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Bruce Jenner

I'm Scarred From Skin Cancer

1/17/2012 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bruce Jenner face scarThose stitches on Bruce Jenner's face are the aftermath of a serious skin cancer removal surgery ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Jenner tell us ... Bruce went under the knife Friday. 

Bruce went to the doctor because he saw a small red mark on his face. His doctor removed a piece of it and after a biopsy it was determined to be skin cancer.

Bruce went to an outpatient facility and had a chunk of the surrounding area removed. Doctors told Bruce they caught it in time, but warned him not to go out in the sun -- especially when he plays golf  -- without wearing a hat. 


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Karl Walter is a sick ****!

1017 days ago

i said lesbians...    

i actually feel bad for this guy. he probably only did that crappy show because those miserable whores wanted him too. this guy was a freakin olympian, he actually had talent unlike those vapid sluts. hope he gets well. the plastic surgery was not a good choice though.

1017 days ago

Mickey D    

You mean he's scarred from too many facelifts, don't you?

1017 days ago

Throwback kid    

I hope the scar doesn't clash with his size 13 high heels? Bruce is just as bad as the rest of the family. He dumped his own kids so he could raise those greedy tramp Kardashian girls? The whole family is gross, boycott them

1017 days ago

Home Skillet    

Bruce Jenner - if you're reading this, and with your narcissistic tendencies, I believe that you are - STOP WEARING THOSE G.D. earrings, you look ridiculous. Thank you.

1017 days ago


Maybe Mama Pimp will give a million to a childs cancer ward now, since they have no shame in taking kids money to keep their fake lives going.

Bruce, the old facelift scars are showing. You look like a freak.

1017 days ago


IT MUST BE VERY GRATIFYING FOR JENNER to know he is remembered, fondly, as an award winning athlete. Too bad he was unable to hold on to that honor when he permitted himself to get involved with the Kardashians, especially, Kris. She, herself, is the REAL cancer in that family. Someone stated he should leave his wife, but, how can he? That family seems to be his only source of support. I, myself, have been outspoken about his behavior, but, if indeed, he actually does have cancer, I do wish him well. Perhaps, this incident might be a wake-up call for him to seriously be in touch with sports agents who can restore his respectability. It is worth a try, isn't it??? Hope he thinks about it and finally free himself from that God awful, awful bunch of selfish, self absorbed, money hungry females who scheme, manipulate, lie, just to fill their pockets. Surely hope the IRS is keeping a close watch on their income activities. What a blessing that would be if they are found guilty of fraud. Hope, so.

1017 days ago



1017 days ago

sally voyles    

i am so happy bruce jenner is doing good. love his show hope to see more of his family on e

1017 days ago


After all his laser skin treatments, microderabrasian (sp), facelifts, spending time in the sun without protection and this is what you get: layers of skin exposed to damage that should never be. I agree with the previous post- the REAL cancer of that family is his wife, Kris.

1017 days ago

Peta Vale    

god this bloke is ugly.He looked better before the face fnck..

1017 days ago


Would make a good wife for Chaz.

1017 days ago


Just a few days ago, Kim Kardashian was replaced by a French Bull dog for the superbowl ad. That is priceless. Too funny.

Gervase nails her on the Golden Globes Award Show. Big time ouch. Kim and Kardashians are going to need a bigger band-aid.

The gap is going full force to counter act Kim Kardashian and Kardashians lawsuite on how a so-called look-alike caused image and financial damage. These people are going to delve into their finances and taxes espically the tax right offs. Never good.

Australia has Kim and Kardashians on a watch list. They used 'vacation' on their passport when in fact it was business'. Fraud all the way around. At least 3 dou***ented times.

Kardashians publically despised. The cons are catching up.

Reports that Sears are putting the Kardashian Kollection clothing line on their Klearence racks. The sales are so bad and screams of copyright infringement. Big surprise there. Goes around comes around.

Kardashians still trying to spin off the cons that doesn't work. Khloe Kardashian Who's my father, now Bruce Jenner nothing before but used for the current Kardashian spin.

Of course is Kim is so upset. She's replaced by a French Bull dog.

ans grifting, cons and BS and public hatred is catching up.

1017 days ago


Thats probably where his balls are hidden.

1017 days ago

She's baaaack    

The doctor who did his face jobs didn't happen to notice that before? I call bullcrap on it. He shouldn't be tempting fate in such a way.

1017 days ago
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