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Bruce Jenner

I'm Scarred From Skin Cancer

1/17/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner face scarThose stitches on Bruce Jenner's face are the aftermath of a serious skin cancer removal surgery ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Jenner tell us ... Bruce went under the knife Friday. 

Bruce went to the doctor because he saw a small red mark on his face. His doctor removed a piece of it and after a biopsy it was determined to be skin cancer.

Bruce went to an outpatient facility and had a chunk of the surrounding area removed. Doctors told Bruce they caught it in time, but warned him not to go out in the sun -- especially when he plays golf  -- without wearing a hat. 


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Sonya in Tx    

Looks like scars from the last facelift surgery.

977 days ago


I like Bruce. I dislike his wife and all the Kardashians, but Bruce is a nice guy. Hope he makes a full recovery.

977 days ago

Ozzie X    

haha he does look like Frankenstein.

977 days ago



977 days ago


in addition to looking just plain silly due to her overdone facelift, notice the distinct discoloration of her face. near the ear her skin is darker while on the front part it's lighter color. perhaps she's had too many chemical peels or maybe her face is just too darn tight.

977 days ago


I hate to say it but there is a good chance there was no cancer...I mean really, who can believe ANYTHING from the Kardashian/Jenner family. WIth all the bad PR they're now getting, I wouldnt put it past Pimp-Momma to come-up a scheme to get some sympathy.

977 days ago


Bruce is a cross dresser for real. His x wife said so and also khole found his stash of womans clothes. apreatly he was hooking two bras toghter to make them fit!
He once was gold medla athelte with repcpt now the krdashines have exposed his big scert that he likes womans clthes. Now waite for the headline kris jenenr is useing starmagizine saying her husband isnt not a crass dresser and to retract, or my be not sens kris isnt getting a cutt of bruces actions he proably doesnt even care about the
slannerous articel or his skin cancer.
Bruce take out the errings and get away from the greedy fame whores and reclim your man hood if you have any left to reclaim.
a man who dress in womans clothes shall be damned!

977 days ago


I never understood what happened to him? He went from gold medal winner, to looking back from the dead. Good thing Kris got out.

977 days ago


He was so attractive when he won those metals. Now he looks like he's been swimming in bleach.

977 days ago

not surprised    

I hope all is well with the skin cancer Bruce. You must have a frilly pink bonnet in your drawer to cover the scar, I think this would be a good time to wear it.

977 days ago


Hope he is ok but suggest the Kardashians have left him brain dead!!

977 days ago


BRUCE JENNER lives by the sword (living off sleazy KARDASHIAN women and children and golfing all day) you die by the sword (skin cancer wake-up call).

977 days ago


--------------------------------------------------------------BRUCE JENNER lives off the money the KARDASHIAN "women" scam from the public....KARMA is a bit*h.

977 days ago


Even (s)HE looks more like a Kardashian than Khloe!

977 days ago


It is QWrong for men to wear womans clothes and jewrly.
Kris kjnner never wanted people to find out Bruce likes to
dress in womans clothes. The womans errings were enough .
cross dressing clown.
a man who wears womans earrings shall be dammed>
#31.Lol. whores like kim well never have kids shell be on brith control tell shes 50. mybe the doc could sew kris jenners mouth shut. sp we dont have to hear t he lies.
If Bruce jenner doesnt have a clost full of womans clthes and isnt dressing up he would be shoutting it isnt true butt sense it is true he says nothing.any real man would be
shutting down that articel. It is a direct attack on hi sman hood is he so whipped now he wont even stick up for himself evenif it is true . star magazine had the x wife take alie diector test and passed it saying Bruce loved to dress in womans clothes.YUC! The thought of Bruce wearing kris jenenrs piss stained undies. revolting!
Star did report that the boycottkim website is up to over hlaf amil signtures. Its finaly getting more press.
so keep up the Good work. rsetore our country to prekartrashine. Kris humpries is working with the FCC
to get the final show from not airing . The ucss words cans till be heard threw the beeps and that is illgeal.
Kris jeenre dropping her f bobs may sink kthe show.
also they did do a half ass job of reedingting the show bacuse you can hear kim s voice change when she does
her voice overs to make her spin on things.
I belive kris when he says the problem with kim was the way she treated others cussing out her own family members and talking flithy. He wanted to be married to a lady not a truckdriver.Using child labor was another big turn off he is pro family. You dont treat fam9ily or make incocent children slave 120 hours a week for 15 bucks a month.
It eveil. who wants to wear shoes made by abused children
with cheap matereials. Now to come find out some of the marterials carry sealice and well get into your skin and breed lice tell you get sores all over your body like kim has. she tried to pass it off as suriouies but its realy sealice. ewww.The lice are nearly impossible to get ridd of.Ykiess. Bruce its time to make your statement do you love to dress up in womans clothes or not??
His slince would mean a yes.
also the picsof khole when she was younger she is a natural blond but they dyed her hair to make her look like a kardashine.
The trashines have so many lies to keep up with.
They have to hire peole to keep track of it. Butt now that sponsers are treating them like the tocix flith they are by this time nexted year TMZ woont even bother printing thier storys and lies. Kris jenner actedlike the cheeers were for her personlay not lamlam she is till under the delison that the poublic likes her . when onone is booking Kim anyomore for events and parearances she well get a wake up call.
All the abused children who are suffering right now making thier crappy shoes well all coem and burn thier house down with them all in it.Pay back is comming!!

977 days ago
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