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Michaele Salahi

I Take The 5th on Adultery

1/15/2012 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tareq & Michaele Salahi
Michaele Salahi will neither confirm nor deny she banged Journey guitarist Neal Schon behind her husband's back ... this according to new legal docs.

Turns out, adultery is a CRIME in Virginia ... and if Michaele admits that she slept around with Schon while she was married to Tareq Salahi, she could be punished by the law.

So, instead of responding to the adultery accusations Tareq included in his divorce filing --  Michaele has now filed documents in which she "asserts her privilege pursuant to the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution not to respond."

Additionally, admitting to adultery could put Michaele at a serious disadvantage in her divorce proceedings -- because as we first reported, the couple's pre-nup stipulates ... if Michaele commits adultery, she gets zilch for spousal support.

Sources close to Michaele tell TMZ, she's not concerned -- because Michaele was already separated from Tareq when she started dating Neal. The couple celebrated their four-month anniversary on Friday.

For the record -- the crime of adultery in Virginia is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a $250 fine.

If you're unfamiliar with the 5th Amendment .... here's a lesson from Dave Chappelle:


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They both need to be surgically removed from the media. And I'm sure she doesnt give a rats ass about spousal support from him, which would be a paradox as he is penniless and in debt to pretty much EVERYONE. And BTW.....FACT.....Adultery is a felony still in NY. Really, you ask? YES, REALLY. It is still on the books, but no lawyer is going to go there and no judge will prosecute it. Maybe because to EVERY lawyer or judge in NY that would hit too close to home!

976 days ago


Electric Passion? Michaele, aren't you afraid you make people want to puke?

976 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

I can't wait to see the look on Michaele's face when Neal Schon finds a new girlfriend and throws her butt out in the cold. It's who he is. It's what he does. And she deserves it!

976 days ago


Jealously and hating will eat u X's up alive..keep hating!! she and Neal will continue to flourish while u all will continue to be malnourished in your bank accounts! pathetic ***** I tell ya!!! smh u all wreak of envy! as u should !

976 days ago


@realhousewivesbh a/k/a Michaele Salahi! Why is it that you always blame the ex's for your negative actions? Most of the ex wives divorced Neal for good cause reasons. Neal's current wife Ava made it clear to TMZ she would "never" take Neal back so she isn't jealous like you claim either! Admit it you are a wrecking ball, a homewrecker as in adultery! That's the reason the American public can't stand you because it shows you have no morals or value's! Oh by the way, your so called Man is online again with yet another penis picture exposing his whole "schlong organ" this time to yet another woman and there is no cover-up this time. Just wait until your Man begins sending your private photo's to others to repeat history!

976 days ago


Except for occassional stories through TMZ, or a brief interview, they're lofty ideas of TV shows/movies is over. No housewives of BS, no Dr. Drew, no Napisan commercial, no Dancing with the Stars Australia, No show with Neal, no reality show based on filmings by intern cameramen videoing them last year at events and on Oasis of the Seas through a friend/associate. No Polocons, Journey for the Cash or Gala Grand Winery Reopenings for a winery that they never owned, is bankrupt and closed. There will be trashy events and trashy publicity, but Salahis are piriah to any serious media outlet and will never make a comeback. The likelyhood of them behind bars is far greater.

976 days ago


Amber! Ava! Dawn! Rachael ! And Jeffrey the "media guy.." you all need to take a back seat!! as far back as you can go because that's were you all belong in the back..we know you whores miss the electric passion and easy life..but guess what..Michaele is the one blessed enough to share with Neal now..he waited 15years for this..and guess what bitches..he is loving hard..and he won't matter how hard you want and wish him 2.

976 days ago


Ewww! Why would anybody voluntarily admit to sleeping with Journey guitarist Neal Schon? You'd have to be the biggest, nastiest, filthiest, ugliest, most disgusting whore on the face of the ... er, oh, wait. Never mind ...

976 days ago

Marquis De Suave    

That "woman" wears panties with a **** hole for her to pee out of.

973 days ago


I'm seething with jealousy over Michelle Holt's glorious Adams Apple and her hot bod. I've seen more curves on a straw. Bahahaa

971 days ago


We all know Realhousewivesbh and Itsasecret is none other than Michelle Holt herself. Psycho has been posting the same identical comments all over the internet for YEARS only now she's adding a few more names. You'd think she'd come up with something original other than perpetually accusing everyone of being Jealous of her. What exactly is everyone jealous of, Michelle? Your FAKE Name, fake life, fake modeling career, fake redskins cheerleader,fake disease? The ppl you talk about have actual achievements, Sweetheart. It must eat you up alive knowing Neal's ex was a REAL PLAYBOY model, something you will NEVER ever be in this lifetime LMAO. Despite, your desperate repeatedly attempts and out right LIES. No SANE man wants to see a Bony OLD HAG. You are nothing more than a Global and National JOKE. Judging from the few articles with your mother, I can totally see where you get your psychotic delusions of grandeur. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it? None of Neal's exes have ever been publicly KICKED OFF of any shows, laughed at, humiliated by the media...Again, they have REAL accomplishments. I, along with the majority of the public cannot wait until Neal kicks your ANOREXIC bony self to the curb- you know it's coming Doll! Or else you wouldn't be online scouring the net desperately posting under all these new aliases raving on and on about yourself. LOSER!

971 days ago


How does it feel to be so HATED by the general public? Ppl would have more compassion for Casey Anthony than you. LMAO. *Looks at watch* Better start packing your bags, Honey...looks like it's time to move back in Mommy Dearest!

971 days ago


So the lovebirds said on ET this week, a video for Journey's song "Resonate" will be released on Valentine's Day. Michaele goes on further to say the video "tells their love story." *BARF* Funny how she forgets the name of the song in the promo though and Neal has to jump in and save her. The part they don't mention is that the (very brief) resume of the director for their love story video shows he has directed an adult video and horror films. Seems like a fitting director to get for any video that is going to feature that bony, tranny looking fame whore Michaele. LMAO! Michaele you are such a joke.

967 days ago
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