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Ex-Miss USA Rima Fakih

Judge PISSED in DUI Case

1/18/2012 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Former Miss USA Rima Fakih barely said a word in her DUI case hearing today ... but the judge WENT OFF on her lawyer.

Long story short -- the judge was HOPING to hear that Rima's team had banged out a plea deal with prosecutors. But after the lawyers started making excuses ... she got mad. REALLY MAD.

The judge set a bench trial date for March 14 -- which means if she doesn't strike a deal by then, she runs the risk of facing the maximum penalty ... 93 days in the slammer, plus fines.

As we previously reported, Rima was popped for DUI back in December in Michigan -- and cops claim her blood alcohol level was more than TWICE the legal limit at the time of her arrest.


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Cravin Morehead    

This lying skank claimed it wasn't her that got the DWI and that she wasn't even in the state at the time.

Hope the Judge sticks it to this ho!

1011 days ago


I watched the vid. The judge did not sound "pissed" to me. She sounded like every judge I've ever heard. It's soooo deflating when TMZ makes a mountain out of a mole hill. I mean, if TMZ calls that "really mad" than I hate to see what they would say when a judge IS "really mad" Headline would b "Judge defecates on defendant"

1011 days ago


This is was lame TMZ....she is FAR from going off on the just wasted my time....

1011 days ago


The Judge didn't sound pissed at all! Who's writing your headlines....a drama queen?

1011 days ago


another bitch making a mockery of the court system.....lindsay set a precedent!

1011 days ago


And another thing..... why do drunks need attorneys?? You are either drunk or not. If you are drunk, let the judge impose punishment and get on with it. Be done with all this continuance crap.

1011 days ago


I personally hope the Drunk Princess gets the max penalty and 1 day plus every dime in fines legally imposable. Sick of the disregard for our lives by these drunks!! I want to live!! I have things to do!! Toss the book at this skank!!

1011 days ago


#4 love my fans........You have the unmitigated gall to point your bigoted finger at this woman because she's Islam. Remember you would have to be an inbreed to recognize an inbreed.You must be an Anglo from're nasty.

1011 days ago


She's not even born in America, yet carried the Miss USA title? dumb bitch, send her ugly ass to jail and back to her native country and let's get a REAL born American to hold the title

1011 days ago


I remember the details when this first came out. She deserves any punishment she gets--she lied about it and the cops know she was drunk. Hope they throw the book at her.

1011 days ago


Jeez everyone - just look at her. She's gorgeous and has big tits. Don't send her to jail; make her pose for Playboy, so we can all benefit...

1011 days ago


I agree with everyone who has posted here so far. Harvey please... Do somthing about these tard faced journalists you have working there. Just because you tricked me into clicking on this page doesnt mean I dont hold your sponsers to the same acountability when it comes to BS and Lies! Foundary.DIY fashion and one kings lane will never see a dime from me due to this crap.

1011 days ago


I don't think she was quite as mad as you made her out to be, but still good for her. Our court system is clogged up with more cases than can be processed as it is. Every time they come into court unprepared on a straightforward case such as this and it causes ANOTHER court date to be set, it is taking up the court's time on that could be used on another case.

1011 days ago


Obviously the Miss USA "pageant" is a total joke these days. It might as well be called the Miss Camel contest.

1011 days ago


What I am against is this Miss US establishment taking advantage of young women because there is no one policing their policies.
I would suggest that the public watch something else the evening of the Miss USA pageant and boycott the advertisers. These options would drive home the
message that the pageant organizers crossed the line. .
The point is that the Miss USA should not attends to events that has alcohol companies involved or anything with alcohol. Besides taking the money of this young girls and their families. They have to work with these companies because they are waiting for the big movie, big contracts but at the end these girls ended being alcoholics with nothing and too ashamed to report.

1011 days ago
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