send them off to their fate. On the other side,
Send law abiding citizens with families out to war against their will and force them to kill someone who hasn't done harm to them personally.
I'm sorry. I'm patriotic and proud of my country (canada) but I would NEVER hurt another human being unless I was defending MYSELF, not my government. If anything, the politicians that need soldiers should be sending THEIR families or better yet, they can go themselves to fight their own battles.

1016 days ago


Montel Williams obviously doesn't remember the Vietnam War and how well that worked out. I don't have much respect for a man who really believes in psychics like stupid Sylvia Brown. We are not defending democracy over there either, wake up. It is all about money. Don't tell American mothers what to do with their sons until it is YOUR son that is going over there. This is not STRESS that these soldiers ae suffering from, it's stupidity. There are thousands of men over there now under much more stress who would NEVER think of doing something so ignorant as this. Just because you passed the muster of being a Marine does not mean that you are beyond becoming a weak person and bow to peer pressure. These Marines are the lowest and should be reprimanded to the fullest extent of the law.

1016 days ago

Kee Kee    

The only people who should have an opinion about what those boys did are other current or past soldiers. You sitting in your cushy livingroom with your Mac on your lap, 40 lbs overweight, never wore a uniform or held a gun a day in your life... you can STFU! You are like a male politician making laws about what females can do with their uterus. If you have never stood in these soldiers' shoes, put a sock in your f*cking mouth!

1016 days ago


Montel has it ass backwards! A draft would help in the USA by getting the young hoodlum criminals and sluts off the streets and get the famewhores off the cameras. However, the problem with degenerate behavior in the military is same problem with degenerate cops in the USA...they are given way too much power in their 20s when they are still very immature and immoral. Morality is the main problem with these lowlifes.

1016 days ago


What Montel doesn't understand is a draft won't help. It will still be a small percentage defending us. The military has to begin cutting back personnel now. He's a little cracked on the idea that a draft will fix things. We have been much stronger as a volunteer military.
I agree, the stress has gotten to all of military. We've had 10 years of fighting and numerous deployments. They all could use a little rest.

1016 days ago


who??? wait, that's that guy that smokes the left handers!

1016 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I think MS is starting to affect Montel's brain. And 33% of America agrees with him? It's obviously all old farts who are too old to be drafted so they couldn't care less about sending others to go die for meaningless wars overseas.

1016 days ago


Bringing back the draft will fix nothing. It starts at home with the parents teaching their children right from wrong. Now a days children have so many things and pretty much get to do what they want. They have no fear about anything cause parent's are afraid to discipline their children with the fear of social services being called. So many parent's have to work and these kid's do not get the attention they need. It is a sad fact. But with the computer age, cell phones, and no discipline in the schools. When I was in school if you did something wrong you were sent to the principals office and you were given a paddle on the butt then your parent's were called and then you got it again when you got home. I wasn't abused but I was careful not to do it again. The world will never be this way again and that's sad.

1016 days ago


or maybe his black president shouldnt cut the military budget..on top of that its easy for him to say we need the draft when he knows he will never be drafted

1016 days ago


If Montel thinks that forcing kids to join the Military is going to improve the work ethic he has another think coming. If you force someone to join the military they will do nothing but bitch and complain which will accomplish nothing.

1016 days ago


Hmmmm I wonder why Montel is a failure....

1016 days ago


has to be one of the dumbest ideas i've ever heard of. besides i really wanna go fight for a country that is taking my freedoms on a daily basis. hey montel...go smoke some more weed and keep your stupid ideas to yourself.

1016 days ago


Montel is irrelevant and illogical, because drafting soldiers against their will is irrevelant and illogical in a democracy. A volunteer army is the most fair and equitable way to have a trained military. Abolishing the draft was a great step forward for the U.S. Do a little research before you post a comment that is pro-draft. "those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it".

1016 days ago
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