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Lindsay Lohan

Top Marks in Probation

1/17/2012 10:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just got a rave review from Judge Stephanie Sautner during her probation progress report hearing this morning -- after completing all of her required community service on time ... so far.

Judge Sautner gushed that Lindsay's probation officer had written a glowing probation report. Sautner added, "Keep doing what you're doing. You appear to be doing very well."

Lindsay is due back in court on February 22nd, by which date she is required to complete 15 additional days of community service at the morgue and 5 more therapy sessions.

If Lindsay stays on track -- like she's been doing -- her probation will end on March 29th. 

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Gloday..I've defended her in the past. I defended her last summer thinking after house arrest she'd not screw up again, and I also didn't think she'd pull off a jewelry heist.

1018 days ago


**** I scanned though here and did think the hooker story was a joke. I'm sure the scripts will keep rolling and rolling in.

1018 days ago


Hey Gloaway.... you here? NICOLE wants to know if you could swing by and help her collect some small animals for tonight's celebration rituals?

1018 days ago


Why are people praising this dirty skank for doing whats she meant to do? She should of done this years ago and its taking her only now to follow the rules of the law. She has gotten away very very easily for all the crimes shes done and deserves no sympathy or support. Any normal person would be sitting in a jail cell for years for just one of the many crimes she has done, the judges have licked her nasty ass to the point where she can do what she pleases and gets a slap on the wrist. I don't care if she wants to change to little too late and I doubt shes changed anyway, she still does drugs and drinks alcohol. There's even a picture of her on some sites from the Golden Globes after party and she has white powder up her nose and her nose looks like its collapsing after sniffing so much coke, just from looking at her you can tell shes a heavy user of drugs she looks awful. Shes a pathetic loser who needs to go away.

1018 days ago


@Nicole, she got through the rehab and then what last year? She picked up a theft case. She was given one year to complete probation and then what? On her own time she cancelled 70 percent of her psychotherapy appointments and community service. That's being disruptive. She got thrown out of the women's center. She went off to fashion week and made the NY news in not a good way. She gets structure and a tough PO, and she does well. So, is it not out of reason to think that once the structure is lifted she'll then revert to what she did before it was put in place? Are you not concerned with what happens after if she finishes probation?

1018 days ago


Nope she is 25 and completed everything for the duis in 2010. Also being called to court when she shouldn't even have been tested for alcohol ? I want this legal debacle to end asap.
Rehab was to avoid jail,she done what she had to do and it worked.
The theft incident was bad judgement and Danette set her up for a probation violation.

1018 days ago

Don Martin    

We can all feel better about the world now that Lindsay has received judicial notice as a model convict.

1018 days ago

Big Taters    

Does anybody have ANY DOUBT that Harvey/TMZ have some personal/professional interest in her professional rehablilitation?

What a SHILL! She does what she is supposed to as a citizen, and they give her a cookie and a high five?!?!?!??!

Harvey is a clown. Remember - he gives tours of HOLLYWOOD and interviews FAKE COURT GUESTS.

Clown, indeed.

1018 days ago


With such a lenient judge such as Judge Sautner I shudder to think of all of the animals she let loose.

1018 days ago


I wonder if all grown up criminals get this hand held treatment that Lindsay gets from the judge. Im happy that she is doing what she needs to be doing but find it very pathetic how she has to babysitted the entire time, especially since she doesnt have an actual 9-5 everyday job.

1018 days ago


Lohan for pushing 26 looks like crap. Probally couldn't even get a brush let alone a comb to that bees nest she calls hair. Didn't know hair could get that bleached. She looks so washed out. Look how dark the circles under her eyes are. Lohan making sure her coat is off leaving court so her boobs bounce all over for the cameras, very classy.

Everything Lohan does still screams...why no one will hire her. Even completing probation will not clean up her horrible reputation. She is not professional, reliable, rotten work ethics, lier and thief. Nothing has changed.

All of Lohans BS has always been from Lohan herself.

Hefner/Playboy gave her a chance and the best break she's had in years. That was a few months ago and look what she pulled on them after she was paid. Classic Lohan burnes them.

Lohan had no problem using the shoot to buy her an extra week in court. Did her 20 minutes in jail. No problem using the shoot to go to Hawaii to 'prepair herself' for the 'massive media frenzy' she claimed she will have to endure (not even a flash bulb) Lohan used the shoot to go party. Again, Lohan is already paid.

Didn't matter if the photos were 'leaked' or not. She had a known obligation to tape the Ellen show to promote the shoot. Of course what does Lohan pull...Her ID's ONCE AGAIN WERE NOT STOLEN, were stolen. Stolen long enough for her to blow off the taping and just so happens to show back up after it was too late to get back to LA for the taping as photos show her partying in Hawaii...The Ellen Degeneras Show basically told her to get lost. Now Lohan pulls it was due to a 'travel conflict'. No one buying it.

Lohan keeps concreating why her reputation is so far down the toilet. She's a pathological lier.

Jeez, look at all the scripts not coming in at all, all the New Years Eve gigs she supposedly turned down (want's to get away from her party girl image.) There were none. Then pulls the New Years Eve Dubai party. How her name was being used to promote one of the biggest partys in the world and want's it stopped or she will sue. Never happened.

Lohan can't back up anything she speed dials to tmz. Now she signed...She's delusional.

All of this has always been and still is her own fault. Lohan is just nuts.

Judge Sautner just want's her off her docket. Lohan screws up afterwards someone elses problem.

1018 days ago


a big YES for the Beauitiful Lindsay, What an inspiration.without a doubt the most beautiful woman God ever created.

1018 days ago


I'd love to see the return of the talented, redheaded, charming Lindsay, but it sounds like morgue duty compliance or not, she's still partying, still not sober, still crashing other people's parties, still failing to keep work commitments... While she seems to be taking her probation seriously enough to avoid getting any more violations, she doesn't seem to be taking sobriety seriously. I wish her the best, but I think that sadly she's headed for more trouble unless she decides to get sober. I just wonder what the next disaster will be?

1018 days ago


If she is reading these comments the only thing I have to say is get a makeover PLEASE. You really need to cut that hair and put it back to your natural colour. This look you have is very unflattering. I used to adorn her when she was younger, but this whole look is gross.

1018 days ago


As soon as Lindsay is cut free, Lindsay will be back to falling in cactus, falling out of bars, violent smakedowns in bars, and more dui's

1018 days ago
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