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Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

Horse Trade Houses

in Divorce

1/15/2012 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa are well on their way to becoming single ... because we’ve learned Kobe has already transferred title on two of his mansions over to his soon-to-be ex-wife.

TMZ has checked official records ... which show on January 5th, Kobe surrendered his interest in 2 of their estates to Vanessa ... on that same day Vanessa surrendered her interest in a 3rd home to Kobe. 

As far as who got what ... the title transfers don't list addresses, but our sources say Vanessa is now the full owner of the mansion she shared with Kobe in Newport Coast. As for the second home Vanessa now owns in full ... it's the nearby mansion where her mother has been living.

We’re told the estate Vanessa fully deeded to Kobe is the one currently under construction – also in Newport Coast.

TMZ broke the story ... Vanessa filed for divorce from Kobe on Dec 16th.

Although we heard rumblings of a possible reconciliation ... the property transfers make it seem the divorce is going full throttle.

Kobe's rep, Michael Sitrick, had no comment.


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No Avatar


And now the Laker management is making sure the idiot scores over 40 points a nite by making everyone pass the ball to this ball hog....it's all for publicity....and also invent the story about his bad wrist.....takes everyone's mind off of him being a cheater like Tiger....boy...TMZ sure didn't cut Tiger any slack but they sure do Kobe...

1015 days ago


Just spend few grands to hire couple thugs and Kobe can save millions.

1015 days ago


Not to justify his cheating because it IS wrong but, what was Vanessa REALLY? Did she truly believe that after Kobe's first(exposed)infidelity he was really going to be loyal and faithful?...NOT, once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater. They just find ways to conceal their future infidelities better and smarter. But why is her mother living in a mansion like he was married to her as well? Kobe is a pure idiot for taking care of Vanesse'a mother too. You only married to the wife not the whole damn family!

1015 days ago


The house transfer doesn't rule out reconciliation, if both decide they have something worth salvaging. Her house and her mother's house are also providing places for his children. The transfer makes sense even if they decide to stay married. Also would serve as a needed reminder that he's dispensable if he continues to cheat.

1015 days ago


she should get 1/10th of his money

1015 days ago


singgle life he thinks he wants and can choose any woman he wants. and keep playing ball.all the while worrying if these new hotties r there for him or for themselvesh How they met so young and struggled together made their marraige a strong onand he knows hes the cause of the divorce. he needs to put a period in the stand and decided id if he wants a loyal wife who loves him without the money and having an intact family with the girls over his desires for go get some strange. Guess for him itls not a descission

1014 days ago


i know i'm in ohio,but what is the point of buying a house that size and put it close enough to pee in the neighbors window? around here we call that a trailer park. wanna show the world that u have money? get some land to go with your mcmansion. as for the rest. they were first love high school sweethearts. she loved him before he was a big fish and to a celeb, that's important. it leads them to believe that they are being loved poor or rich. but then the actor/athlete starts to ponder what he is missing out onand then the affairs strart because his advisors say sure go for it.no harm no foul. and this is the result when to worlds colide. good for vanessa, she blindly accepted the rape as adultory and staid married.when he promised her it was the last time. guess what it wasnt. he's gonna get the singgle life he thinks he wants and can choose any woman he wants. and keep playing ball.all the while worrying if these new hotties r there for him or for themselves

1014 days ago


I think Kobe should date a woman whos famous..an actress or a singer. Not some video goldigging chick.

1014 days ago


Thats what his dumb behind get. No prenup? you fool

1014 days ago


This ghetto, wetback, golddigging POS MIL takes alimony from some guy who was dumb enough to marry her. She has no problem taking money out of his household that could go to his wife and child and cashing his checks because she is too stupid and lazy to support herself. Loser.

Both this Vanessa and her leech mother have never gotten ANYTHING in life that they have not leeched out of some man.

1014 days ago

Timmy Boy    

I feel good 'cause I did not contribute to their wealth. Basket sucks.

1014 days ago


Man she should get what she came with her suitcase, and all the stuff should go in a trust fund to the kids! these gold diggers need to get a JOB and earn theirs!

1013 days ago


do they have kids? they should be well taken care of..........

1013 days ago

Paul Fitzgerald    

She could have taken him to the cleaners a few years ago when he was " allegedly" accused of "RAPE"..Not many woman would stay with a man after that but not many men have enough money to pay off the accuser..He was the one that acted like he was going to cry and hold her next to him..lets not forget about the big diamond that he gave her after that happen. Now he is free and clear to sleep with anyone he wants too..PLAYER!!!

1013 days ago


Don't blame Vanessa or her mother.Kobe's father told him not to marry young and get a pre nup if he did but he didn't listen. Then got caught cheating shortly after getting married he didn't listen now let him pay the piper.If he's not complaining all you other broke ass people just STFU.

1011 days ago
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