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Robert Kardashian

Speaks from Grave --

I'm Khloe's Dad

1/12/2012 8:18 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Robert Kardashian swore that Khloe IS his biological daughter ... torpedoing claims by his ex-wives that Khloe was fathered by another man.

When Robert was seeking to have his 2nd marriage annulled from Jan Ashley in 1999, he submitted a declaration to the judge stating that the marriage did not work because Jan wanted to have his child ... but he did not.

In the declaration, Robert says, "I decided that since I already had four biological children, I did not wish to have any more."

Jan just told a tabloid that Robert had privately confessed to her he was NOT Khloe's biological dad -- but that seems to fly in the face of Robert's own declaration.


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How easily we are sucked in!! Another ploy to keep K.s in the news.First the nanny is writing a tell all book,then the ex's reveal that Khloe is not Robert's child,then his annulment states he has 4 children!Blah,blah,blah! Oh,yeah,and Bruce is a cross dresser!!Notice none of this stuff is ever substantiated? It's all speculative and the public never gets real proven truth.Bottom line,publicity stunts to get them noticed and make them even wealthier.And the media is in on it.SHOW REAL proof or stop all the innuendos.Wasting our time-

981 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

They have the same nose in this comparison... I didn't see it before. They also share the same jowl line... I buy it now.

981 days ago


Their noses do look alike now that I compared the picture of the two side by side. My sister looks like my mother who is short and I look like my father who is taller. We look nothing alike BUT there is something there in our faces that you can see we are sisters, you just can't put your finger on what it is. The Kardashian sisters do not look anything like Khloe and there is NOT any something in their faces that make you even think they might be related.
Here is a thought to ponder. Have all the Kardashians had plastic surgery except Khloe perhaps? Maybe Khloe looks like her fathers side of the family. Everyone that looks like her mothers side of the family had plastic surgery so that they all could look alike and look like their mother after she had her surgery. Maybe Khloe didn't want to look like her mother.
Here is another thought to ponder: Maybe Robert had Khloe with another woman and they paid her off to go away. He's a lawyer, he knows all kinds of ways to get around the law. He gets the child and Kris goes along with raising her as her own as long as Robert pays her enough.
Robert knew that Kris cheated on him and didn't want to look like a failure to all his lawyer buddies and friends. Look who he ran with, OJ. He had to divorce her on his own terms so that he wouldn't look weak. Add a pregnancy from another man and that is one infidelity that can't be forgiven for it is there in his face everyday. He may have loved Khloe knowing it was no fault of her own.
I came up with three "maybe's" that could of happened. It could be one of the three or something totally different all together. Anyone else want to come up with a Kardashian "could be"?

981 days ago

Barbara A.    

STOP TMZ, your getting to be as big of a joke as the Kardashian family. Robert speaks from the grave, what the f--k, I guess there's a dna test to prove this? I'm sure Kris could clear this all up but she's to busy in Las Vegas. As for Khloe, she'll let this stupid stuff fly as long as you continue to have them, it's publicity, I mean Kim's claim to fame is a homemade sex tape, this self confessed "shy" girl made never expecting it to be released. Bahahaha

981 days ago


Just because he says it, doesn't make it true! If she were smart...oh ya, she's a Kardashian, she would just get a blood test to shut people up. She won't, she'll let FatAss tweet and make comments to keep her fat ass relevant. Go Away!!!

981 days ago

Throwback kid    

Who would believe Robert Kardashian? He thought OJ was not guilty. Did Robert Kardashian say what was inside the bag OJ gave him, the one that never turned up again?

981 days ago

Throwback kid    

More Kardashian spin! The kardashian empire is falling apart even faster than this greedy family imagined. They can not get ahead of all the negative press and won't accept that the public has turned on them, they are finished. Boycott them

981 days ago


If a DNA test wasn't done, his sworn statement is worthless. Khloe should be furious with her skanky cheating mama not anyone else.

981 days ago


This means nothing. He was a swarmy lawyer but at least he did the right thing by keeping the family together, and doing right by Khloe plus when you are married and a child is conceived, in the eyes of the law, it belongs to the married parties. Even if the bio father wished to dispute with DNA, it doesn't matter. It is the privilege/curse of marriage. He was a guy trying to get out of a marriage. duh.

981 days ago


DNA test coming during sweeps week.

981 days ago


How sad. To be in the news for something like this. What a high prize this family is paying just because they wanted to be famouss and rich. Now when all the dirt is coming out. The divorce, the details of the affairs in the book, the paternity deal, and who knows what else will come out, they get mad.
Now, they will have to dance "the tango" whether they like it or not.

981 days ago


For those people who think it is sooo unbelievable for celebrities and stars to hide a secret like this, I have two words for you: Wynona Judd!! much like Khloe, she looks nothing like her sister Ashley, and guess what? her mom never told her the truth until she was well into her thirties and had two kids of her own. Naomi Judd finally came clean and confirmed all her daughters doubts about her real father.. and they are much bigger stars and have been in the public a lot longer than the Kardashians, yet they still kept the affair/paternity hidden very successfully. Everything is possible in La La Land.

981 days ago


Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott the KARDASHIAN!!!!!!!!its just either stunt to get attention to keep the camera on them

981 days ago


sign it, 583,432 and counting

981 days ago

not surprised    

Like we're going to believe anything he says FROM THE GRAVE"? Nobody believed anything he said here on earth.

981 days ago
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