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Anthony Bourdain

RIPS Paula Deen --

She's a Diabetic Scam Artist!

1/17/2012 4:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Bourdain is putting Paula Deen ON BLAST -- mocking the butter-loving chef for poisoning Americans with unhealthy food ... and now trying to profit off of their illness.

In an ultra-transparent Twitter attack -- Bourdain wrote, "Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later."

The "Kitchen Confidential" author is presumably pissed that Deen -- who built an empire off her high-fat, high-sugar recipes -- announced she has diabetes ... and subsequently revealed she's become a paid spokeswoman for a diabetes medication.

There are reports ... Deen knew about her diabetes for years -- but continued to hock her recipes on her Food Network cooking show, while secretly negotiating the endorsement deal.

Obviously, Bourdain sees a serious conflict of interest in Deen's behavior.

And it's not the first time Bourdain went for the jugular with Paula -- just last year, he called Deen the "most dangerous person to America" who's "proud of the fact that her food is f**king bad for you."


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Anthony Bourdain is 100% right!

918 days ago


my mother too who is older has adult onset diabetes. its called genetics people! she was predetermined based on her genes to haave it. i am a 27 year old, i eat what i want when i want. i weigh 115 pounds and am 5 foot 8. i have had a child who has a metablolic disorder. my husband is 5 foot 7 and weighs 130. what keeps us from being overweight? it isnt keeping the butter or sugar out of our diet. its called getting off your butt and moving around. diabetes affect children at birth, it affect adults, you never know when it will hit.

918 days ago


Bourdain is mean, nasty, and jealous of Paula, for whatever reason??? This isn't the first swipe he has taken at her...Home Cookin' is fattening, bad for you, but it didn't kill my Granny in Louisiana....So lighten up Bourdain!!!!

918 days ago


People need to use their common sense. There's nothing wrong with her cookbook, you just can't cook that stuff everyday.

918 days ago


Anthony, get off your High Horse and leave Paula alone!!!
You make me sick!

918 days ago

bring back recent posts i want a domino's with double cheese and xtra pepp on top..crisp..pleaaaaaaaase...peeps r't stupid..we all know what is good and bad for us..give me a break......s

918 days ago


WTF!, just because Paula Deen cooks bad food doesnt mean I am going to eat it, so friggin what, she's not forcing it down peoples throats, like guns, they don't kill people, people kill people, same for food.
Anthony Bourdain should shut his self righteous mouth and let capitalism work at it's finest.

918 days ago

who farted    

I dont like her. She's a spoke person for SMITHFIELD FARMS, THEY SMASH THEIR HOGS when they slaughter them. It's in the docu Food INC. She;s disgusting.

918 days ago


It is a little hypocritical that she has Type 2 diabetes and still cooks the way she does, and endorses a medication - Type 2 diabetes is usually caused by obesity, and in many cases can be reversed if a person loses enough weight. She shouldn't be promoting a drug to treat diabetes, she should be encouraging healthy eating. People spend way, way, way too much money in this country on diabetes related health costs, when people could just lose weight and not be such a burden on the health system.

918 days ago


Talk to just about any French person, and he or she will tell you how much they love the stuff. “Butter. The French are healthy and Love butter!!! Pehaps Bourdain needs a few good cooking lessons!

918 days ago


get diabetes charge to be spokes person for the medicine.she is nothing but a money grubbing bitch.her accent seems exaggerated big time

918 days ago


Google Unhealthiest Cookbooks of 2011


"'Unhealthiest' Cookbooks of 2011"

Paula Deen's Southern Cooking Bible: One serving of Hot Buffalo Wings (three wings) contains 910 calories and 85 grams of fat; meat-heavy diets raise obesity risk.

918 days ago


He's right that it's pretty ridiculous that she's a spokeperson for a diabetes medication. It would be like the owner of Heart Attack Grill becoming a spokeperson for a weight loss program, it just rubs people the wrong way.

That said, nothing wrong with selling people unhealthy food as long as you don't try to fool them it isn't bad for them. But being a food critic, OF COURSE he's going to critisize people like her, that's what he's paid to do for crying out loud.

918 days ago


this reminds me of the ppl who are suing mcdonalds because they claim they didn't know eating there every day would make them fat! - ok any body who didn't know paula's food was high in fat and carbs raise your hands - no one, didn't think so - personal responsibility here ppl

918 days ago


Anthony, wipe your mouth, you have a kool-aid mustache.. Geez..

918 days ago
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