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Jackson Family

Going After Dr. Murray's Money


1/18/2012 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prosecutors will no longer seek more than $100 million in restitution from Dr. Conrad Murray at the request of Michael Jackson's family, because as the proverb goes can't squeeze blood from a turnip.

A rep for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office says prosecutors were informed that the Jackson family is giving up on restitution ... so the D.A. withdrew the request.  As a result, the restitution hearing scheduled for Monday has been called off.

Murray -- who's serving a 4 year jail sentence for his role in the death of MJ -- is basically broke ... and now that his medical license has been revoked, it's unclear how he plans to earn money once he's released.

It seems the Jackson family finally decided it wasn't worth the time or the energy to battle for scraps.


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They can still sue for suffering and emotional distress. And the costs of the funeral.
Sorry haters, but it's a matter of "walking the extra mile", to prevent the profit on something that was really wrong. Regardless of Michael Jackson being addicted to whatever, what Murray did was totally unethical, illegal and irresponsible. And in the process it caused the death of a human being. And he knew what he was doing all along!
I'm sure you will say that MJ was a drug addict and a pedophile, and because of that, his life was not worth it. That sounds so unappreciative after he gave his best for 40 years of his life, and became one of the biggest humanitarian and philantropists. And Let me remind you that the court ordered all kinds of analyses, even his brain, and they only found traces of propofol.
Maybe the people who are so quick to condemn him have not made enouth research about his accomplishments. They believe the garbage they read without questioning.
And as for the pedophile thing, well, I see a lot of people making a strong statement and spreading their venom. It reminds me of the witches trials when people were killed based on rumors. The whole L.A. Police Dept. digged all his properties and belongings for over a year, and couldn't find anything. And Chandler and Arvisu, their parents made their decision, and decided to become millionaires instead of going to court and proof their story. I really don't know what kind of parent would do that knowing that their child has been sexually molested. And they have been able to resume their lives. Not a strong case there.
And like I've said before, whoever can proof beyond reasonable doubt, that MJ was a child molester, please come forward and sell your stories to the media. You will become millionaire and famous!
My personal analysis: If I were rich and famous, and everything I had depended on my public image, I wouldn't do something like that in my house, where there is a whole staff of people. I would away, where nobody would see me. That would be so out of character for Michael, he had better things to do.
I can't find words to express how much a hate pedophilia. It repulses me. When I see one in the news I change the channel, just the look in their eyes gives me goosebumps. I find no excuse for it, to kill a child that can not defend himself/herself in the worst way!
Michael did not do that!
If I had the slightest doubt that Michael was a pedophile, I wouldn't even mention his name in my house.
Michael was a very kind person, he didn't hurt anyone in such a way, and he liked to help people. He was the main income supplier for his whole family since he was a child.
I thank him for the awareness and good energy he put out there, about love and making the world a better place. May GOD Bless him! End of story.

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And I am positive, that all these people talking all kinds of garbage about him, were the same ones that ran to the store to buy his records when he died. Because they knew it would become collectibles.

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US to bailout European banks at ANY cost.... $7 Trillion?!! Do you approve? To late we been sending Money all along....We are ALL now on the Titanic.......... Why give Goverment so many Benefitts ???Our Homes Value is lower than ever( cant sell them ) our pay went way down.But we all getting Taxed to Death something is wrong !!We all need to speak up.And NO ONE good is in the RUN this MESS will drag out forever..............(I wish good old Gen. Patton was alive and cleaned house)

971 days ago

Eleonora49 Please READ !!!!And it just keeps on caming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stupid killer!!! I hate him with all mu heart!

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971 days ago


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Controller's, treasurer's pay hikes startle Allegheny County Council

Read more: Controller's, treasurer's pay hikes startle Allegheny County Council - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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Maybe the Estate was afraid that the pursuing of the matter will expose its financial records that not a dime of the money the Estate earned made its way to any charity. Has the Estate donate any money to the charities that look after MJ's abandoned animals from Neverland?

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This was gonna go nowhere from the start, you get get blood from a stone.

970 days ago



Thank you for your great post Luz.

Michael Jackson followed God to the utmost of his ability.

But the GODLESS are ultimately those that destroyed a wonderful human being who was Michael Jackson.

And the GODLESS will eventually reap what they have sowed in this world, or in the next.

Evil people breed a horrible seed. They don’t deserve to be human, although they ‘exist’ as humans only for their evil purpose.

This IS very sad but ALSO very true.

970 days ago



Randy Jackson My siblings & I were never informed the restitution bid against Murray was being dropped. We DO NOT support that action. NOT our decision.

9 hours ago via web

970 days ago
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