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Brian Austin Green

'90210' Co-Star Stole

$200,000 from Me!

1/13/2012 3:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil-Giovanazzo
Brian Austin Green
has declared war on a former "90210" co-star who allegedly screwed him out of $200,000 ... and the accused happens to be the mother of his 9-year-old kid.

B.A.G. has filed a lawsuit against Vanessa Marcil-Giovinazzo -- the chick who played Donna's troublemaking cousin on the show -- claiming he let her BORROW a ton of money back when they were dating ... but she NEVER paid him back.

In the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Green claims he fired off check after check after check to Vanessa ... but insisted "the monies were not gifts" and she promised to pay him back.

Green claims in 2000 -- BEFORE he knocked up Vanessa -- he loaned her up to $50,000 at a time ... and in total, lent her more than $200,000.

In the docs, Green says each time he loaned her money, he and Vanessa agreed that she would pay back the money "promptly" whenever he asked for it. Green says he came calling in November 2011 ... but she refuses to fork over the dough.

Green is demanding all of his cash back -- plus additional unspecified damages.

Calls to Vanessa's rep have not been returned.


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He is still carrying a torch - things not happy in his own homestead. Move on buddy! She doesn't owe you - she made you a baby!

979 days ago

princesspr are a moron ...(in my best Judge Judy voice)

979 days ago


This guys is tragic, broke, and stupid. Seriously, after 11 years you want money? And you would put your son through this over 200k (something you made in a week on 90210. You are not only a pathetic excuse of a man, but you are an even sorrier excuse for a "father".

979 days ago


Oh LOLA...aka are sooo funny! Brian have custody of his son? Really? Did vanessa die? Not in your wildest dreams biatch!
Vanessa has not only full custody but control of visitation whilst he is a douche bag.

979 days ago


Dude is a loser.

979 days ago


Seriously doubt he does his own income taxes, so since the amounts were over the IRS gift exlusion amount ($10,000 per year back then), then how did his accountant handle this? If they weren't reported as gifts, then they would be considered a loan.

979 days ago


That's what you simp-*ss fools get when you pay for the pooty-tat. She was given $50,000 a pop on several occasions BEFORE the trick-baby was spawned and now you want your money back after a decade? Vanessa is probably keeping that money and saying to herself this is PRE-child support payments. LOL. If its a loan it should have been established as such on the checks...period.

978 days ago

billy cema    

Next, Courtney Love will come calling.

978 days ago


A loan without a signed IOU is very hard to prove. Especially when it involves the mother of your child. If it's a loan, get it in writing. However, I believe when you're handing over money to someone you're in love with, you're not thinking "loan."

978 days ago


It's seems kind of strange that he would wait 11 years to bring this up. Vanessa does have primary custody of their son and has been to court to modify their custody agreement many times over the years. I doubt she has huge money problems considering she has worked steadily over the last 11 years including Las Vegas, which is in syndication and General Hospital. She probably made a good chunk of change for her most recent return to GH this year plus her husband's on CSI:NY so he's working too. This reeks of desperation on BAG's part. I feel bad for their son.

978 days ago


What a big dufus! Back in 2000, many people gave checks as gifts. Without any kind of signed contract, or even writing LOAN on the check, he's out that money! Also, why did he continue to give out more "loans" after the first one? IMO, he's out of $$$ because his current wife is a plastic surgery junkie.

978 days ago


It doesn't matter if there's a contract or not. A verbal agreement is enough to go to court on. If you borrow money, you pay it back. You don't say, "well, it was a long time ago, so I have no legal obligation" you have a MORAL obligation.
Stop freeloading, people!

977 days ago

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968 days ago


What a D-bag!!!! He waited until now for this? The poor woman had two miscarriages last year; he's just trying to kick her while she's down. *******!!!

963 days ago
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