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Kim Kardashian

I Heard What Ricky Gervais

Said About Me ...

1/16/2012 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
was watching when Ricky Gervais unloaded on her at the Golden Globes last night -- and KK thought it was "hilarious."

Ricky called Kim a trashier version of Kate Middleton -- someone who can be more easily bought.

Kim is telling friends she gets the joke.  As for joking about her 72-day marriage -- that he's sat through longer James Cameron acceptance speeches -- Kim simply said she has a sense of humor, and she "thought it was funny."

And when Ricky used Kim to explain how the Golden Globes were a little bit "drunker" than the Oscars ... Kim said it was funny but inaccurate, because she hardly drinks.


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I haven't read any comments pointing out that Kim is FAT. From the waist down she is a waddling little onk! Her thighs, her hips and of course her butt are LARGER than LARGE! And is any wonder? Every episode of her New York series shows her eating. She is eating in every scene. I watch this if I catch it and the only reason I watch is because I am curious as to just how much outlandish it can be from the previous one. The Jan. 2012 episodes have Kris and Kim married, laughing, hugging and kissing when everybody in America knows that she filed for a Halloween Divorce in Oct. 2011. It amazes me that the networks would show these shows after the fact!?!?!? Hell, you can still catch the re-runs of her marriage. Too funny!!!


1006 days ago


It is so obvious to me that one or the other leaked the (tape) start of her stupid career. I don't even care which one leaked the leak! I do feel pretty clear that there was purpose of leaking the sex for all to see. It reminds me of years ago when sex symbols were laying down on directors couches. If you are too young to remember then ask your grandparents but in essence it comes back to the same thing, SEX sells - Sad but true....I do not like the Kardashian/Jenner's and I totally resent having their re-run after re-run shoved down our choice of TV stations to choose from. The January NEW and the next day following of their NEW "2012" re-runs of their happily ever after marriage is the biggest joke. Kim filed Happy Halloween Divorce papers in Oct. 2011 and the network is showing January, 2012, i.e. "Look how happy this couple is smiling and debating together!" What the HELL is this????? My God! The air can't even keep up with them - TAKE THEM OFF THE AIR!!!!!


1006 days ago


There is something seriously wrong with you people. If you don't like her why are you spending so much time talking about her? And even if you don't like her, the things posted on here are something I would ground my 5 year old for saying. Some of your comments make you sound like young children without any manners who don't know any better.

1001 days ago


Uh, Kim Kardashian...attention...the joke's intention was to show that one event was "drunker" (i.e.; looser, less formal, less dignified--like you. Not literally drunk versus not drunk--but serious and dignified versus trashy and common. You have sold yourself as trashy and common, so how could you be angry or "hurt" over being called on it?

1000 days ago


Can this woman (please please) just go away.

995 days ago


Kim u and ur mum are fame media whores...who get famous by way of porn video...oh paris are in that lower class.fake hair nails tan boobs marrige personality...when will we see the back of this trashy thing

995 days ago


I don't like Kim but I realize how much hating a** people there are. I mean seriousl what was gonna say yea it hurt my feelings? If so she would e a stupid a** foreal. And come on do you really think there is any reality tv show that isn't scripted. All of you are some dum$#$es. Stop hating some of you suck d&*! for free...

993 days ago


Shes a fat, hairy Armenian. Even Kris Humphries had a nick name for her on his twitter back in the day when they were together "Armo". HAAAAAAAAA! Thats not cute at all! Who wants a nick name like that.

991 days ago


This can't look good for any company who is sponsoring her, can it??

991 days ago

Sabine Mondestin    

what a graceful way to react when people make fun of you ...I admire her for that .

986 days ago


The comments on here are almost indecipherable and illeterate. God almighty Americans have become some of the stupidest people on Earth. I think Kim, Paris, and the like are a government plot meant to keep stupid Americans busy so they aren't out protesting. Keep them occupied with worthless news about meaningless stuff.

984 days ago
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