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Michaele Salahi

I Take The 5th on Adultery

1/15/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq & Michaele Salahi
Michaele Salahi will neither confirm nor deny she banged Journey guitarist Neal Schon behind her husband's back ... this according to new legal docs.

Turns out, adultery is a CRIME in Virginia ... and if Michaele admits that she slept around with Schon while she was married to Tareq Salahi, she could be punished by the law.

So, instead of responding to the adultery accusations Tareq included in his divorce filing --  Michaele has now filed documents in which she "asserts her privilege pursuant to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution not to respond."

Additionally, admitting to adultery could put Michaele at a serious disadvantage in her divorce proceedings -- because as we first reported, the couple's pre-nup stipulates ... if Michaele commits adultery, she gets zilch for spousal support.

Sources close to Michaele tell TMZ, she's not concerned -- because Michaele was already separated from Tareq when she started dating Neal. The couple celebrated their four-month anniversary on Friday.

For the record -- the crime of adultery in Virginia is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a $250 fine.

If you're unfamiliar with the 5th Amendment .... here's a lesson from Dave Chappelle:


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XpLzT Xpl0rAtioN    

there is someone else who is also filed these same charges and his **** even with out testifying is now doing JAIL TIME....ooooops!

977 days ago


What a joke. TMZ is Tareq's main source of income these days. As far pleading the fifth, better memorize that plea Michele and Tareq. You're going to need it when the State of Virginia files charges for business and charity fraud!

977 days ago


Good luck to her trying to hide the fact that she's a total slut

977 days ago


Damn I miss the Chapelle show.

977 days ago


She might as well drink a fifth

977 days ago


She is beautiful. Wish her and her Journey man Neal the very best.
Jealous exs will be posing on here like crazy . Oh and her stalker Jeffrey, amber and rachel, ava, and all the desperate ones to be like her or closer to her.

977 days ago


Why not tell the truth? It's a $50.00 misdemeanor. Adulterers need to be considered sex offenders, post their pics on a website and take away their liberties, make them think twice and not let losers like her profit from her crimes!

977 days ago


realhousewivesbh is Michaele and one thing she will never be is a housewife on the Beverly Hills show. She is a delusional idiot who needs to have her head examined for paranoia.

977 days ago


there are certain people who should remove themselves from the public eye and these two are an example,there are others that are far worse,but this woman is pure trash,I saw that when these two idiots broke into the white house party.she wants people to pay attention to her ,then she runs off with that rock star guy ,then she rubs it in to her husband ,She left her dog,which I would never do ,If I ever run away my dogs and in my case I have a cat to ,they would travel with me ,anyway she has a problem .but the best thing for her to do is slide under a rock and stay there for a very long time,because Im sick and tired of hearing about this tramp.

977 days ago


She's a monster. Terd Salahi began to stage these extravaganzas-Polocon, etc shortly after they were married, perhaps in an attempt to satisfy her enormous hunger for grandiosity and the trappings and accoutrements of illusionary wealth. What a putz. Terd's "Falcon Crest" indeed. And she's had more men inside her than a trojan horse too.

977 days ago


I really should keep quiet here, like pleading the 5th, but I'll say it.

I'd do her. she's cute for her age, and the woman seems like she just want to have fun. She really was one of the more entertaining celeb stories of 2011.

Easy for me to say, and know I don't have to worry about it happening. I haven't got squat for money and she won't be anywhere near the town where I live.

977 days ago


According to an online biography, Michaele met Tareq at a party in 2000. They married in 2003. According to an article by Diane Dimond, Michaele "dated both Schon and Tareq Salahi simultaneously,"
Apparently she was "dating" Neal sometime between 2000 - 200?. At that time, Neal was married to Amber & they were starting a family.
So much for the "we've waited for 15 years", "it's like a fairy tale" crap. Adultery is nothing new for her.

977 days ago


To "Robyn" & "realhousewivesbh":

Well, hello, CRAZY MICHELLE, we meet again. By the way, that is, after all, what you were known as by your friends and co-workers for years, correct? And isn't MICHELLE your actual given and legal name? That's what's on your marriage certificate and DMV records.

Did it ever occur to you that no one, and I mean NO ONE, ever posts a positive comment about your little pathetic life other than you? And your obviously challenged ability at grammar, punctuation and sentence structure is a dead give-away every time, regardless of your various sock-puppet names. Please, girlfriend, give it up. Each comment and post you make just reinforces the clear perception of your idiocy.

P.S. Oakton High School is trying to reach you. They want the High School Diploma back.


977 days ago


She was brilliant on The Real Housewives and continues to shine with her new man Neal Schon of Journey. When she walked on stage and he gave his guitar to her that was the moment . Just seeing that told me everything I needed to know. Electric Passion

977 days ago


Thought that same sex marriage was not legal in Virginia anyway. Somebody needs to check "her" out; she's got more than an adam's apple going on...

977 days ago
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