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Warren Buffett

What's a Kardashian?

1/14/2012 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warren Buffett has more important things to worry about than who Kim Kardashian is -- so it should come as no surprise that he really doesn't know what it is she, you know ... does for a living.

How Warren got asked about his feelings on Kim is rather interesting. Buffett, the world's third richest man, is an advocate of increasing taxes on the wealthy. Kim has found herself the target of a group that claims she doesn't pay her fair share of income taxes.

So TIME magazine asked Buffett what he thought about Kim K. His reply: "I've seen her name, but I wouldn't be able to tell what she does but put her name in the paper."

What else is there?


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A Kardashian, is a bad TV rash, that won't go away.

I love how Buffet makes it sound like a disease, "what's a Kardashian"

979 days ago

buzz kill    

Well I will tell you Warren. A Kartrashian is the deffinition of slut, white trash, money grubbing whore.

979 days ago

arale norimaki    

Why is Kim CRAPdashian famous?

She is famous for spreading her legs and dating skanky men for their money then moving on to the next. She is rich and famous but total trash.

979 days ago

Yep I said that    

Hey Warren, you're not missing any thing at all she's like a turd swirling around the toilet bowl

979 days ago


This is a lame story, about a one line comment made by W.B.
How about giving us the scoop on the backlash of Lamar Odom's recent escapade in D.C,with all the strippers??There is so much more going on in the K. camp,that all the other sites are reporting on.TMZ is missing the boat.

978 days ago


Maybe if Kimmy K dropped to her knees in front of him he'd know!

978 days ago


Hey Warren, FYI, she takes in the a.. from black guys and films it and then releases the film for everyone to see, then makes a career out of it. Please cool huh WB. The girl and her family are a pack of tramps who should be gassed in house fire.

978 days ago


A Kardashian is a fame whore who will sell their souls to keep their name in the press and money in their pockets. See Also: No Talent.

978 days ago


@not surprised...With all due respect you left out a ton of stuff, probably because the mere act of thinking about the Ku*trashians while typing your comment induced vomiting. But I'm here to continue the task so drink a ginger ale and let your stomach settle down. Kim's infamous rise to fame has been a sham from DAY ONE. She saw what a sex tape did for Paris so she became her friend. Who, outside of LA would even know who Kim was or, for that matter, care about her sex tape? She latched on to Paris to gain international attention and hoped some STUPID CELEBRITY BLOG(HARVEY'S BEST BOY MIKEY WALTERS) would photograph her at some point. Viola, Mikey did, and the rest is history. But what many don't know is the Ku*trahians were about to go belly up. Kris's divorce left her with little assets as her ex wasn't going to give a two timing SL*T any money. Has anyone ever tried to get money from a lawyer? In order to marry her next c*ckolded victim, Bruce, she walked away with very little. With Robert Kardashian's death, her extravagant lifestyle and Bruce's limited income she was almost broke. As a matter of fact, Kim stole the credit card of RJ's mother ( he's the one who peed on her) and went on a shopping spree with her sisters. This was approx. the time of her making the sex tape where she was also the family's "stylist". She had access to their credit cards. RJ's mother wanted to press criminal charges but,at the urging of RJ and Brandy, decided to persue only a civil action to recover her money. These POS have been playing everyone since DAY ONE. Add to that all the rest from the sham wedding to the sweat shop child labor and you have some of the most disgusting, disgraceful subhumans that have ever walked upright(okay, so maybe it's debatable whether than can walk upright). That's why I want to see Khloe's DNA proof of who her father really is because, according to Kim, their "talent" is getting people to fall in love with their "real" selves. Well let's finally see some actual reality! All it would take is for some gossip site to gather a drinking glass from Khloe and another from one of her sisters one night at a restuarant. This would prove that P*MP MOMMA KRIS is a liar and wh*re. Of course, you will never see the results printed here on TMZ since Mikey Walters has had a ha*d-on for Kim since he "discovered" her. Stop the spinning and print the truth TMZ!!! They rip off high end designers and put out cheap copycat fakes that are made by slave labor (Not to mention, they wouldn't be caught dead in). They endorsed a usury credit card until they were threatened by lawsuits from various State Attorney Generals. They made millions off a sham 72 day marriage that ended only after the season of their reality show.

978 days ago


Well, you said a mouth full ,Odie! Her biggest fans are pre-teen girls!OMG. Most of the adults pretty much see through it all.The spoiled daughters of Kris.J seem to have the maturity level of young teenagers,as well.Living in a real fantasy world.Still TMZ is not providing the current info on this family- they are now richer than King Midas,with their ill gotten gains.Our youth have no real role models these days, and are easily taken in by the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood crowd.

978 days ago


Kim Kardashian needs to enjoy the little time she has left of fame on her name because people will soon forget!Besides I know hotter girls who don't need that much attention!!!

978 days ago

Do you have eyes?    

Someone needs to ask the Kardashians who Alex Roldan is. And is it a coincidence that Khloe's middle name is Alexandra? Why is it OK for Kris to profit off the exposure of Kim's sex life, yet Kris leaves her MOST scandalous affair out of her own book? Nothing that comes out of their mouths is the truth, and this mother will have her kids do anything for money.

978 days ago


Good on you, Mr. Buffett. I don't know what she is either or the rest of that repulsive family. But I can tell you one thing, you're not missing a thing by not following those grifters. Only sheep follow their every stupid move.

978 days ago


Kim Kardashian is doing pretty well in the world. Nice Rank, Globally !!!

978 days ago


978 days ago
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