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Peeing On Enemy

Least of Soldiers' Problems

1/12/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


U.S. soldiers urinating on dead bodies is wrong -- no doubt -- but vilifying the Marines who did it is so hypocritical. Harvey, Charles and the whole staff out the the real issues soldiers face during combat ... and when they come home.

Plus, how a cute and cuddly dog triggered a MASSIVE debate in the newsroom -- what's the more iconic movie ... "Batman" or "Flashdance"? And you gotta hear why we're giving Rihanna props for dissing the People's Choice Awards.


(0:00) Everyone's rushing to judge the peeing marines  -- we'll tell you why you should think before you speak.
(2:15) Itay -- a former Israeli soldier -- says there's a big distinction between killing in defense and desecrating a dead body.
(8:05) Does Montel William's theory hold weight?
(10:00) Amazing caller ... Pat -- who served the U.S. in Iraq -- attempts to describe the impossible ... what goes through the mind of a soldier. Don't miss this.
(22:00) Changing gears -- Was Rihanna wrong for snubbing the People's Choice Awards to see a Clippers game ... which was being played a mere 200 feet away from PCA venue?
(24:00) Max says awards show hold celebs hostage.
(32:00) Producer John Peters accused of abandoning his adorable dog at a kennel for a year ... how is this possible?
(39:35) Screw the dog ... it's time for a raging debate about ... is Flashdance more iconic than the first Batman movie?


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I can't believe you people, are soldiers the only ones out there saving lives? NO!!!! Look at police officers who risk their lives everyday and it would be ok to pee on a dead person. If that happened people would be outraged. I understand the situations are a little different: military men don't go home to see their wives, they are expecting the people around them to kill them while police officers guess with every pull over but their jobs are the same...TO PROTECT AND SERVE... P.S. Harvey, hit men kill and don't attach..

978 days ago


how would you act, maybe humour was a way to deal,anger,our men and women,put up with alot of bs oversea,s its was taste less, you will never know the **** theygo though!

978 days ago


Please stop calling Marines soliders they are called Marines. Ask anybody in the Corps.

978 days ago


Harvey, are you freaking serious? You are so arrogant, you think you can successfully justify this unjustifiable and deliberate conduct by calling it a by-product of war? In fact, it was a conscious decision by men who knew exactly what they were doing, which is to exemplify the culture they were raised in; a culture of arrogance, greed and a deliberate lack of humanity. In fact, that's exactly what you, Harvey, are demonstrating to the youth culture now; a model of arrogance, greed and a deliberate lack of humanity. The rest of the world of can see it, but you won't hear it.

978 days ago


thank you Harvey. I agree. you ask these 19/22 year old boys or men to do what the rest of us couldn't even dream of and yet we judge them. not right of journalism

978 days ago


They should be pissing on the ******** who sent them to war, not the "enemy." This is shameful.

978 days ago


Harvey, you are full of crap.

978 days ago


TMZ, you should be beheaded and pissed on for even posting something like this. You don't even know if the person was a muslim or not. I had already thought you all suspect before this and now I know your a liberal terrorist. Screw all muslims and the middle east.

978 days ago

Split Personality    

Some of you are idiots. I am prior military and yes they do teach us to hate and kill the enemy. They also teach us about respect and honor. Quit fighting about soldiers or marines, its all the same in the end. What they did was wrong but it happens and you can believe that it is done to out military and probably worst. This act is bad and worst because it is out in public. They did a dumb thing and showed lack of compasion but you know what id probly piss on the guy that just tried to kill me also, in the heat of the moment. I am not defending their actions, just saying, its not all just a one sided deal. No I am not prior Marine.

978 days ago


Has anyone actually watched the video, they are not even peeing, they are just standing over them acting like they are. seacrch it on YouTube .it the censored tv version....

977 days ago

Joey Boots    

The person who should be court marshaled is the idiot who filmed and uploaded the video to youtube.

977 days ago


honestly if soldiers are trained to kill.. I don't expect them to be warm and fuzzy with the bodies after. obviously there is a respect issue, but its just strange that we can rationalize and socialize murdering and killing people, where as peeing on them is considered totally unacceptable. death vs. pee. i hardly think murdering anyone should be ever socialized. Priorities??

977 days ago


Um, did we just forget that the taliban would cut off people's head while they were still alive? When you compare this to that, this doesn't seem so bad, at least they were dead already. Plus, many of these guys have done multiple tours of duty, some even up to 9 tours, how sane do you think these guys may have been in this situation? In Vietnam and WWII, you were only required 1 tour and many came back with PTSD. I think it's pretty hypocritical on our part to judge these guys when we ourselves don't know what it is to be shot at, etc. and unrealistic to expect these guys to remain like robots with no emotions.

977 days ago

just over it     

ok here is my take on this. I served my country proudly, I sweated and bleed for my flag. my country . These folks over there bust ythe asses for the usa and the american people. these enimies of ours dont give 2 **** if the rape or kill us . I get we r held to a hgher standard but serious like theses sand ******s dont do **** like this to our dead soldiers ??????seriously pay back is a bitch . as well as karma.... whats a little piss on a dead sand ******.... the took plains into our buildings have used ied's to kill our own. war is not nice asnd at times all the rules go out the window.....god bless america

977 days ago


There is nothing wrong with what the soldiers did. They really should have ripped them apart. That is what the muslims deserve.

977 days ago
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