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Heather Locklear

Rehab Standoff With Family

1/18/2012 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather LocklearHeather Locklear is digging in her heels ... continuing to defy family members who are pleading with her to check into a rehab program.

Sources tell us Heather is recovering at home after a dangerous mixture of prescription pills and booze landed her in the ICU last week with intense stomach pains.  But family ... including Heather's parents ... are still pushing for her to get professional help.

As TMZ first reported -- Heather's family is pushing for her to get treatment at UCLA Medical Center.

So far, Heather's not budging.


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Not many of you know what your talking about. Has anyone here gone to school for addiction? Has anyone been part of a 12 step program? Probably not, just bored housewives commenting on sk93 they know nothing about. Me, i do know what im talking about. Nothing is going to happen till she's ready. Her pills are guaranteed from her Dr. They cant lock her up.Shes not a danger to herself or others. I get it Heather, you dont want to go through this detox again. My guess your probably on benzos and opiates. Kicking benzos like xanax is like heroin times ten. People dont realize that. Its 2 weeks of hell then another 2 weeks of shaking uncontrollably with the chance of a seizure. Shes scared and i get it. Who wouldnt be? She just needs to start going to meetings and eventually she'll just want to throw in the towel and she'll go. The key is meetings and listening to others that did it.Good luck Heather and dont listen to the people that dont know..Morons

979 days ago

al baby    

Surrender to win Heather

979 days ago


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979 days ago

Lady Juliette    

If she infact needs helps, she is old enough to ask for it, when she is ready for it. You cannot make a person get help until they hit bottom, really hit bottom, if they are infact doing drugs/booze.

979 days ago


What a stupid bitch!!

979 days ago


You CANNOT make any body go to rehab or a 12 step program if they don't want too or don't think they have a problem. Addiction does not work that way. She has to acknowledge and admit that she has a problem and so far she hasn't. I think it's very sad since she has a daughter but I also know a great deal about addiction. If you try to force them, they will deny, resist or leave treatment early and not get the help that they need.
She has to want it for HERSELF.

979 days ago

Star Whacker    

Live fast, die young, leave a pretty corpse. Come on family, leave her alone unless you're going to refill her scripts and buy her the biggest bottle of whatever it is she drinks. Let her off herself already - PLEASE. Time for the Star Whackers to step in and finish the deal. Whack, whack, whack!!! YES!!!!!

979 days ago


Leave her alone. You can't force someone to rehab themselves. As a matter of fact, there is a good chance she will be even worse in the long run if she is highly pressured. Addicts rarely quit what they are doing unless they both want to and are ready to. Every now and then you can get one who is successfully "forced to see the light", but not very often.

979 days ago


Heather: We all love you so much, please stop fighting this and go into rehab. Your daughter needs you healthy and well and we all want you to get better and leave the drugs and alcohol alone. It wont solve your problems whatever they may be. You are too good and too sweet to lose. Please listen to your friends and family. All the best. XO

979 days ago


She needs to stop with the plastic surgery. Her nose is way too small for those cheek implants.

979 days ago


well there is nothing any one can do till heather wants it, won't work - i just hope it's not to late, the only thing that might help is an intervention or a judge stepping in and forcing her to go by putting her on a psych hold - still blame denise richards

979 days ago


She is such a washed up dish towel now, her face is pulled and puffed with botox its actually gross, you cant help but looking at her and study that face to see all the youthful beauty that made her rich and opened doors absolutely wiped off and ravaged by time and in its place its now a creature feature face.

Im sure in real life she is an awful materialistic self absorbed human being who has gone wacko now that her looks have left her

979 days ago


She has been marinating her face in alcohol for so long, it has bloated and begun to morph into a sea monkey visage.

979 days ago


Seriously...take the above pic of Heather and place it next to a pic of Mama Sea Monkey.

979 days ago


Typical addict in denial. She has to admit she has a problem first then make an effort to get better.

979 days ago
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