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Elton John's Hubby


You're Desperate & Narcissistic

1/16/2012 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Furnish
Elton John's husband David Furnish LASHED OUT at Madonna following her victory speech at the Golden Globes last night ... saying it was "embarrassing in its narcissism."

Moments after Madge won the statue for Best Original Song, Furnish went to his Facebook page and WENT OFF ... writing, "Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!"

For the record -- Elton was nominated in the same category and seemed pissed off in the crowd when Madonna's name was read.

But David continued on Facebook ... writing, "Madonna winning Best Original Song truly shows how these awards have nothing to do with merit. Her acceptance speech was embarrassing in it's narcissism. And her critisism of Gaga shows how desperate she really is."

Elton seemed particularly bitter towards Madonna BEFORE the awards ... telling one reporter on the red carpet he believed Madge had no "f**kin' chance" of emerging victorious.

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He is a bitter and jealous idiot. Hate her or love her Madonna is the one and only Queen of Pop, and to get that title, she worked hard. She doesn't need this crap and there was nothing wrong with her accepytance speech.

1012 days ago

ivona poyntz    

Sour grapes. I expected more of Elton-John

1012 days ago


When isn't Madonna narcissistic..

Oh and maybe Elton didn't win because we've heard the hook "Hello Hello" in the Beatles Hello Goodbye. Sounds the same

1012 days ago

Tulio Moura    

She is really good... everyone knows, the numbers are here to show! This ******* repressed guy doesn't know how to face the situation... That's not her fault. (:

1012 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

I have enjoyed Madonna's music on and off throughout her career, but I must agree that she is not "likeable" as a person. She comes off as better than thou and where did she get the "accent"? She seems very into herself and quite phony. That being said I can see where Elton might disagree with her win, but at the same time Sir Elton, rise above it and shake it off ~ you have been insanely blessed with success and should not let competition on any level bother you.

1012 days ago

King of TMZ    

Madonna has always been Narcissistic I remember her Speech on MJ's death. The Guy died & she is like he was like Me Me Meeeeeee lol But Elton's Reaction is nothing but narcissistic in itself. It's not just voice that makes a good song & for the record Elton's music suck. LOL (so is Madonna's) :D

1012 days ago


Seriously? To be in the music/show business industry, its automatic that these people are all narcissistic, it goes with the territory. Yes, some are worse than others.

1012 days ago


I dont think I would enjoy being Madonna. It's like the woman can do nothing right. She works hard and wins an award, thanks her cast & crew and bam.. its not good enough. she's narcissistic, the globes must be ragged.. Why is no one pointing out how bitter he is sounding? Meanwhile, Madonna remains classy and complimentary towards elton. (and you know what, I think its that that they hate, they want her to respond so they can make HER seem like the "bitter" one. even though she hasnt said anything nasty about them - ever. while they did openly over the years)

1012 days ago


Oh Fozzie, sit down. Madonna writes most of her songs completely herself or writes them together with people she's known for years. SHe writes a lot more than the average popstar of today. And you know it. It's quite telling that you have to make up a lie in order to defend your precious bitter queen elton. Sit down! If there's anyone jealous and narcissistic here, it's elton and his blind sheep. This just reeks of kayne west territory, if not way more harsh.

1012 days ago


I'm sorry but that comment very clearly makes HIM seem like the narcissistic and desperate (bitter old queen) He also dissed Cher and many other singers in the past.

I can't believe people would defend such behavior. Imagine if Madonna said this, world war three would break out on the web. lol. think about it.

1012 days ago

Shocker... catty drama queen homos.

1012 days ago


I haven't heard either song but, fact of the matter is, they're both well past their prime. Madonna is unable to come to grips with the fact that she is not and never again will be young; people really don't care about her; her attempt to look like she's in her 20's/30's ain't going to happen; and she can't act or produce. Just go back to you're newest teen boy friend. Can't wait for yet another crappy super bowl halftime show

1012 days ago


I CRINGED when she started with the me, me, I, I, I and more me chorus. Enough with her, and that accent? She is from Michigan by way of London? NOT !

I'm with Elton and David on this.

1012 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Of course she's narcissistic.

Aren't they all?

That IS the beast that these "award" ceremonies masturbate.

1012 days ago


Madonna can f-off based solely on the fact that she speaks with a British accent. She IS pretentious and arrogant. I used to love her back in the day but she is nothing but a nasty biyatch. After she went off about the poor guy who brought her hydrangeas, I was done with her. Talented or not, nastiness is NOT attractive. And yeah, she's just pissed that Gaga can actually sing and write. She's a hater. And that's why her botoxed face looks a hot mess.

1012 days ago
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