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Deion Sanders

Pilar's Trying to EXTORT Me

1/18/2012 4:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders and wife
Deion Sanders
is firing back at his estranged wife Pilar, claiming her recent accusations -- that he's a narcissistic serial cheater -- are just a "shady" attempt to extort more money from the NFL star.

Deion's attorney, Jody Johnson, tells TMZ -- "The actions of Ms. Sanders and her attorney are nothing more than an attempt to avoid a legally binding contract that she no longer likes, by falsely assassinating the character of Mr. Sanders in an effort to extort additional money from Mr. Sanders."

The contract she's referring to ... the couple's prenup -- which Pilar wants the judge to toss out ... so she can make a grab for the lion's share of Deion's estate.

Pilar claims she was forced to sign the prenup under duress, but Deion says that's BS -- according to his lawyer, "Mr. Sanders committed to a generous financial agreement with his wife when they both voluntarily signed a premarital agreement."

Deion claims it didn't end there either, he also showered her with money and gifts before and during their marriage.

As for Pilar's attacks on Deion's parenting skills -- his lawyer claims, "Anyone who knows Mr. Sanders and observes him on a daily basis knows that he is a committed, ever-present father."

The lawyer adds, "Mr. Sanders will not be intimidated by these shady tactics and remains committed to resolve this matter in a court of law as quickly and amicably as possible."

Pilar's lawyer tells TMZ, Pilar's not the liar -- in fact, "Pilar has taken a lie detector test on the question of fidelity during her marriage to Deion Sanders and PASSED."

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She signed a legally binding agreement. Unless there are some "tripwire" provisions in the prenup (I seriously doubt it), all she will be awarded is what she agreed to. The lawyers are the only ones on both sides that will come out smelling like a rose. As one of the posters here said, this is going to get fugly!

976 days ago


Nothing like a vicious divorce played out in public. Wonder if Deion is going to take a lie detector test too? Round two coming to a gossip site near you soon.......

976 days ago


Looks like his daughter knew what she was talking about afterall....

976 days ago

give me a freakin break    


976 days ago

counsel dew    

"Pilar's" is not the same thing as "Pilar is..." Don't follow EW's flub about Spielberg-"He done with"... Really? Please buy a copy of The Elements of Style...

976 days ago


Funny how when rich people bring-up extortion, it's when they did something bad but they just don't want to pay for the silence. So, translating his lawyer's comments, Deion did cheat on her multiple times, but he's too greedy and a narcissist to give her an equal share of the marital assets even though he's mainly responsible for the divorce.

975 days ago


The race is on who will get to Pilar next?

A. VH1
B. Ocho
C. T.O.

Pilar would like to thank TMZ for submitting the application(s)

975 days ago


You mean a B ball playa's wife is a money hungry skank?!?! Unheard of, lol.

975 days ago


What a wench. Hey Pilar, what the hell have you ever done with your life besides marry a talented and rich athlete...?

975 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think Pilar would have been happier if she married a rich handsome white guy. Take away Deions athletic ability and all you have is a loud, crude brotha from the ghetto. And lets face it, Pilar looks like a model and Deion looks like one of those flying monkies from the Wizard of OZ, if he wasn'r rich who would look at him? Does anyone know why Wesley Snipes never married Pilar, how long did she date him?

975 days ago


Oh, he cheated on me when I set him up by having headaches and being too tired and not tonight and the other games women use to test a man.

975 days ago


Deion, Deion what did you expect? You have to pay to play with chicks like pilar! Even if you wife them! She is absolutely trying to take you to the cleaners! She openly and willingly signed a pre-nup because she never thought that diveorce was possible! I guess she thought she was that great huh? Deion you are so freakin arrogant and nope I am not a fan but I think what Pilar is doing is WRONG! You should fight to the bitter end! All of a sudden she is making these allegations about you being abusive,immoral and poor parenting skills, but of course she appeared to have it all on the show Primetime Love(which I thought was really good. It amazes me how celebrities hire PR people and attorneys that give them bad advice! Pillar I wish you could have gotten better counsel. Your crap looks really suspect and I doubt that any judge in America will grant you those things you are seeking. You are going about this the wrong way.Even Stevie WONDER CAN SEE YOU ARE STRETCHING THE TRUTH! GUESS WHAT I AM TOTALLY PRO-FEMALE and not a fan of DEION BUT YOU MY DEAR SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

975 days ago


KARMA is a BEAST! Miss Pilar I'm sure you never ever thought it would come back this ugly. You all walk around with your "Holy than Thou" attitude's and then you resort to this type of behavior. You all need to ask yourselves 'What Would Jesus Do" in this turned ugly situation. I pray at some point in all of this you stop all your UGLY and start to think of the seeds you are sowing in your children's lives. Think before you ACT and REACT. You agreed to this Pre-Nup back then because all you saw at the time was becoming Mrs. Deion Sanders forever and by any means necessary you got him. Well "forever" has arrived and is ready to move on. To talk about him cheating on you, let's reflect back you what you were doing to get him.....hhhmmm, are you still Praising the Lord for your acts 13 years ago? At the end of the day the emotional and physical welfare of these children should be both you and Deion's #1 priority having both of their parents in their lives should come before all this harsh ugly behavior that is taking place in the media. Unless there are some hidden agenda's in the big scheme of things (VH1, Bravo, Reality TV, etc...hhhmm -Ms. P say it ain't so!). As stated in the beginning KARMA is a BEAST, so be very careful the heads you step on, as you climb to the top, they just might be the butts you have to pass as you tumble down to reality!

975 days ago


you no dont no one no what really happen but It look like she want more money no you sign a prenup didnt nobody put a gun to her head and he didt force u to sign If It was that bad why did you marry him and had three kids If he was that bad you was In a 13 years marriage didnt no one stop you from leaving I hope what every judge take this case make sre the prenup stand that why he got a prenup to protect his value GIVE HER ONLY WHAT THE PRENUP SAY ONLY you love a man for 13 years not It over and you act like he treat you so bad I guess you was there for the money PLEASE JUDGE DO THE RIGHT THINGS PRENUP STAND plies need to move on she have kids this just not about her.

974 days ago

T Bone    

In Europe & Asia, you seldom see this from the ultra wealthy. Apparently $1 Million goes a long way to hire a hitman to solve such problems discretely and creatively. Go figure?

974 days ago
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