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Mel Gibson DUI Jail Video

Triggers Legal Dogfight

1/18/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and Deputy James Mee
A videotape of a raging and drunk  Mel Gibson in a jail cell immediately after he was arrested in 2006 for DUI has become a huge bone of contention in a lawsuit filed by the arresting deputy.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee is suing his department, claiming he's the victim of religious discrimination. Mee, who is Jewish, claims he has been targeted by his superiors because of his faith.

Mee wants the jury to see a videotape of Mel Gibson in the holding cell.  When TMZ broke the story about Mel's anti-Semitic rant, we referenced the video, which shows an out-of-control Mel handcuffed behind bars, complaining he had to urinate and then -- according to sources -- appearing to make an attempt to pee on the cell floor. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the video shows Mel running around the cell and at one point even trying to scale the bars like a monkey.  And when he attempted to use the phone, but couldn't get a dial tone, we're told he threw the receiver against the phone.

The County of L.A. -- the defendant -- has filed legal docs trying to block the admission of the video, arguing that it's irrelevant to Mee's religious discrimination claim and would only be used to "embarrass Mr. Gibson." 

The County also believes the video would inflame the jury, because Mel is "a controversial public figure." And the County claims ... showing the video would violate Mel's right of privacy.

The judge hasn't decided whether the video is fair game.

Mel's rep declined comment.


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What's up with Mel?
He must have known the truth would come out!
Mel told them he owns the town and the sherriff and the cops.
But I guess he didn't own Officer Mee!
Too bad Team Mel, Officer Mee won't play along with the Mel script!
Truth has a way of biting you in the ass, doesn't it, Mel?
I hope you can keep a low profile in the future and not keep acting like that!

945 days ago


Oh you got that idea of using a tape from Oksana, huh? Everyone has jumped on Oksana's Gold Digger get rich fast dirty ole wagon, I see. Hmm... $#!^ ! I'm going at this all wrong in life. I should sue Mel Gibson too. For being so damn goodlooking, not dating me, and broke my heart in two, and I am now dieing because of all of that. Do you think it will work? All Oksana's lies did, so why not this one? LOL
Na! I couldn't do it an live with myself after. To try to explain this to God later will make me feel so bad, and i do not want to think the love of money made me do such an act as this, and possibly sent my azz to hell. Hell is worse than jail.

945 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Whatever Mel said or did in the cell has nothing to do with what Mee's superiors did to him. Mee was a failed police officer long beofre Mel came along drunk. Mee has a long history of being a contentious and under par worker as reported by both his superiors and his coworkers. Mee is theone that used the 'sugartits' term, not Mel (although Mel said he wishes it was his cuzit's funny.)

Hey Loser Mee: Fail! and why the EEO did not support your claim either. The only one supporting your claim is the lawyer that took your case on cuz he saw that Gibson could be persecuted a bit more. Must be a jew too. :) Rather obvious who has a dog and who doesn't in this case (just like yo....:)...whiners and losers....

945 days ago


Give this guy Mee an Oscar for "Longest Whine by a Total Loser, in the History of the World.

945 days ago



945 days ago



Firefly: 33 minutes ago

What's up with this officer Mee? It's all about me me me. This little man is just drudging up old crap because he is no longer in the lime light. He probably sat there stewing all these years building up resentment and anger towards Mel. He felt slighted and wants revenge. This is no longer about justice it is purely revenge. What this little man doesn't realize is that HE WHO ANGERS YOU OWNS YOU. I guess Mel owns Mee....which in returns only angers the little man more. He is the one that looks bad here for he won't let it go. He doesn't realize that train left the station a long time ago leaving a angry Mee on the platform jumping up and down and turning red. I hope they fine Officer Mee for wasting the courts time and for being a total jackass.
Yeah, re-hashing old $#!^, dwelling on it over and over in your mind is not good. It just making you more upset, and want to get even with that person. The Jews are not the only group of people anyone ever talked about. If it was true, then I can see them getting upset, and staying mad at the world. You spend half your life working and other half wanting to kick somone's azz if the look at ya the wrong way. GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!

Even God says to not dwell on the past. God knows he gave us free will, and the freedom to do, act and say what we want. This is why he says for us to not dwell on the past. No one is perfect,and we all make mistakes in life. Everyone tries to climb that perfect tree and think they are better than the other, but in God's eyes, you'tre not. This is a perfect world we live in, and nither are the people living in it.

God has already forgiven Mel Gibson, and some of you guys as well, so why is it so hard for you guys to stop nailing this poor man to the cross, huh?

945 days ago


Oops! Isn't a perfect world.

945 days ago



Pookie: 9 minutes ago

Poopy.. keep the hate alive.. why don't ya. This isn't what the world needs.. another mean azz $#!^^y person.

945 days ago



Tellthetruth59: 20 minutes ago

Give this guy Mee an Oscar for "Longest Whine by a Total Loser, in the History of the World.

Well, I have to hand to ya, hun. You pick a good user name for ya.

945 days ago



Ira Black: 4 minutes ago

26. Pookie: +6=8, make it 2 it is 88 and 3 888

Mel=Natzi hey pookie wookie , that is the wrong spelling of the jewish slang 'Nazi' . the correct spelling is National Socialist . now go study dude


945 days ago


Mel= Honey
Mel= Funny guy
Mel= God loving/Good person
Mel= Beautiful heart and soul
mel= Best actor/Director

945 days ago


While I'd love to see that tape, I don't see how it proves the DEPARTMENT discriminated against him.

945 days ago


They NEVER release those videos. This Mee person just wants his 15 minutes of fame and is playing the victim card to get it

945 days ago


I hope this video does not become public to humiliate Mel further. He has made amends, got counceling and is moving on with his life. I believe he does far more good in his life then bad. Seeing this video would not alter my opinion of him. I'm still a fan. Love you, Mel!

945 days ago


I believe that officer Mee did over react with regard to Mel being drunk! He's been trying to embarrass Mel and get back at him and the police department for years. Is this a healthy normal attitude? I don't think so! Why so obsessed with Mel? The video tape certainly isn't going to show that the police department was unfair to him! He's being ridiculous! I think this is the only way this obviously sh*tty cop can get attention for himself. Way to use Mel Gibson to keep your name out there. If it wasnt' for him using Mel this way he'd be long forgotten.
This guy needs to give it up and go find another job! One other than whining and crying over something that happened 6 years ago!!!!
Name one other person that has been persecuted to this degree for a drunk driving charge and spewing nonsense while drunk! I can't think of any!
Time to move on "Officer" Mee!!!

945 days ago
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