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Mel Gibson DUI Jail Video

Triggers Legal Dogfight

1/18/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and Deputy James Mee
A videotape of a raging and drunk  Mel Gibson in a jail cell immediately after he was arrested in 2006 for DUI has become a huge bone of contention in a lawsuit filed by the arresting deputy.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee is suing his department, claiming he's the victim of religious discrimination. Mee, who is Jewish, claims he has been targeted by his superiors because of his faith.

Mee wants the jury to see a videotape of Mel Gibson in the holding cell.  When TMZ broke the story about Mel's anti-Semitic rant, we referenced the video, which shows an out-of-control Mel handcuffed behind bars, complaining he had to urinate and then -- according to sources -- appearing to make an attempt to pee on the cell floor. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the video shows Mel running around the cell and at one point even trying to scale the bars like a monkey.  And when he attempted to use the phone, but couldn't get a dial tone, we're told he threw the receiver against the phone.

The County of L.A. -- the defendant -- has filed legal docs trying to block the admission of the video, arguing that it's irrelevant to Mee's religious discrimination claim and would only be used to "embarrass Mr. Gibson." 

The County also believes the video would inflame the jury, because Mel is "a controversial public figure." And the County claims ... showing the video would violate Mel's right of privacy.

The judge hasn't decided whether the video is fair game.

Mel's rep declined comment.


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Sheriff's Deputy pulled over a car, swerving or what ever. Turned out the driver was Mel Gibson. So what. Gibson was drunk and mouthing off, pissed off and whatever else. He was put in a jail cell just like anyone else.

Gibson could be bouncing off walls, doesn't mean a thing.

Pushing 6 years later the arresting deputy James Mees, says he's Jewish, who cares. James Mees, is NOW sueing the department (what department) for 'RELGIOUS DESCRIMINATION'

978 days ago


why are ya'll so bent outta shape?
this would be the gibletz 'comeback' movie you have been yapping about for the last 2 years.
maybe Hirsh can get the rights to the audiotape & videotape. It would gross more then The Beaver!!

978 days ago


Mel Gibson obviously has major megalomanic, egomaniac "issues". I can't stand people that are like that. Maybe it's some sort of "Napoleon complex" because Mel's not a very big guy. On the night he got arrested he might have thought he was an all powerful king or warrior who could destroy ANYONE who messes with him ... like in one of his movies.

The guy seems to mix up his movie roles with reality. You can't just destroy some cop's career because you are the rich, all powerful Mel Gibson. LOL. The cop was just doing his job. Mel was acting like an out of control teen or a nutcase who might attack somebody that night. But nooo ... Mel thought he could get away with whatever he wanted because, well, he's the famous actor Mel Gibson and he's one of the richest guys in Malibu, etc.

Get a grip on reality Mel! When it comes to breaking the law, you are not some sort of "special person" who can get away with anything. You have to move to some corrupt, easily bought off country if you want that.

978 days ago



Officer Mee has never been particularly well thought of in the department. there are several "sub-par" performance reviews, that go way back before the DUI arrest, and since. One of his co-workers describes him as an Adam Henry.

A video of an arrestee in a holding cell has no relevance to his claim of discrimination "within" the department. This as been going on for years and years. Poor baby. Hope the sob loses.

978 days ago


And now, as a public service message, we will show the videotape of a drunken, out-of-control Mel Gibson in the hope that this will make some people realize they need help too. GET THAT TAPE AND SHOW IT!

978 days ago


Mel, Mel, the drunk from Hell.
Swerved his car and couldn't spell.
Cursed and ranted, climbed the walls
Yelled about Jews up and down the halls
Mel paid big to hu***** up
Got that Jew stomped in the muck
Bought the sherriff and most of the blue
Couldn't get Mee to let it go thooooo!
Now the truth comes to the light
Mel's Team here posts up a fight!
All day long they bash Mee hard
But Team Mel's a tub of lard.
Church of Mel is a big fraud
Don't squelch the truth in name of Gawd!

978 days ago

Jomica Man    

Plain and simple, and if anyone believes otherwise, then you are a Kardashian clan following zombie. Alcoholic Mel has some major star power clout with the L.A.S.D. Sheriff Baca is in Mel's back pocket, and his "TRUE" drunken actions were altered to show otherwise. Deputy Mee was just doing his job, and is suffering the consequences of busting one of Baca's pals. Baca has denied the problems with the jail system, and will also deny any star treatment to Mel. I hope that Mee exposes the L.A.S.D. for what they are.

978 days ago


hey there gossip! How goes it? Happy new year.

Normally I would stick up for a cop, but this ex-cop makes me wonder how many people that were arrested by him have some stories to tell. He is blaming mel (and who is next) for his problems, but I am really starting to believe that he is his own problem.

I kind of doubt Mel would want to touch the project. lol

978 days ago


what I find funny... Mel Gibson was wasted when he made those comments. he's apologized, apologized and apologized, yet it's never good enough. You have Roman Polanski who all the stars go to defend after he raped a 13 year old girl after drugging her... and you have Horror Director Victor Salva who molested boys that worked on his movies... Yet Mel Gibson is the monster, and those two are lauded as visual geniuses who should be given a pass for rape. People are morons.

978 days ago


Releasing the tape will show that Officer Mee is lying and that everything in his original arrest report was fabricated. I believe the tapes will show Mel on his best behavior, showing nothing but respect to those officers at the Malibu Sheriffs station.
Additionally, releasing the holding cell video will PROVE that Mel did not saying anything remotely anti-semetic and that he had NO reason to write the letter of apology to leaders of the Jewish community. I KNOW the tape will also prove that Mel did not say Sugar-t*ts.
Furthermore, the tapes may also help "take down" Ari who attempted to blacklist Mel in Hollywood after the "fabricated" rant against Jews.
I hope for Mel's sake (and honor) the tape IS released so we can finally put this behind us!

978 days ago


See Mel was right all along.

978 days ago


So this ******* puts on his nice guy act and all of a sudden he's redeemed of all his anti semtisim? You people disgust me. No wonder this country is going to ****.

978 days ago


No matter what your opinion is on Mr. Gibson,
it would be wrong to use this video. It is indeed
beside the point and has NOTHING to do with
this person's law suit.

978 days ago


All you Mel defenders out there--do you like him because of the characters he played in his movies or because of the real life idiot that he is?

978 days ago


Isn't telling the office to re-write the original report of the incident tampering with evidence and falsifying a police do***ent? Any other citizen would not have been afforded a sanitized version of what actually transpired.
This officer spoke up about the special treatment Gibson received and was punished, so yes the tape AND Sherrif's department's handling of the incident should be fully and openly examined.

978 days ago
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