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Mel Gibson DUI Jail Video

Triggers Legal Dogfight

1/18/2012 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson and Deputy James Mee
A videotape of a raging and drunk  Mel Gibson in a jail cell immediately after he was arrested in 2006 for DUI has become a huge bone of contention in a lawsuit filed by the arresting deputy.

L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy James Mee is suing his department, claiming he's the victim of religious discrimination. Mee, who is Jewish, claims he has been targeted by his superiors because of his faith.

Mee wants the jury to see a videotape of Mel Gibson in the holding cell.  When TMZ broke the story about Mel's anti-Semitic rant, we referenced the video, which shows an out-of-control Mel handcuffed behind bars, complaining he had to urinate and then -- according to sources -- appearing to make an attempt to pee on the cell floor. 

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the video shows Mel running around the cell and at one point even trying to scale the bars like a monkey.  And when he attempted to use the phone, but couldn't get a dial tone, we're told he threw the receiver against the phone.

The County of L.A. -- the defendant -- has filed legal docs trying to block the admission of the video, arguing that it's irrelevant to Mee's religious discrimination claim and would only be used to "embarrass Mr. Gibson." 

The County also believes the video would inflame the jury, because Mel is "a controversial public figure." And the County claims ... showing the video would violate Mel's right of privacy.

The judge hasn't decided whether the video is fair game.

Mel's rep declined comment.


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Fidel's niece    

Is deputy Mee related to that
gold digger O$kanky Grig?

He is just another failed nobody
looking for $$$$$ by using
Mel Gibson's fame.

***Team Mel***

977 days ago


"trying to scale the bars like a monkey"
was beaterboi having a pcp experience?

977 days ago


Fidel's niece,

I was toying with the thought that maybe Ox has something to do with getting Mee all hot and bothered again. You know kind of stir the pot a little maybe promise great things to come like money or rear love. LOL. Things have been to quiet on the western front. Ox has laid low for to long now without anything in the news. She can't talk or she would loose everything so what better way of sticking it to Mel but through Mee.

977 days ago


I would like to see video tapes with Mitrice Richardson
1- did Deputy James Mee discharged Mitrice Richardson?
2-is Daniel Horowitz representing James Mee?
Bones Belong To Missing Woman Mitrice Richardson
Let's go over the facts.
Richardson went missing from that very sheriff's station
(same place Mel Gibson was arrested)in September after she was arrested for allegedly failing to pay a restaurant bill and then released into the remote area early in the morning 12:15
Malibu Police discharged a young woman who was proven to be manic via the cell video tapes.
She was released in the dead of night in a remote area she was unfamiliar with and had no car,
no cell phone and no identification.
She was expected to just get home 40 miles away.

The Police Department, despite the recorded pleas of her mother to investigate her daughter's whereabouts were ignored until two days later.

She was actually spotted the next day by a resident of the area but it took the police many hours before they dispatched a patrol car.

Recently, the Police Department flew to Las Vegas, which comes with a sizable cost, to 'investigate' sightings. They hold a press conference to convey their belief that they believe she is alive and in Vegas.
The Malibu Police Department did everything in their power to cover their tracks.

977 days ago

Lilian Cristina Pires    

Porque não deixam Mel Gibson em paz. Já passou. Isso aconteceu há 6 anos, porque ficarem falando, falando, lembrando. Todos tem seu dia negro. Mel teve o dele. Acabou. Como todo judeu esse senhor quer vingança sobre Mel. PAREM!!!! Até quem está de fora fica cansado dessa repetição. TREGUA PARA MEL GIBSON!!!!!!!!

Because they do not leave Mel Gibson in peace. Already it passed. This happened has 6 years, because to be speaking, speaking, remembering. All have its black day. Mel had of it. It finished. As all Jewish this Sir wants revenge on Mel. THEY STOP! Until who it is of it are is tired of this repetition. TRUCE FOR MEL GIBSON!!!!!!!!!

Porque no dejan los Mel Gibson en paz. Pasó ya. Esto sucedió tiene 6 años, porque a hablar, discurso, recordando. Todos tienen su día negro. Le Mel tenía de elle. Acabó. Como todo el judío este sir desea venganza en la Mel. ¡PARAN! Hasta quién es de él esté es cansado de esta repetición. TREGUA PARA MEL GIBSON!!!!!!!!

977 days ago



977 days ago



christy: 3 hours ago

No matter what your opinion is on Mr. Gibson,
it would be wrong to use this video. It is indeed
beside the point and has NOTHING to do with
this person's law suit.

AGREED!!! It's up to Deputy Mee's legal team to prove that a pattern of "religious" discrimination does exist within the LASD. The video in question doesn't have anything to do with "alleged" religious discrimination regarding the LASD's hiring and promotional practices. I suspect Deputy Mee's legal team is "grasping at straws" because they can't prove the allegations that are the basis of this lawsuit. I can imagine the professional difficulties Deputy Mee is having but "whistle blowers" within law enforcement aren't warmly embraced. Being branded as a "loose cannon" hasn't helped his career at all. WHAT A SHAME!!!

977 days ago


"Los Angeles Superior Court judge Barbara Scheper ruled that he could proceed to trial on religious and hostile work environment grounds, but dismissed his claim for retaliation, citing lack of evidence.

'We're pleased we're moving forward, although we're disappointed about the retaliation ruling,' Mee's lawyer Yael Trock said after the hearing into the lawsuit filed against the Los Angeles County.

The judge set a date of February 14 for the trial, although she voiced doubts about whether Mee was treated differently within the Sheriff's Department because he is Jewish."

-- My point is that the judge knows a lot more than we do.

977 days ago


Little rat face Mee needs attention and can only get it by bringing Mel into the picture..if the judge allows this video to be shown than the judge has to be prejudice towards Mel as well...I think Mel has suffered enough because of that whimpering little jew Mee and that russin skank Oksana...enough is enough , the persecution of Mel Gibson has to stop...I dont care what they come up with always was and always will be a fan of Mel's...go Mel

977 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

And out come the freaks...

977 days ago



fran: 4 hours ago

Little rat face Mee needs attention and can only get it by bringing Mel into the picture..if the judge allows this video to be shown than the judge has to be prejudice towards Mel as well...I think Mel has suffered enough because of that whimpering little jew Mee and that russin skank Oksana...enough is enough , the persecution of Mel Gibson has to stop...I dont care what they come up with always was and always will be a fan of Mel's...go Mel
Very well said, hun. Jesus was on the cross only one time, and carried the cross after being beat too. These people not only want to beat Mel Gibson down to the grown, but seem to enjoy causing Mel more pain than he could ever cause another person in his whole life time.

977 days ago


@Ira Black: Your comment that the Boers regard themselves as "British Israel" is totally ridiculous. The British killed off a third of the entire Boer population during the Anglo Boer War. Women and children were placed in concentration camps and starved. Little corpses were placed in soap boxes for buriel. The Boers were forced to surrender to avoid the anihilation of their entire nation. Please familiarize yourself with the facts before you make such ignorant comments.

977 days ago


LOL grown. I mean ground. I think the way I type, you would think my hands were beat everday with an ugly stick. Na, I suffer from oldtimers.

977 days ago



yo: 9 hours ago

Mel, Mel, the drunk from Hell.
Swerved his car and couldn't spell.
Cursed and ranted, climbed the walls
Yelled about Jews up and down the halls
Mel paid big to hu***** up
Got that Jew stomped in the muck
Bought the sherriff and most of the blue
Couldn't get Mee to let it go thooooo!
Now the truth comes to the light
Mel's Team here posts up a fight!
All day long they bash Mee hard
But Team Mel's a tub of lard.
Church of Mel is a big fraud
Don't squelch the truth in name of Gawd!
God help ya, dude. Looks like you need it more than Mel Gibson does.

God, this one is yours.

You know, God has the most hard job there is.
Having to judge you azzholes, and where to send your mean lame azz butts when you die.

977 days ago


Ira Black: 5 hours ago

49. R: And now, as a public service message, we will show the videotape of a drunken, out-of-control Mel Gibson in the hope that this will make some people realize they need help too. GET THAT TAPE AND SHOW IT!
Firefly and Bad Hare Bunny---
No I am Mel and he is Me and Me is me and me is Mel.

Now does that settle it for you ?

h a ha h a ha LOL!!!

Oh so Ira is Mel Gibson? Running around sceaming my azz off now. LOL

976 days ago
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