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Montel Williams

Reinstating DRAFT Could

Stop Bad Military Behavior

1/12/2012 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former talk show host Montel Williams tells TMZ ... "making" U.S. citizens join the military could help PREVENT soldiers from acting like the "bad apples" featured in the urination footage.

Williams -- a retired Naval officer who started with the U.S. Marines -- hooked up with us via satellite this morning and explained that our soldiers in the field, including the guys in the footage, are likely stressed out from carrying such a heavy workload.

"The stresses must be getting to the point that it caused some of this ... why don't we spread out that stress and start making more people put on the uniform and defend this democracy?"

Williams claims only .25% of the U.S. population is serving in the military ... and says, "Maybe it's about time that this country wake up and understand that we can't put the pressure of defending our democracy on less than .25% of this entire population."


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It would be great but, just like with taxes, all the smart and rich would find a way out and the rest will pay!

1018 days ago


Montel is nothing but an ignorant pothead! Put the weed down Monty! How about we draft your a** and then see how you like it. Idiot!

1018 days ago


Good idea.. Let's start with all the useless talk show hosts and wannabe celebrities with reality shows...

1018 days ago

buzz kill    

First Montel is wrong about the U.S. being a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic. As far as the draft, if beople expect the benefit of living in a free society they should be willing to serve it for at least two years, weather in uniform or some other capacity. There wouldn't be so many young people running in gangs selling drugs, or wasting their lives smoking dope and glued to their game consoles. Maybe they would actually become men instead of twenty somethings living off their ageing parents.

1018 days ago


Check your facts TMZ- Montel is not a retired Marine.

1018 days ago


Montel is a Moron ....This is America we should have a choice even tho when males turn 18 they have to sign a card ....I thought this was Land of the Free???? I guess unless your a male 18 or older ...I'll get my foot ran over or take a 9mm hand gun and shoot my foot then get forced into it...What is wrong with that?

1018 days ago


Since the military we have now is made up of our best & since good men and women are hard to find esp for us single ladies , then why not. I say send my lazy, clueless, dumbass neighbor to war and send back a hot marine in need of some relief so I can marry him

1018 days ago


Not the draft, but having every US citizen serve a minimum mandatory 2 years when they turn 18 (any time served after would be by choice) would solve a multitude of problems. People would be more disciplined, the labor force would turnover more slowly, people would feel a deeper sense of obligation to their country and realize they can't sit on their butts expecting a handout, fewer wars, etc.

1018 days ago


we should do it like Israel mandatory for all citizens man or woman to serve at least two years in the arm service to get citizenship.

1018 days ago


Does this idiot really think that Draftees who WOULDN'T want to be there wouldn't do this kind of thing? Chances are you would draft far WORSE behavior than those who willingly joined the military. What a buffoon

1018 days ago


I agree to disagree. Military changes people. Everyone is proud of the soldiers serving this country therefore more people should join. Know what it is really like! Majority of the people that join on "free-will" have a lot of benefits while retiring or getting an honorable discharge. It also allows a stepping stone for A LOT of federal jobs, let alone the GI bill and other things. Military schools have changed bad kids into great adults. Military has a high chance of changing the economy, the world and humans. More people need to step up and serve - but then the constitution and it will be against the people's right to do what they please. So it's a debate that won't end, but I see it as a good cause.

1018 days ago


Montel DID NOT retire from the Marines! He was honorably discharged as a corporal from the Marines, and enlisted into the navy as a midshipman. Just before graduation, he was given the wrong dose of a pre-commissioning immunization. Montel had a severe reaction, causing him to be in the hospital for 2½ weeks and lose the vision in his left eye. He eventually made a partial recovery and could serve as a naval intelligence officer, specializing in languages.

He gave up his naval commission to pursue speaking full-time and left the navy with the rank of lieutenant, and received the Navy Achievement Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, and the Navy Commendation Medal.

Get your Facts Straight, and NEVER call a Marine Soldier.



1018 days ago

Kee Kee    

Einsteins: They were trying to KILL our boys. "Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in Hell!" --Samuel L. Jackson

1018 days ago


I dare them to draft me, Ill escape to canada faster than they can go f themselves. You want better military? Pay them more than dirt idiot.

1018 days ago


No, I do not believe that the draft should be reinstated not a good idea. I do not think that anyone should be made to fight when they do not want to fight. The draft is unjust to citizens. There are plenty of people willing to go voluntarily, and those who step forward on their own are usually the true fighters and they don't need to be sorrounded by people being forced who would be moaning all the time and ticking people off.

1018 days ago
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