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Lindsay Lohan

Cutting It Close

with Probation

1/16/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan goes before  Judge Stephanie Sautner tomorrow for her second probation progress report and she will once again pass with flying colors ... but this time it came down to the wire ... sources tell TMZ.

As the judge dictated back in November, Lindsay was required to complete 12 morgue visits and 4 psychotherapy sessions by Tuesday's court hearing. Sources close to Lindsay tell us she's done just that ... but she completed the last 2 morgue visits on Friday and Saturday. 

According to our sources, Lindsay has been a model morgue employee.  Translation -- She gets the job done with no drama and she's friendly with the staff.

After tomorrow's hearing  Lindsay will be at the halfway mark of her probation. She has another hearing February 15, where she'll have to show proof she completed another 12 morgue visits and 4 therapy classes. And on March 29 -- her final hearing -- she must show she's completed the remaining 17 morgue visits and 6 therapy classes. 

Should Lindsay slip up at any point, she gets 270 days behind bars.

We'll be in court tomorrow.



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Vikram Chatwal is in LA to pay off the Judge tomorrow.

949 days ago


Did anyone see the pictures of Emma Stone at the Golden Globes? She looked beautiful. And I don't know where Rooney Mara came from, but that girl is taking Hollywood by storm. She looked stunning last night, and what an actress she is. She is a cameleon. Lindsay has her work cut out for her if she wants to be considered a serious actress again.

949 days ago

big bamboo    

not only did lindsay cut it close, she did all 12 days on saturday.

949 days ago


She looks more and more corpse like every time she appears in court.

949 days ago

Pony Princess    

Just for the record, there's been 22 available days, Monday thru Friday between Dec 14th and Jan 17th for LL to do her required 12 days. That's taking into account that she would be like a normal person and have to do her hours during normal business hours, and not on weekends and holidays. That being said, there were a total of 3 holidays that could have been declared (Christmas, New Years, and MLK) of which two fell on Sundays, and the tradition is to do them the next day on a Monday. That brings the total amount down to 19 days available for her to work it. If, for some reason the morgue was closed between 25-30 Dec for holidays, where CS workers were not allowed in for their jobs, then it brings it down to 15 days to have available for work. If she only did one Saturday then she must have really waited for the last minute to start this "month's" work. Or, she could have totally blown off all CS work in the last half of December, and done 12 days by going Jan 2 thru 7, and 9 thru 14. Meaning it was arranged for her to be at CS 6 days each week in January so that she could pass with "flying colors". I think something happened and her lawyer either arranged the extra hours and somebody is forcing her to attend or this is all BS and she doen't do half of it and someone is marking her sheet as being there anyways. Question is, does CS allow someone to do 6 days a week, meaning they have "worked" 48 hour weeks?

949 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Meh. What's to say? Every pre-court, LL article is a Groundhog Day.

949 days ago

big bamboo    

its is some stupid rivalry between Kate winslet and lielo.
omly problem is, i was going to post all of Kates awards.but that would take up one or two whole pages..
lindsays are easy they are mostly Razzies.with a few she recieved at 16 years old..
Kate has 20 years of hondreds of nominations..
Lets compare lindsay to the sham wow guy...thats a closer comparison

949 days ago


There's been a massive rush of emergency business at dry cleaners all throughout Los Angeles. All are reporting numerous requests to remove the stench of Camel Lights from million-dollar gowns, mink coats, and even from a few pairs of leggings. Luckily, most attendees seem to have made it home with all their diamonds.

949 days ago

big bamboo    

lindsay lohan was seen escorting judge stefanie satner to the golden globes after party...apparently the love birds shared a honeymoon suit, at the chateau marmont all week...they spent the days doing CS on each other in their own private pleasure dome..
I guess lindsay is working hard to get off probation

949 days ago


How anybody can say shes doing good and being low key when shes gate crashing every party she can..posing with cocaine rezidue in her nose looking like a worn out 40 yr old every picture...every dam picture...she's not posing for paps every day like she used to do is because she can't afford to pay for them to photo her anymore...
Even her own members of Lohan Inc nre not backing up her lies anymore...the reason she moved to the hotel..the robbery...she moved to the hotel cause its the only way she could grate crash those partys....
and last but not least .....
Those are not Golden Globe red carpet shots...they are a after party shot.... gEEZ !!!

949 days ago

big bamboo    

lindsay perfume has changed its name from "friction" to "fraction"... due to the amount of sales..and at the fraction of of the cost of "inspired by perfumes".
Face it who wants to smell like a festering bag of cats a$$es..even sam doesnt want lindsays friction.

949 days ago

Red Cloud    

I, and many others, are willing to give Lindsay a pass this time around for cutting it close BECAUSE of the holidays. How many of you were NOT busy traveling, shopping, etc???

She looks great in the Celebitchy photos at The GG party where she was INVITED. Absolutely HOT!!!!! Do you hater fools actually think Lindsay doesn't know important people that YOU do not know???? Are you really that stupid and delusional??? And the white in her nose when she's blowing a kiss is not coke. I do hope people who think it's coke are joking. You are joking, right????

She's coming back, big time. I'm as correct about that as I was correct about NE trashing the poor Broncos.

949 days ago


See where driving can get u? Get a chauffeur like the stars of yesteryear and none of this would've happened.

949 days ago

big bamboo    

and the golden globes gives the award for over 2 and a half million twitter followers to miss lindsay lohan".
"I would like to thank Red Cloud, for pushing the point about my twitter numbers,and yahoo trending..I would like to thank Meryl, even though she didnt mention me in her acceptance speech,and has a restraining order on me..I would like to thank judge sautner for last night.and supporting me even though I am guilty..and most of all like to thank Vikram for footing the bill...Mommy I didnt forget you, for making me the women I am today"

949 days ago


This is going as predicted. The first month, everything goes great, the second month, she just barely makes it. Who's willing to bet she screws up the third month? They did her a favor by allowing her to work on Saturday, if they hadn't, she would have been screwed. By the way, there are quite a few other stories out there about her recent behavior and how f'd up she's been, when she's been out partying. They come from very reliable sources, so you have to wonder why TMZ never covers those.

949 days ago
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