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Kim Kardashian

I Heard What Ricky Gervais

Said About Me ...

1/16/2012 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
was watching when Ricky Gervais unloaded on her at the Golden Globes last night -- and KK thought it was "hilarious."

Ricky called Kim a trashier version of Kate Middleton -- someone who can be more easily bought.

Kim is telling friends she gets the joke.  As for joking about her 72-day marriage -- that he's sat through longer James Cameron acceptance speeches -- Kim simply said she has a sense of humor, and she "thought it was funny."

And when Ricky used Kim to explain how the Golden Globes were a little bit "drunker" than the Oscars ... Kim said it was funny but inaccurate, because she hardly drinks.


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That's Right    

Kim you can't be that stupid? Stop acting as if the jokes don't hurt you. Sorry that you'll never win a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar or a Golden Globe. People Choice are votes from children, A list stars don't acknowledge or care about you

1019 days ago

Sin D    

And NO MATTER how rude it is...she is HAPPY 'cuz she is kept in the news.

1019 days ago


Go do something you are good at like taking a mouth full of piss, you nasty ****.

1019 days ago


She only drinks p!ss when shes being filmed having sex.

1019 days ago

That's Right    

BOYCOTTKIM(DOT)COM...... 617,929 and counting.......IT MAY NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT BUT BOYCOTTING WILL WORK. It was stated Boycott this when kim won the People Choice, well sweeti children don't know any better and they voted for you, not the adults or the A list celebrities....Mattel are you serious? What idiot mother will buy a porn star doll for her daughter? Boycott!!!!!!

1019 days ago


Who thinks she thought it was funny, gee another lie.

1019 days ago


We all Kim curled up in a ball after hearing the joke! Don't play with us Kim like how you played with everyone else!

1019 days ago

Tom Brokaw    

Dear Kim Kardashian, the whole world just laughed at you, not with you. it's over. stick to sticking your fingers in elephants asses and then taking them out an******ing them, then think of Shawn McQuaid., then go right back to licking those nasty fingers of yours

1019 days ago


Head so far up her ass she doesn't get it.

1019 days ago


Kimho just doesn't get it. Your now the joke of the america. You've been replaced by a dog and now promoters are calling you toxic. Your show has been busted for the most scripted reality show out there and everything is a scam for PR. Please go eat a bullet!

1019 days ago


Really, you guys... just leave her alone.. maybe she did think it was funny... do you not laugh at yourself every once in a while, lighten up & get a life.

1019 days ago


I'll bet she loved it, "oh wow..they said MY name in front of all these REAL (talented) celebrities."

1019 days ago


I'm not sure if there is anyone in Hollywood whose opinion I care less about than Kim K's. She on her downhill slide into irrelevance and this is part of it.

1019 days ago


The "dumb blonde" jokes now have a whole new territory to work with. Duh, how dumb? Kim Kardashian dumb. I am actually far more interested in her response to the commercial that aired in California for more taxation of the very rich using HER and HER lavish lifestyle as the backdrop of the commerical. Matter of fact, the commercial BEGGED KK for a response. They BEGGED her to do the right thing and support the proposed "filthy rich" tax. WHERE'S YOUR ANSWER TO THAT COMMERCIAL, kim??? Huh, huh???

1019 days ago


OH F*CK all day there's been coverage of real stars and no Kardashian coverage anywhere and then I made the mistake of clicking over to TMZ where it's all-Kardashian all the time.

1019 days ago
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