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Daniel Radcliffe

Lana Del Rey Wasn't THAT Bad

on 'Saturday Night Live'

1/17/2012 4:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Radcliffe is coming to the defense of the singer he introduced on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend ... sorta.

Radcliffe was at the Bafta nominations ... when he was asked about Lana Del Rey -- who's been TRASHED by music critics and people with ears alike who suffered through her baffling performance on the show (below).

Radcliffe responded, "It was unfortunate that people seemed to turn on her so quickly."

He added, "I also think people are making it about things other than the performance. If you read what people are saying about her online, it's all about her past and her family and stuff that's nobody else's business."

Radcliffe concluded, "I don't think it warranted anywhere near that reaction."


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I saw her on SNL and she was horrible! Seemed like a joke or a skit! This is the first time I have ever even heard of her so it's not like I am judging her on her personal life, her past, like Radcliffe suggests the fans are.

974 days ago


I have to say I love that song, and this performance sucked. And I know nothing about her. But it happens to everyone, even Adele and other famous popstars have horrible performances.

974 days ago


I think the main problem was the song. I know its her hit but its not a song that will ever be good live without a lot of alteration. It needs more to it and something of a stage presence that she lacks in this performance.

974 days ago


God forbid someone tries something different . Enjoy being spoon-fed ****.

974 days ago


God forbid someone tries something different. Enjoy being spoon-fed ****.

974 days ago


Her performance was creepy and her singing was atrocious - these were all things I had determined before I knew anything about her. After seeing her performance I was prompted to see who she was and why she was on the show. Finding out her past just made me go "oh, that explains it!"

974 days ago


I've never herd of this woman before, of her life, her music or anything else. This was the first performance I have ever seen of hers, and frankly I thought it was a joke! I thought it was a skit making fun of the many modern performers out there. When I found she was for real I was apauled! Then I figured she was most likely Mentally Challenged, and thought "Good for her!" So I googled her and found out she isn't, and wow!! No offense to mentally challenged people out there! I'm pretty sure you can do much better than this!
Sorry for my spelling! LOL

974 days ago


in her defense this did sound exactly like the album version. although that's not saying a whole lot.... and her awkward stage presence does not help things either...

974 days ago

Alan Carver    

So far the comments about this performance are right on track.


While this might not be Del Ray's first national television performance or what-have-you, the reality is simply that it was painful to listen to, I barely made it through 2 minutes before I had to turn it. She is not a great singer, and despite how the recording company is trying to buy her airplay on the radio, she just does not have that kind of draw or star-power. She will be here today but gone tomorrow. The record sales next week will be a testament to that ... she doesn't stand a chance against an Adele, Perry or Gaga!

973 days ago


how can anyone say this was THAT bad. TMZ couldn't even add an option for liking it rather than being "not that bad." Did I like it? Not particularly but still, i'm assuming this singing has to be her style and compared to some of these other (so called) pop singers?!?! Not a fan myself but come on, one year ago today (just got a migrain and puked thinking about it) Fergie got on stage at the superbowl and put our entire country to shame let alone sucked. Her performance must have been the WORST performance in front of the MOST people, it should go down in the Guiness book as the worst performance ever in front of that amount of people. Back to it though, definitely not my style also definitely not worth 2/3 of everyone on here thinking she was that bad. At least I know now Daniel deserves the fame and respect for being a MAN and great person about it. He very well could have just gotten me to watch the harry potter series for the first time!

956 days ago


I think with some voice lessons and maybe a bit of help with stage "presence", she could do better. Her voice isn't bad and at some points in the song her tone was lovely. She tends to go down at the end of every phrase, makes it sound flat every time. Honestly, she wasn't the worst and I do think she could be a good singer, just needs some vocal coaching. As for being on stage, that could use a little help, too. Shame her "debut" was in front of such a huge audience. Once she gets some experience, she'll do much better. I really did like the tone to her voice and I heard a good range, from low to high (much sweeter in the higher tones).

895 days ago
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