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Montel Williams

Reinstating DRAFT Could

Stop Bad Military Behavior

1/12/2012 10:32 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former talk show host Montel Williams tells TMZ ... "making" U.S. citizens join the military could help PREVENT soldiers from acting like the "bad apples" featured in the urination footage.

Williams -- a retired Naval officer who started with the U.S. Marines -- hooked up with us via satellite this morning and explained that our soldiers in the field, including the guys in the footage, are likely stressed out from carrying such a heavy workload.

"The stresses must be getting to the point that it caused some of this ... why don't we spread out that stress and start making more people put on the uniform and defend this democracy?"

Williams claims only .25% of the U.S. population is serving in the military ... and says, "Maybe it's about time that this country wake up and understand that we can't put the pressure of defending our democracy on less than .25% of this entire population."


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Its sad people love this country but the majority are unwilling to serve it if needed!

1014 days ago


****kkkkkkk u montel

1014 days ago


It's something to consider, since most of our military are becoming mentally unstable. In the past a soldier would serve 13months or so. At least that was the case in Nam. Now we have them serve year after year. Some have to go back for multiple deployments. I am talking about years of your life, spent in a ****hole.

1014 days ago


Go smoke some more weed and come up with other great opinions and ideas.

1014 days ago


Hey Montel when the meth wears off get some sleep K

1014 days ago

i said lesbians...    

go f*** youself montel

1014 days ago


How exactly would having an LESS professional military force stop things like this from happening?

Montel is an idiot.

1014 days ago


This mouth piece needs to shut up and who cares what he has to say!!Guess he does not believe in freedom of choice!!

1014 days ago


i agree!! There's so many ppl that constantly complain about the military and our government but dont actually do anything about it. My brother-in-law proudly serves and although i dont ever see him, is missing precious moments with his baby boy and family he is serving our country which says alot more than those that just trash talk..

1014 days ago


Of course, it is a foolish and sick thing for the Marines to pee on dead corpses they just killed. HOWEVER ... I suspect that this is hardly the first time a group of soldiers have done something like this. In war, all sorts of super evil, gruesome things happen. Raping, pillaging, torturing, and killing has been going on with soldiers since we were cavemen probably.

I think the MAIN reason it was foolish for the Marines to do this is because they wouldn't want THEIR enemies to DO THE SAME THING to their own dead bodies or the bodies of their buddies if they went down in a battle and dead people had to be abandoned. It does happen you know.

I can understand the hatred and disrespect the soldiers have for their enemies but they need to keep a lid on their dark "animal instincts" to do the same cruel and inhuman things that maybe the enemy has done to them. It will probably mess them up in the head as they get older. Some memories are hard to get out of your head and you just re-live them over and over.

These types of incidents with dead bodies probably cause plenty of that "post traumatic disorder" once they get back home. I think there should be a part of the military that deals with the dead bodies instead of 18 year old guys right out of boot camp. Hopefully, they are trained to deal with it psychologically, etc. Call them the "military coroners" or something.

1014 days ago


1) Involutary servitude (the draft) is uncontitutional.
2) Patton stopped and pissed in the Rhine before enterig
Germany. No one was upset then, and no one should be now.

1014 days ago


Shut the hell up Montel. When did you ever serve your country?

1014 days ago


Back in the day when we had the draft, guys were leaving for Canada . Those that stayed and got chosen via birthday lottery didn't want to be in the Vietnam war. Many acted very badly if not worse for the two years they had to serve. Families were devastated to welcome there sons home in body bags. Let Montel go if he thinks war is okay .

1014 days ago


Unless he’s going to put on a uniform and strap on a gun he should shut the **** up. Yeah, it’s real easy to come up with solutions when other people have to live with the consequences. *******.

1014 days ago


So sad that such a small # of Americans are interested in defending this country but maybe the issue is that Americans are more interested in paying more for our Star athletes that are just entertaining than men and women that are defending them.

1014 days ago
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