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Jackson Family

Going After Dr. Murray's Money


1/18/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors will no longer seek more than $100 million in restitution from Dr. Conrad Murray at the request of Michael Jackson's family, because as the proverb goes can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

A rep for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office says prosecutors were informed that the Jackson family is giving up on restitution ... so the D.A. withdrew the request.  As a result, the restitution hearing scheduled for Monday has been called off.

Murray -- who's serving a 4 year jail sentence for his role in the death of MJ -- is basically broke ... and now that his medical license has been revoked, it's unclear how he plans to earn money once he's released.

It seems the Jackson family finally decided it wasn't worth the time or the energy to battle for scraps.


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It is Joe AND THE BOYS in the family that leech off MJ's money, NOT HIS MOTHER. Actually, I am quite sure that it was his mother, who is the beneficary of MJ's estate that STOPPED the lawsuit against Conrad Murray. She is a good, kind, Christian woman who happens to be surrounded by a bunch of greedy leeches. Only the girls in the family, Janet, Maureen and possibly LaToya have their own money and don't leech off MJ.
Having seen her son's "killer" put in jail is probably justice enough for Katherine. She deserves every penny of Micheal's money. He ADORED her and was the stable rock in that family. And it is not her personally that is suing AEG, it's the estate that is doing it. Legally, there is a difference.
I am getting so upset and angry that everybody lumps his mother and sister's, especially Maureen, into the greedy pile just sucking the life out of MJ's estate. Maureen has a husband who works. He doesn't need MJ's money. They have been married since the 70's and there is a reason that you don't hear about them in the media.

1005 days ago


I know that I am going to get a lot of s*** from this but I do not and have never believed that Conrad Murray murdered Micheal Jackson. Was he incompetent, YES, was he callous, YES, but Micheal was an addict and he was a superstar so he could get what he wanted when he wanted it. I think Conrad Murray caved into the pressure from MJ for sleep meds, since he was near delirious with desperation for sleep. If you get that bad than there is nobody going to deny you help, I don't care what people say. Was he negligent, YES he was. Did he plan on deliberately murdering MJ, HELL NO.
Dr Murray is a poor excuse for a physician, but like any addict, Micheal probably Dr shopped. He landed on this bozo after all the other doctors told him no and we ALL know that you didn't tell MJ NO. Just look at the women who allowed their kids to sleep with him.
Does Conrad Murray belong in jail, yes but not for 4 years. Micheal contributed to his own death, it wasn't all on Conrad Murray's shoulder's.
And I say all this because I didn't watch one minute of the trial, so I feel I can be objective about it nor was I a fan of MJ's.

1005 days ago


you are my life

1005 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

I'd be surprised if the Jackson's see more than a token amount while Murray is on parole. His license is revoked (in CA anyway) and has child support to pay. They can change the amount to anything, it wouldn't matter. The Jackson's have more to gain in the long run if they just try to keep the story alive as long as they can. They are already priming "MJ's kids" to keep the money coming at any cost, especially their best interests.

1005 days ago


The family is satisfied with the guilty verdict and the jail time Murray is serving. They understand that restitution is not possible, that is all. A son, father, and brother is dead because of the actions of this man. The guilty verdict brings little comfort.

1005 days ago


Duilama: Go see a psychiatrist.

1005 days ago


I hope the restitution order stays at $100,000,000. Otherwise, I believe everything is going the way Murray wants. I have thee feeling he has some cards under his sleeve.

1005 days ago


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My grandmother in east Germany lived in one of those old big grand mansions with servant quarters and everything was dark wood and stain glass. As a child, I went to the ballroom and looked at the Porceline music box and danced to it.

1005 days ago


You are right. Maybe you are in the middle of a psychiatric treatment, and all your demons are coming out. That would explain your malice and hostility.
As for the "thee", it was a typo.
And from now on, I am not even going to acknowledge your posts. Toxic people like you are not worth my time!

1005 days ago


As much as I hate to say it and as tragic as it is: But Michael is worth dead more than alive. After his death the estate made much more money than the TII concerts could have ever brought in. Maybe the Jacksons were told that this fact would play a role during the restitution hearing, and maybe they were signalized that their request would be dismissed for that reason anyway. Don't know, just thinking...

1005 days ago


patty: 22 hours ago
i bet as soon as murray gets out of jail, he is leaving the country - some place were they don't care if he has a license or not
I hope he moves to Afhganistan and becomes the personal physician of the terrorists.

1005 days ago

What I Think    

I wish the Jacksons would change their minds and sue him. It would mean one more chance to see MJ's name and memory dragged through the mud. I would love that.

1005 days ago


Also, they can sue for suffering and emotional distress. And the costs of the funeral.

1005 days ago


It seems to me that although a couple of years have gone by, there's still a lot of pain and controversy surrounding Michael's passing. My thoughts and prayers for his familty, and may he rest in peace.

1005 days ago
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