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Robert Kardashian

Speaks from Grave --

I'm Khloe's Dad

1/12/2012 8:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Kardashian swore that Khloe IS his biological daughter ... torpedoing claims by his ex-wives that Khloe was fathered by another man.

When Robert was seeking to have his 2nd marriage annulled from Jan Ashley in 1999, he submitted a declaration to the judge stating that the marriage did not work because Jan wanted to have his child ... but he did not.

In the declaration, Robert says, "I decided that since I already had four biological children, I did not wish to have any more."

Jan just told a tabloid that Robert had privately confessed to her he was NOT Khloe's biological dad -- but that seems to fly in the face of Robert's own declaration.


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Kardashian also swore OJ was innocent so we all know how much his word is worth now don't we?

912 days ago


The dad who raised me is not my bio dad. He stated in open court that he was.. I found out when I was 32. Just because Robert didn't admit it doen't mean it is not true. It just means he loves Khole as his own and didn't want anything to hurt her or his family.

912 days ago


THis is not real news who cares about these people.. People need to care whats happening in this country before we lose it to the new world order!!!!!

912 days ago


this written by someone who defended a muderer and we all know his out come...a dance with the devil...payback got robert hardashian!

912 days ago


who cares whether or not she's his biological daughter??? that's her father...blood or not!!!

912 days ago


Of course Robert K. would claim Khloe was his when he was trying to keep a wife that was screwing around on him with many men that Kris herself said she did in her trashy book. And if Robert was trying to get an anullment from his 2nd wife he would say anything to do so. And agree to raise Khloe as his own to keep Kris at the time. Khloe stop your whining when something is printed you don't like. maybe we don't like your trash mouth and your families lack of morals among just a few things I could say. Also your father (or not) defended OJ it's not like he was a saint.Get a DNA test I'm sure you can afford one.

912 days ago


That doesnt prove a thing.

912 days ago


This is a rude, mean-spirited rumor, and has no place in the media. Can you imagine what this could do to ANY sane adult to suddenly be bombarded on TELEVISION, nonetheless, with rumors of your parents NOT being your parents? TMZ STOP IT! Don't indulge these media trolls!

912 days ago

buzz kill    

Why would anyone claim he was the father of any of these sluts?

912 days ago


HE WROTE THAT AS A LIE WHEN HE LIED ABOUT HIS BUDDY OJ TO SAVE HIS SORRY ASS FROM BEING EXECUTED. The kids were not all his but his name was on the birth certificate so he wasn't going to denounce Khloe who he loved like his own daughter. It was his slut ex wife, Kris Jenner, that he wanted to get rid of so he did but he intended to lie for all the kds sake that Khloe was a Kardashian when she was not. Armenians are big on family even if they screw around and this non Armenian wife, Kris Jenner, was a tramp.. if you read her book including her affair, it was with great pride she included it and if she had not, there would be more men coming out to say she slept with them too. Someone got out of paying child support so he's not going to be a dad now. Khloe is not Robert's child but his pride would have been damaged to tell more than his current wife for he never intended to harm Khloe... I'm sure he'd want to kill Kris Jenner today for what she encouraged her girls to do and intends to do to the Jenner girls too. KRIS JENNER IS A TRAMP AND WORSE .. KIM KARTRHASIAN IS A TRAMP AND USED INNOCENT KRIS HUMPRHIES AS A SHILL FOR A WEDDING TO GET GIFTS SHE DIDN'T RETURN AND TO AIR ON TV COMPETING WITH THE ROYALS' WEDDING. BARF get these pigs off TV

912 days ago


Really people, whether you like the Kardashians or not, what business is it of ours & why does it make people feel better to hurt someone someone especially now that Khloe's dad is gone. Think how you would feel.

912 days ago


OMG TMZ, get your tongue out of the Kartrashians patoot. They're just a bunch of s***bags with money. I'll believe the ex-wives any day over these grifters.

912 days ago


Admittedly, since the K's and the O J Simpsons were such close friends, why hasn't some hot shot reporter interviewed O J about the Kardashians, particularly, Kris Jenner and her roving outside her marriage. Laughable? Yes! However, at this point what has he got to lose? Perhaps he can reveal stories which would make Kris Jenner's face turn permanently, red. Go for it!!!

912 days ago


Don't forget the Kardashians put this out themselves. They are spinning around their rotten reputation. This is probally a ratings ploy for their horrible show.

They had a whole episode about this. Trashing Humphries wasn't enough.

Reports have it that Sears may just put the Kollection to the Klearence racks. The sales are so bad, clothing very poorly made and screams of copyright infringements.

Kims Superbowl ad just been pulled and she's replaced by a French Bulldog. Now that's funny. The dog is more honest.

912 days ago


and people wonder why there are so many dam stories about them, look at the comments! Just leave them alone and they'll go away!

912 days ago
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