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Mark Wahlberg's Apology ...

Forgive and Forget?

1/18/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Mark Wahlberg made a really stupid move -- saying he could've been a hero on 9/11 -- and a really smart one ... apologizing for the 9/11 comment. Should he be forgiven after the mea culpa ... or were his words just  too offensive? Major disagreement in the news room.

Plus, new mom Selma Blair gets us thinking ... do strange celebrity baby names (we're talking to you, Apple Martin) only work for cute celeb babies? We'll explore the winners ... and a few losers.


(0:00) Mark Wahlberg's shocking statements about 9/11 -- as bad as they seem ... or taken out of context?
(3:15) Finally -- a celebrity apologizes for something!
(4:15) Slade is furious -- he says Mark's comments were the "stupidest" thing he's ever heard a celebrity say.
(17:31) Anthony Bourdain rips Paula Deen on Twitter for hawking diabetes medicine -- Gary calls the tweet a work of genius.
(22:10) If there's one thing our staffers love to argue about ... it's food ... greasy, awful, delicious food.
(36:01) Breaking news! We posted the first photo of the model who was injured by a plane propeller ... and she looks great.
(37:00) Selma Blair says good looking kids get a pass if they have a weird name -- so we put it to the test.
(46:00) A TMZ first -- we were offered a picture of the severed human head found near the Hollywood sign.


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Layton Rowan    

My names Layton!!!! lol thats a FLY name!

1012 days ago

Paula said on Oprah, "Honey, I'm your cook, not your doctor." Everyone is in charge of themselves.

1012 days ago

I am Spartacus    

I just scrolled down page 1 and not 1 story worth clicking. This site is a complete bore. No one you cover is interesting or relevant. It's clear you're on the Kardashian/Lohan payroll since they are 2/3 of your content.

Your show is awful with that awful commentator and the way the stories always start with the celeb or "so called celeb" and end up being about you people in the office.

I stopped watching that thing fast but i gave you the benefit of the doubt with the website. Not any more. I am done with this site. It is complete crap.

1012 days ago


Harvey - Could you please discuss SOPA and your opinion of it as well as sites going black?

1012 days ago



1012 days ago

alvin law    


1012 days ago


Lol. TMZ needs to change their acronym to TMI.

1012 days ago


How come there are so many errors lately in your podcasts? Neither last Friday's podcast (Heather Locklear) or today's (Mark Wahlberg) can be watched from itunes because the video is defective. Your podcast is one of my favorites, but don't become like CNN with all of these defective video podcasts!! Please fix these technical problems for your fans.

1011 days ago


Has anyone else been having trouble getting podcasts to download the last couple of days. Says server is not found. When I try and subscribe again on this site it always crashes the browser.
I love these podcast and have been a subscriber from day one. Hate to stop getting these.

1011 days ago

who dat    

You guys are living in a dream world. The plane that went down in Pennsylvania, was shot down by the military as soon as it turned toward Washington. One of the Engines was located more then a mile from the crash wreckage. All of this "lets roll" nonsense was spin to divert the truth.

1011 days ago


Please imagine things from his perspective. As a human being, not as an actor. He could have been on that flight; and because of this he likely suffers from guilt and anxiety. The trauma of this "what if" cir***stance could cause him to suffer from fantasies and anxiety. He is a decent man and would wish to help other people, and of course save his own family. Wouldn't you do the same???

1011 days ago


Wahlberg has a history of doing and saying things he does based on instinct, then once he realizes his perspective and behavior is offensive and out right racist. It is ONLY after does Wahlberg step up and beg for forgiveness.

1011 days ago


Mark Walhberg's comments were not meant to upset or offend anyone, it was just a comment. I know several people who have said basically the same thing. None of them are famous obviously but none of them were saying it with the intent of taking anything away from any of the victims of 9/11. Give the guy a break, I am sure we have all said stupid things in our lives that could be considered offensive or insensitive. Hollywood made a movie about it their gonna make millions off the lives lost so if something offends anyone that should be it.

1010 days ago


Mark whalberg is such an ass. A lot of celebrities are given automatic credibility and respect because of their fame. But it's usually not deserved. Whalberg is just some punk kid highschool drop out that made good. He probably can barely read. The fact that his acting can be good at times is just a fluke.

1010 days ago


Mark said something that, in his situation (being booked with that unfortunate flight) most of not everyone of us would have said in a chat to friends... oooh, get over it America, and mind the REAL, IMPORTANT issues!! He said he would have done anything he could, especially since HE WAS BOOKED on that flight. I have seen no insult in his words.. #smh.

645 days ago
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