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Peeing On Enemy

Least of Soldiers' Problems

1/12/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


U.S. soldiers urinating on dead bodies is wrong -- no doubt -- but vilifying the Marines who did it is so hypocritical. Harvey, Charles and the whole staff out the the real issues soldiers face during combat ... and when they come home.

Plus, how a cute and cuddly dog triggered a MASSIVE debate in the newsroom -- what's the more iconic movie ... "Batman" or "Flashdance"? And you gotta hear why we're giving Rihanna props for dissing the People's Choice Awards.


(0:00) Everyone's rushing to judge the peeing marines  -- we'll tell you why you should think before you speak.
(2:15) Itay -- a former Israeli soldier -- says there's a big distinction between killing in defense and desecrating a dead body.
(8:05) Does Montel William's theory hold weight?
(10:00) Amazing caller ... Pat -- who served the U.S. in Iraq -- attempts to describe the impossible ... what goes through the mind of a soldier. Don't miss this.
(22:00) Changing gears -- Was Rihanna wrong for snubbing the People's Choice Awards to see a Clippers game ... which was being played a mere 200 feet away from PCA venue?
(24:00) Max says awards show hold celebs hostage.
(32:00) Producer John Peters accused of abandoning his adorable dog at a kennel for a year ... how is this possible?
(39:35) Screw the dog ... it's time for a raging debate about ... is Flashdance more iconic than the first Batman movie?


No Avatar


y judge our soldiers the media in this country doesnt judge the terrorist heck the bitches on the view get mad if you call them terrorit's

1017 days ago


I've been a military wife for 19 years, married to an Army SF soldier. The military doesn't train our people to hate their enemy. I am offended by this statement. Not every paparazzi is a douche, right? Remember that about our soldiers. It isn't the job, its the individuals, and you will find bad individuals in anything.

1017 days ago

Mollie Birch    

**** TMZ these are MARINES not SOLDIERS! Have a little respect or dont post what you DONT know about.

1017 days ago


Coup de grace: Someone find out who Khloe's biological dad is. Track down who Kris Jenner had an affair with.

1017 days ago


you can't bring back the draft because women have eqaul right and have to go to only the illegal well say behind

1017 days ago


Why should Rihanna attend some Stupid Award show ? I mean , they give the Awards to the same freaking people. There's a reason why ratings are dropping for these shows - Zero Diversity .

1017 days ago


OMG TMZ, that's it you disrespectful uneducated pieces of shi*, our Military DO NOT train our soilders to hate and kill, someone needs to piss on you

1017 days ago


That's it, I am never coming back to this website again, I am telling everyone I know not to come back, how dare tmz you went to far, our military DO NOT TRAIN that way, those guys were wrong and probably pissed off at the same time, how dare you label our soilders like you just did, you aren't even smart enought to know that Marines are NOT SOLDIERS!!, I HATE YOU TMZ.

1017 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Lets just go start more wars, and pretend like we are evolving as a human race, when we are in actuality devolving.

1017 days ago


Khloe looks exactly like her dad . Everybody is forgetting about Rob . Both Rob & Khloe have similar features . Facially and in terms of Size . Why is no one claiming Rob is not his father's son ? I mean , why not . Rob doesn't look like Kim or Kourtney . Right ?

1017 days ago


How dare you say they train our military to hate!!! How dare you!! You need to join and see how are soldiers are trained. I guarantee you would drop out after the first day. They train them to be selfless and put their lives on the line everyday!!! My husband does it everyday!! You all need to be ASHAMED!!!

1017 days ago


Why does the US military train to hate and kill the enemy? That is not the goal of any military. Get your facts straight before your journalists post such garbage. We need to change how the US Military is conducting their operations, plain and simple. The goal is to keep the peace between all the people so that we can all live happy lives. This is a barbaric act, that is comparable to the hatred of the holocaust and 9/'s that disgusting. Congratualations to those horrible Americans... i would hate to be them, i'm sure they'll live to regret that act for the rest of their lives.

1017 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

No stupid. Aside from being sadistic bastards - we don't do because we don't want to encourage the enemy to do the same to our soldiers.

Aside from that - these imbeciles just put more American soldier's lives at risk. This will probably infuriate some non-terrorist affiliated kid who will end up blowing himself up around other soldiers b/c of the video.

So yea, we need to rush to judgment on these imbeciles and put them in their place - because it is morons like these guys that put U.S. soldiers at risk.

1017 days ago


TMZ, you actually leave up your misguided comments about our military, and now you add a vote for it? I honestly expected more from you. Perhaps we are to automatically assume that all paparazzi ARE douches?

1017 days ago


yeah and if it were theem pissing on us...we'd be in an upraoar.......phk uou and all those that think this is right? I hope yall get kidnapped and pissed on too!

1017 days ago
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