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Lindsay Lohan

Cutting It Close

with Probation

1/16/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan goes before  Judge Stephanie Sautner tomorrow for her second probation progress report and she will once again pass with flying colors ... but this time it came down to the wire ... sources tell TMZ.

As the judge dictated back in November, Lindsay was required to complete 12 morgue visits and 4 psychotherapy sessions by Tuesday's court hearing. Sources close to Lindsay tell us she's done just that ... but she completed the last 2 morgue visits on Friday and Saturday. 

According to our sources, Lindsay has been a model morgue employee.  Translation -- She gets the job done with no drama and she's friendly with the staff.

After tomorrow's hearing  Lindsay will be at the halfway mark of her probation. She has another hearing February 15, where she'll have to show proof she completed another 12 morgue visits and 4 therapy classes. And on March 29 -- her final hearing -- she must show she's completed the remaining 17 morgue visits and 6 therapy classes. 

Should Lindsay slip up at any point, she gets 270 days behind bars.

We'll be in court tomorrow.



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Leave lindsay alone.
The justice picking on her.
It does not harm a person, just herself.
A French fan!

822 days ago


@ ketjo, Im using my iPad and you can blow the picture up (the kiss picture on Celebitchy) and YES YES YES! Thats COKE in her noise. Wish everyone had a iPad to see this LOL!

822 days ago

big bamboo    

wow TMZ.she must have been the only one there on saturday..considering the morgue is only open to investigators..
who supervised her?
the next time sources want to lie, they should atleast investigate and cover their tracks.
this story is a freaking LIE
Business Hours of Operation
Monday through Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Investigations Only
Holidays 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Investigations Only

822 days ago


so cutting close is now considered flying a kid making a 70 on a test.1 point away from being an F but i guess that would be passing with flying colors

822 days ago

big bamboo    

Delmar: 22 minutes ago
She can work hours that are approved by the morgue. The business hours are for visitors, not workers. She's done her CS and her probation hearing will go well tomorrow. The judge may advise her about cutting it kind of close but she's done her requirements.
so the workers are there 7 days a week?
even though its closed to the public, no one gets a break?
I have gone to resteraunts and it said on the door "Business Hours" it was way after hours..and closed to me..I didnt see anyone in side.
The post office is also a gov. building,and do you see people working normal hours even though it is closed to the public?
If she relied on Sat. dont be surprised that she is short that day.

822 days ago


Wheres richard the ****ie to defend her coke noise and how horrible she looks?????

822 days ago


Of course she will have all her hours....Brought and paid for and they will write it down and record it in the books to make it legal...they want her out of thier hair and if they can profit a little at the same time ........who's going make waves....
She will have another "Glowing Report" just like the last. LOL

822 days ago


The truth of the matter is, like it or not for those that seem hell-bent against seeing Lindsay doing anything remotely right, is the morgue is now approving of Lindsay. Maybe she just earned it as they didn't not like her going in and made her go home the very first day she got there because she was more than 15 minutes late. The morgue is satisfied with her work performance and attitude there, she's doing what she's supposed to do as a CS worker.

822 days ago

big bamboo    

yea because lord knows,state employs love to work on holiday weekends..
I think this CS is just like the red cross.she is doing it from home..
and the judge knows it

822 days ago


She moved into the Chateau a week before the Golden Globes for the express purpose of crashing the after party. She wasn't invited and she was let in to avoid a scene. It was such an obvious move that it's laughable.

822 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

If this story is true, and I have my doubts about it, then it just goes to show how Lohan continues to get preferential treatment. So she needed to go in on a Saturday, outside of normal business hours, because she failed to get the 12 days done over the past 33 days? Who's fault is that? Why is she still allowed to do whatever she wants, then have people bend over backwards so that she can make up for her own partying ways?
Oh, but Lohan's changed. Yeah right.

822 days ago


Lindsay is back with her sugar daddy Vikram Chatwal.

822 days ago


Obviously, she's starting to put it off. Even if she did screw-up, corrupt California will just give her favoritism again and allow her another chance to do her community service.

822 days ago


Introducing the Lindsay Lohan Celebrity Driving School!

While the cost is prohibitive to all but the most wealthy (one million dollars per hour), you do get what you pay for. To begin with, the course consists of three highly-intensive aspects, each more ground-breaking than the competition.

The beginning of the course involves a well-thought-out classroom-setting instruction. Linds (and AA Aliana, too) is much too busy to actually be there herself, but these classes are instead taught by two highly-qualified instructors: Faegtrick and another professor identified only as "Nicole".

Next, you will be trotted through the "Preparation Department" which will consist of all of the necessary accoutrements needed to put your mind at ease: A cocaine facial, personally calibrated spray-tanning, and an exclusive manicure tailored just for you (a copyright-protected "FvckU" option is an additional million dollars).

The third part of the training is the driving course itself. Oranges cones are strictly banned here.... the Linsday Lohan Celebrity Driving School utilizes imported palm trees from Maui. Before you begin, you may choose from one of two "confidence enhancers": Lindsay Lohan-brand vodka or a special energized chewing gum. One million dollars extra will provide both (recommended).

No points will be subtracted for clipping strollers, but penalties must be assessed for failing to match your eye shadow with your scarecrow wig. We all have standards to uphold.

Public roads across greater Los Angeles can feel just a little safer now. Bravo, Linds.

822 days ago


44. Jazy: 10 minutes ago

Lindsay is back with her sugar daddy Vikram Chatwal.

Thats not her sugar daddy, thats her Pimp daddy and that explains all the coke up her noise..Yeah Lindsay Lohan has changed..NOT!!!

822 days ago
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