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Peeing On Enemy

Least of Soldiers' Problems

1/12/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


U.S. soldiers urinating on dead bodies is wrong -- no doubt -- but vilifying the Marines who did it is so hypocritical. Harvey, Charles and the whole staff out the the real issues soldiers face during combat ... and when they come home.

Plus, how a cute and cuddly dog triggered a MASSIVE debate in the newsroom -- what's the more iconic movie ... "Batman" or "Flashdance"? And you gotta hear why we're giving Rihanna props for dissing the People's Choice Awards.


(0:00) Everyone's rushing to judge the peeing marines  -- we'll tell you why you should think before you speak.
(2:15) Itay -- a former Israeli soldier -- says there's a big distinction between killing in defense and desecrating a dead body.
(8:05) Does Montel William's theory hold weight?
(10:00) Amazing caller ... Pat -- who served the U.S. in Iraq -- attempts to describe the impossible ... what goes through the mind of a soldier. Don't miss this.
(22:00) Changing gears -- Was Rihanna wrong for snubbing the People's Choice Awards to see a Clippers game ... which was being played a mere 200 feet away from PCA venue?
(24:00) Max says awards show hold celebs hostage.
(32:00) Producer John Peters accused of abandoning his adorable dog at a kennel for a year ... how is this possible?
(39:35) Screw the dog ... it's time for a raging debate about ... is Flashdance more iconic than the first Batman movie?


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951 days ago


ur kidding me.... It's just pee. They peeing on people that were trying to kill them. I would have done a lot worse

951 days ago


haha harveys right..

951 days ago


Peoples choice awards are the people who buy their albums in the first place,its disrespecfull.

951 days ago

Matt Owens    

they didnt do anything wrong. they were just fighting terrorism with their stream of patriotism.

951 days ago


Calling a Marine a soldier is more disrespectful than pissing on an enemies lifeless body.

951 days ago


Flash dance made supper stars.

951 days ago


Batman is far more reaching and has had a greater impact than Flashdance. How many sequels to Flashdance have you seen?

951 days ago


Although I don't agree with what they did, I am not judging, 1. because I not am fighting in the war, 2. I am not in that position 3.remember when our enemies dragged our dead military men from the burning helicopter down the street proudly 4.who knows what they do to our men, that is not shown....war is patty cake people, media shows what benefits them

951 days ago

mike holly    

what ever her name is (reinna or what ever) her only claim to fame is getting her ass whipped by chris

951 days ago


Why are they upset? Getting peed on made Kim K millions of $$!

Seriously, though, give our soldiers a break. No telling what they went through. Look at the barbaric behavior of the enemy before you condemn our own troops.

951 days ago

moe l.    

When those mus-slimes stop killing innocent people, we'll stop pissing on their cold bullet ridden corpses. Fair enough?

951 days ago


Of course, it is a foolish and sick thing for the Marines to pee on dead corpses they just killed. HOWEVER ... I suspect that this is hardly the first time a group of soldiers have done something like this. In war, all sorts of super evil, gruesome things happen. Raping, pillaging, torturing, and killing has been going on with soldiers since we were cavemen probably.

I think the MAIN reason it was foolish for the Marines to do this is because they wouldn't want THEIR enemies to DO THE SAME THING to their own dead bodies or the bodies of their buddies if they went down in a battle and dead people had to be abandoned. It does happen you know.

I can understand the hatred and disrespect the soldiers have for their enemies but they need to keep a lid on their dark "animal instincts" to do the same cruel and inhuman things that maybe the enemy has done to them. It will probably mess them up in the head as they get older. Some memories are hard to get out of your head and you just re-live them over and over.

These types of incidents with dead bodies probably cause plenty of that "post traumatic disorder" once they get back home. I think there should be a part of the military that deals with the dead bodies instead of 18 year old guys right out of boot camp. Hopefully, they are trained to deal with it psychologically, etc. Call them the "military coroners" or something.

951 days ago


You are way off base.. The military DOES NOT train our soldiers to HATE!!! They train them to DEFEND our country. Hate is driving an Aircraft into the World Trade Center. Stop making comments you KNOW NOTHING about!!!

951 days ago


I agree with Harvey completely. This is a WAR, people MURDER each other, there is no respect, they survive on adrenalin. War is NOT NICE.

Who should be disciplined is the idiot who videotaped it.

951 days ago
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