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Mark Wahlberg

I Would Have Fought

9/11 Hijackers & Landed Plane

1/18/2012 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Wahlberg claims he could have done what hundreds of other doomed passengers couldn't ... fought off the multiple 9/11 terrorists and saved one of the hijacked planes.

Wahlberg just gave an interview with Men's Journal ... in which he states, "If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn't have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, 'OK, we're going to land somewhere safely, don't worry.'"

So the question ... is Wahlberg's braggadocio insulting to the dead passengers and their families?

1:15 PM PT: Didn't take long ... Mark just apologized for his comments.


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What an A55!

1012 days ago


My husband said the same thing! I think a lot of people have said the same thing. If you knew the plane was for sure going down and everyone was going to die who wouldn't fight till the end!!

1012 days ago


Don't be mad cause he feels that way.

1012 days ago

tiffany helena    

that's a mighty arrogant thing to say, it has to have been taken out of context otherwise Marky Marky is fckn diluted.

1012 days ago


That's pretty arrogant.

1012 days ago


what a jackass

1012 days ago


Wahlberg, YOUR A F**King DOUCHEBAG for even saying such comments............Man You need to have your head checked....Really you would have whipped the **** outta those hijackers then miraculously landed a Jumbo Jet? I am LMFAO....!!!! I would whip your ASS!!!

1012 days ago


Agree with him 110%...and no disrespect to those that were there.....simply sayin......I aint going down without one helluva fight.....

1012 days ago


Here we go again, TMZ looking for fodder for their daily online show. You guys are taking it out of context. It's him talking, like anyone else. His perspective is that he would have fought, that's it. People died on that plane, no sh*t, but only TMZ would want to pile on and discredit Mark over some male bluster. I'm guessing tough guy evan wrote this article.

1012 days ago

Douche Bag    

Ah yeah Marky Mark. You're such a duchy bag. No one that was actually on the plane wanted to do anything to save their lives. Dumb Ass.

1012 days ago


Its easy for him to say what he would do, but the fact is, he has NO idea how he would react unless he was in that situation. That comment just makes him look ignorant. Those brave passengers had to think quick and did all they could do.

1012 days ago


Incredibly disrespectful to make such statements 10 years after this horrific incident while the families of the victims continue to try to put their lives back together.

Whether Walberg was supposed to be on that flight is irrelevant - no one should ever make a ridiculous statement that implies those who were on that United flight didn't do everything they possibly could to save their lives and wrest control from the hijackers.

Further, Wahlberg shows his ignorance by saying " wouldn't have WENT down like it did..." Mark, dear, the proper word is GONE down. Before you open your mouth, check your words - they make you appear even dumber than everyone already thought.

You owe the families and loved ones of the Flight 93 victims a huge apology.

1012 days ago


All you people bashing are a bunch of spineless *******. what is he suppose to say. " I would sit there and let the crash the plane" Sack up and fight for someting you losers.

1012 days ago


Gotta agree 110%....and no disrepsct to those that were there....There would have been a helluva fight and the little ******* that took over would have been praying to God for the asswhooping they were getting and slammin Allah for putting there in the first place.

1012 days ago


a lot of ppl especially men prolly dreamed that in their minds - it's just if you are a celebrity you don't say it out loud to a national magazine it's disrespectful to the families left behind

1012 days ago
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