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Daniel Radcliffe

Lana Del Rey Wasn't THAT Bad

on 'Saturday Night Live'

1/17/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Radcliffe is coming to the defense of the singer he introduced on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend ... sorta.

Radcliffe was at the Bafta nominations ... when he was asked about Lana Del Rey -- who's been TRASHED by music critics and people with ears alike who suffered through her baffling performance on the show (below).

Radcliffe responded, "It was unfortunate that people seemed to turn on her so quickly."

He added, "I also think people are making it about things other than the performance. If you read what people are saying about her online, it's all about her past and her family and stuff that's nobody else's business."

Radcliffe concluded, "I don't think it warranted anywhere near that reaction."


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i voted with in the first 4 she sux!!! i only gave her 4 to see if her tune would

1012 days ago


Anyone remember Ashlee Simpson?? I'd rather watch this for the rest of my life then ever have to hear Ashlee sing live again! So she was a little awkward, I would be too, first time on SNL! I say cut her some slack.

1012 days ago

joe rockerfella    

WoW 36% of TMZ fans have horrible ears. Listen, her voice is nothing you cant find during the tryout for American Idol. I am sure there is a taste for everyone but she is amateur at best.

1012 days ago


Well, it wasn't the WORST act I've ever sseen on SNL. Maybe this young lady and Taylor Swift could perform duets somewhere. If you've heard one of Taylor's songs, you've heard 'e all. If it wasn't for Daddy's money and her hair-swinging ability, there would be nothing to watch and less to listen to. With this in mind, there is hope for Miss Del Ray.

1012 days ago


She was horrible, I couldn't even watch her sing. From my point of view, it looked like she was on something.

1012 days ago


I don't get what the big deal is. She sucked just as much as any of these female singers do today. What's the difference? They are all boring to me. Geez.

1012 days ago


I don't think her voice is that terrible, it seemed to be the song was just awful...something about playing video games? Yikes. I assume she wrote that, cuz other wise I don't know who would choose that to sing on TV.

1012 days ago


Was she any worse than all the other bullsh*t thats out now?

1012 days ago


The performance was bad but I do think she was nervous. I love 2 of her songs, Video Games & Off to the Races. Her voice sounds phenomenal in both of them although that doesn't say much with different voice enhancers existing and all. Either way I still think she was very nervous and hopefully she will improve. Her voice was off and she shouldn't of paused so much after singing every verse, that's what did it.

1012 days ago


She wasn't that bad.. it is a strange song anyway. Has anyone heard Rhianna sing live? almost always off key and can't hit the notes.

1012 days ago


I didnt think she was that bad at all and, for all those people who said "I was in the audience" interesting thing is all I heard was applause at the end of her performance and didnt hear people boo-ing. A lot of artists dont sound as good live. Take for example the mega group The Black Eyed Peas, live they are dreadful but i still like thier music.

1012 days ago


I just think it is is stupid to sing these lyrics, yes, there are many girls who arent be given the attention that they want from their boyfriend but cmon, does anybody believe that she has gone through that? She could be mopey about alot of things but attention from a man should never be one of them for her.

1012 days ago


Realistically, everyone in the music business isn't talented enough to be a "front person" and Lana Del Rey just "DOESN'T" have what it takes to "SELL" a performance. All singers don't have "pitch perfect" voices but many really know how to infuse a performance with "emotional depth" and "ambiance". Someone probably thought they could possibly make another Corinne Bailey Rae out of this girl, but Lana Del Rey just doesn't have enough experience with live performances or the "raw talent" to pull it off.

1012 days ago

Madam Obvious    

Slice it and dice it whichever way you please, but Del Rey was dreadful on SNL. Totally off-key, nil vocal range and a very wooden stage presence, she deserves the scorn that has been heaped on her. Terrible performance.

1012 days ago


I thought she was good, The problem is everyone is too used to talentless singers who can only dance and dress skanky. it's about time we get to see someone who can actually sing.

1012 days ago
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