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'Teen Mom' Star Jenelle Evans

Shackles and Stripes in Court

1/17/2012 1:01 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Jenelle Evans in lovely black and white stripesWith shackles around her ankles ... "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans shuffled her way into a North Carolina courtroom wearing a lovely black and white striped ensemble provided by the Brunswick County Jail.

As we previously reported, Evans was arrested yesterday for violating a domestic violence protective order. Jenelle's lawyer tells us the allegation is that Evans' ex-roommate received a text from Jenelle ... despite an order prohibiting contact.

Jenelle's lawyer says the MTV star denies any wrongdoing.

Despite her smiling mug shot from Monday evening ... Evans appeared pretty upset during today's appearance. Evans was released from custody after posting $1,000 bond.  She's due back in court on Feb. 6th.

Last week, the 20-year-old was arrested for allegedly making harassing phone calls and threatening her ex-roommate. On top of all that, Jenelle is still on probation for beating up some chick last year.

Jenelle's two-year-old son is currently in the custody of her mother.

1:25 PM PST -- According to the warrant for Jenelle's arrest, the alleged victim -- Hannah Inman -- claims Evans also went to her own fan site, and posted a link to nude photos of Hannah.


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This girl is a total loser, she is a piece of sh*t mom and really needs to sit in jail for a few months not days. Thank god her son is with her mother.

1007 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

"Teen Mom 2 star"? I guess I must be Elvis Brando then...

1007 days ago


Did she or did she not date one of the guys from that band King Vulture?

1007 days ago



1007 days ago

Barbara A.    

Janelle appeared to be visably up.......BS. Which means.... her attorneys told her exactly what to say, when to say it, how to look, tell the judge how bad you feel and don't forget to say please and thank you. Absolutely no doubt in my mind she did what they say. I guess since I don't break the law, I don't understand why you're put on probation, violate it, go back to jail and get released again. I thought if you broke probation, you served the sentence given. Silly me. Here's another candidate for Dr. Drew's rehab show, I can see the TMZ headline now.."Teen Mon 2 STAR" to appear with Dr. Drew.

1007 days ago


Even if it's true...WHY did she have a nude picture of her ex-bff?

Wait....On second thought, I don't want to know...

1007 days ago


MTV should go back to being a music channel, and stop turning losers, thugs, gangsters and criminals into celebrities.

1007 days ago


Which is bigger Dourdan's nose, head, belly or HAND WHAT A HAND . I guest we'll not see him in any new or old shows soon.

1007 days ago


Shame on you America. chaining and shackling prisoners who like the middle ages. And what for a text message:)
Wow does America need moral help?

1007 days ago


This is what happens when you push to hard during delivery...your brains come out after the baby does.

1007 days ago


oh come on janelle!! Jace Jace Jace!! She's got to get it together and leave everyone else out of her life and focus on that precious baby her mom is now having to raise. Watching the show it looks like both her and her mom need some counseling but I give her mom props for taking care of baby while she deals with her own issues and i dont think she would b so stressed if Janelle would get herself together like she used to before the baby says her moms bf whos been in her life for quite a while....

1007 days ago


Straight out of the trailer park...

1007 days ago


stop giving these stupid teen deadbeat moms air time, they are not celebrities...they are trash and MTV has turned into trash by airing dumb shows about "teen moms" and this is the problem with "teen moms" they don't take life of course they are not going to take parenthood serious, they think that they can just leave their kids with their parents 90% of the time while these deadbeat moms go out and party and basicly do whatever they want and this is exactly why babies shouldn't be having babies, most teens these days are dumb, immature and don't know anything about life let alone taking care of a baby and when these babies get older they will be calling their grandma's "mommy" because their real "mommies" are too occupied with going out, partying and getting arrested.

1007 days ago



Quit callin her an effin STAR! You title should say " 'Teen Mom' DELINQUENT Jenelle Evans.

I'm sure many will agree with me, as well.

1007 days ago


I have watchd this show since day one (yes, it is my guilty pleasure show) and I can tell you this girl TRULY should not be able to regain custody of her child for a LONG time, if ever.

I understand she is young (I often cut them all slack) but there is something WAY off with this young lady. Since she brought the baby home from the hospital she showed no maternal attachment or desire to step up. Her mother paid for the child to go to daycare while she finished high school and I remember Jenelle being thrilled the baby was going into daycare. She use to get upset when the mother called her and reminded her to make bottles BEFORE she went out with friends. Really?

Her segment always makes me sad- not for her but for the child. He is basically being raised by the grandmother. I understand she can be overbearing but at the same time, it must be so frustrating when you have a daughter that truly does NOT learn or seem capable of putting what she wants aside for the interest of the child. All the mom asks is that she goes to community college but she is too caught up chasing loser boyfriends around. I really worry about her regaining custody of Jace. I just don't see any proof she would put his needs before her own. Scary.

To the person that asked below, from what I gathered from the show, the baby's father is not in the picture. He was only featured on her 16 and Pregnant and then appeared (from what they showed us) to have little interest in raising Jace. It is a really sad situation. You would think he would see what is going on and want to get his act together and be a part of his son's life. Her son is a great little baby too.

1007 days ago
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