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Chris Brown

I DRANK, But I Won't Drive!

1/13/2012 9:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Chris Brown pulled a Kiefer Sutherland last night -- in a good way -- hooking himself up with a designated driver after a night of boozing in L.A.

Brown was leaving Roxbury nightclub in Hollywood when we brought up his kick-ass Lamborghini -- and he replied, "Thanks man ... I'm not driving it tonight, I had some drinks. I'm doing it responsibly."

Breezy wasn't kidding around -- dude got into the back of a waiting ride and was whisked away without incident.

Celebrity DUIs are so 2011.


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Good show Breezy!

992 days ago

Ozzie X    

Good for him but can we rest assure he didn't beat any women that night?

992 days ago

Joan K    

Oh please, bring up the race card, I don't care if he is black, green, purple or white he is still a s*** bag. TMZ will post something about Mel Gibson and you can bet people are going to bring up what that idiot did too, race card, duh.

992 days ago


You're giving him props for NOT drinking and driving...that should be a given!!!

992 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I have never seen a picture of this guy with a less than completely moronic look on his face.

992 days ago


Good for the women beater! He won't drink and drive but he'll beat the hell out of women.

992 days ago


It's utterly sad how despicable people are on here. Chris Brown is hardly the monster people make him out to be. When you consider that artists like John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Ron Wood and countless others have demonstrated violence in relationships and get no scrutiny. How many rock-n-roll stars have trashed their hotel rooms in a drunken rage? Chris Brown is a prolific artist who sings, dances, raps, produces, acts, creates art, and directs or co-directs both and now other people's video's (Wale.) The dude recently had 17 songs on the charts at the same time and continues to create good quality music in a way more prolific manner then any of his peers. He is the premiere male artist of his generation, which is the reason everyone wants to work with him. Upcoming production work on Brandy's new album, as well as with Justin Bieber, and coming to you with a host of new music. Not a week goes by that several quality Chris Brown songs are not leaked online. Percentage of American relationships that have some degree of violence in them in America? Close to when you are criticizing one person who has been involved in intimate partner abuse, you are also criticizing your neighbors, you friends, and members of your family. People can and do learn every day how to leave behind violence in their lives. Have some critical thinking and get on board....Chris Brown has the respect of millions of music lovers all over the world....and is working his ass off to let his musical talents speak for themselves.

992 days ago


Chris Rock had a good piece about this. "______ always want credit for some s___ they supposed to do. A ______will brag about some s___ a normal man just does."

992 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

This guy is a complete loser and a colossal a-hole. Violence is usually wrong, but this is one person who would actually benefit by getting his ass kicked. He's such a moron.

992 days ago


Why is everyone labeling him a woman beater????? He beat a girl one time, I thought he had to beat like another and another to be considered one, so with that being said he was just a YOUNG PUNK KID that ****** up really bad, but that doesn't make him a woman beater because he's not a repeat offender. WHAT I NEED EVERYONE TO DO IS GET OFF DUDES BACK BECAUSE HE CAN BUY AND SELL ALL YOU AVERAGE JOE'S A**ES IN A MILLI SECOND. People **** up in life some more than others and no one has the right to judge or condemn especially if you can make a bad mistake yourself, he and rihanna, has seemed to moved on from the situation, but it seems the public cannot let go its ashame people needs to mind their business and focus on your family and personal relationships. A**HOLES.

992 days ago


Chris, you suck donkey dongs. Why don't you.... I don't know, move to Texass or otherwise just go away. I'm tired of you (and TMZ) trying to pimp your stupidass back into the limelight.

992 days ago


wow i am so proud him he so funny i love you chris cant wait to here your next ablum and keep up da good work

992 days ago


Now i am in now ways defending Chris beating a women but I he getting all the blame for the riri incident could he have handled it better of course but a lot of these domestic fights don't come out of no where. I am willing to bet that riri started this all and Chris lost his cool in the process in the heat of the moment. A lot of people are so quick to blame the man in the situation but in reality a lot of domestic incidents are started by a women not by a man.

That said he should have never gotten in the car that night

992 days ago


for all u stupid ass people dat are making bad comments on this website needs to shut up yes he beat up rihanna so wat let it go and if u don't like him so much why in the hell would u be on a site dats talkin' 'bout him den it seems to me dat u guys still love him

992 days ago


can u spell L O S E R?

992 days ago
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