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Heather Locklear

Family Wants Her in Rehab

.... Again

1/13/2012 10:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Locklear
Heather Locklear's family wants her to check in to a medical rehab facility as soon as she's released from the hospital ... but Heather is resisting ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected with Heather's family tell TMZ ... yesterday was not an isolated incident.  Heather has been struggling with prescription drugs for a long time.  In fact, sources say Heather checked in to an L.A. area rehab facility last October and stayed 2 weeks.

We're told Heather's family wants her to go to a medical facility this time around -- not a rehab center.

But so far ... Heather is resisting.

As we first reported, Heather's sister called 911 Thursday just after 2 PM PT and said she had taken a dangerous mixture of prescription drugs and alcohol.  She was hospitalized in serious condition. 

Heather is currently in the ICU of the hospital in stable condition -- and earlier today, she got a visit from her sister.



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Yeah..a divorced junkie who is getting old winds up in the hospital without the one thing she needs most..a "real" friend.

1017 days ago


Idiot. People like her screw it up for people who actually need prescription medication.

1017 days ago


....This is typical behavior for females whom have been gushed over by others since the time of their births due to their beauty.

Subsequently, when these types of females whom have profited from their beauty their entire lives become middle-aged and no longer attract the top of the line men they have become conditioned and accustomed to attract throughout the course of their younger and more appealing selves---very often these females become desperate, despondent, and often clinically depressed, prompting substance abuses issues, and at times even suicides or attempted suicides.

So to all you younger females out there who use your youthful beauty as a device in order to acquire what you desire through the manipulation of others, by using such youthful beauty----this is what awaits you all in the end.

That clock on the wall is a nightmare to all women---and a mighty vengeful conspirator to all the men whom such women have used and discarded....Artofwar

1017 days ago


My guess is that she'll be roommates with Kim Richards on next Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab for washed up actors and wannabees.....

1017 days ago


sorry for heather...she needs HELP...and possibly a visit from charlie sheen as they have been good friends a very,very long time...good luck

1017 days ago


here we go again....who are the folks supplying the drugs?

1017 days ago


Looks like Heather needs to go to a long term (lock in) rehab like Charlie Sheen's former wife Brooke Mueller who has a bad cocaine/crack problem.

Her family needs to help her before she kills herself from pills like that actor Corey Haim did. He was a big pill poppin fiend for decades. That Batman movie actor Heath Ledger also died from taking a bunch of prescription drugs like sleeping pills and painkillers, etc. Hell, this goes back to Marilyn Monroe in the 1950s when she died of prescription drugs.

One of these days the people in Hollywood are going to "get it" ... these prescription drugs can mess you up bad just like street drugs can.

1017 days ago

Don Martin    

When the American press and public stop crying along with the dopers and treating them like they are victims then there will be some accountability and a new age of grown up behavior. Put this little diva, doper, skank behind bars until she drys up and lets stop whining along with the folks trying to protect careers and spin the facts. The idea that a grown woman with children gets a pass and a crying towel is just ridiculous. "Book 'em Danno"

1017 days ago


I find this very sad. Heather Locklear always came across as a very sweet,nice person. I have to agree that ever since her bitch best friend stole her husband she hasn't been the same.
I hope she can recover and get some help.

1017 days ago

megan smith    

Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family!!!! It must be very stressful to be watched all the time!!!! We have always enjoyed her work and hope she will continue, when she is well. Kicking people when they are down is so cruel!!!! WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!!! BEEEE KIND!!!!!!

1017 days ago


I feel really sorry for her daughter-not a good way to be raised/not a good influence or example of how to live your life as a "grown up"

1017 days ago


Heather is a very sweet woman; I've met her more than once. Why are people on here acting like they know her and that her problems MUST have something to do with her not being able to handle her age? (LOL guys, she's only 50, not 85!) How do you guys know what's causing this? Depression and addiction happen to people of all ages....

1017 days ago


Heather,and all of these celebretieswo get these offers into super rehab facilities should just be ashamed of themselves. I have been on Methadone for 12 yeasrs, and hooked on prescription meds, for about half my life, I am 34, dont look it, but it is catching up to me. I have been trying to get into a rehab facility for over 15 years and no one will take me, because i cant afford it. I dont want to die addicted to Methadone, on which ive done great on. I was a bad Needdle junkie delaudid, oxycodone, hydro-morphone, these are terrible to get hooked on and the pain that takes on the REST of your life. And as for INTERVENTIONS, no one really does that, not in my world.

Anyways they need to take advantage of these programs and become responsible for their own sobriety, to some extents.
Thanks my name is Scott, and this is my opinion.
-NB, Canada

1017 days ago


Heather, how about instead of thinking about yourself, think about what you are doing to your family.

1017 days ago


I'll do my best to see Heather Locklear in Rehab on purpose. From George William Gockel.

1017 days ago
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