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Woman Sues Disney

I Was SPANKED Relentlessly

at Kids TV Show Taping

1/18/2012 7:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A live taping of the Disney Channel show "Good Luck Charlie" turned into a virtual S&M display ... with a female audience member getting SPANKED over and over again in front of her 2 children ... this according to a new lawsuit.

The woman behind the suit is Kellie Rodriguez ... who claims she took her kids, her sister-in-law and 3 nieces to a taping in L.A. on December 22, 2011 ... when she noticed she was being checked out by the comedian in charge of entertaining the audience, Ron Pearson.

Ron Pearson
According to the suit, Kellie was later chosen to participate in an audience competition -- in which the contestants would perform a "silly dance" to the Village People's YMCA ... and the winner would get a prize.

Kellie claims she began to dance ... when "all of a sudden and without warning, Pearson started spanking [her] buttocks with his hands."

In the suit, Kellie continues, "The unwarranted and unconsented spanking was RELENTLESS and did not cease until [Kellie] physically turned around to stop it."

The worst part -- Kellie claims she didn't even win the dance contest.

But there's more ... Kellie claims after the competition, Pearson asked for a kiss on the cheek ... but when she went in for the peck, he turned his head at the last second and kissed her on the mouth instead.

In the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Kellie claims it was not only unwarranted and humiliating -- but she claims her children were sad and confused ... later asking their mommy, "Why did that man kiss you?"

Kellie wants Pearson to pay ... same with Disney, claiming the Mouse House  "condoned, encouraged or ratified" the comic's behavior by employing him in the first place.

She's suing for unspecified damages. Calls to Disney and Pearson have not been returned.

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if youre so upset about being spanked, why would you go in to give the guy a kiss on the cheek?

1018 days ago


He and Disney should be sued and made to pay punitive damages. I'm against meritless litigation, but she has merit. Joining the competition, she had a reasonable expectation that he would not touch her inappropiately. His requesting a kiss on the cheek led her to expect she would just kiss him on the cheek. When he switched, he changed the terms of the deal. It is a deal because audience members normally must enter into an implied contract for filming purposes. I'm pretty sure that contract doesn't imply an exchange for sexual favors of any kind.

1018 days ago


I've been to more than 100 show tapings over the last 10 years living in LA. I've seen Ron dozens and dozens of times working on various shows. He has been doing this same act forever. Everybody enjoys it, and has a good time. Unfortunately it sounds like he ended up trying to have fun with the wrong person.

1018 days ago


Let's see the video... we all know peeps exaggerate like Ellen Barkin about cops "assaulting" her. #Truth!!

1018 days ago


If she was soooo offended, why didn't she go sit down? Just another money hungry person...

1018 days ago


After getting a "relentless" spanking, she was STILL willing to give him a peck on the cheek?? Then she complains?

1018 days ago


So after the spanking.. she still went in to kiss him. Sounds like she just found a way to try to get to money.

1018 days ago


Sh*t like this is maddening! Because if this dopey woman was "unwarrantedly" spanked by a complete stranger, who she knew was "checking her out" beforehand, why the H*LL! is she then consenting to ANY kind of kiss with him! This woman lost her credibility before she opened her stupid mouth! Maybe she's just mad she lost the dance contest! Hahahaha - stoopid!

1018 days ago

you know it    

It sounds like this Pearson character gets off doing this to unsuspected females and hides it and calls it entertainment.

1018 days ago


This will go nowhere and she'll be lucky if Disney even bothers to offer her a settlement. He's a comedian, she voluntarily went up on stage and voluntarily kissed him. Turning his head at the last second could easily be seen as a joke, as was the spanking.

1018 days ago

Jimmy jamz    

Heres a thought, If you are afraid how you look in front of your children dont get up and dance like a moron mom. No one wants to see a mom dancing.

1018 days ago


I dont agree with his actions but these easy paydays have to end,dont pretend like your life is over because he tapped your butt,beat it lady

1018 days ago

kade madison    

She's looking for a pay day. That's all this is about.

1018 days ago


"claiming the Mouse House "condoned, encouraged or ratified" the comic's behavior"

Ratified!!??? Mickey Mouse?? I didn't want to mention "ratified" but no one else did. HAHAHAHAHA.

1018 days ago


The woman was sexually abused on stage. The worst part is the comedian tricked her into exchanging some bodily fluids with the trick kiss. If he has herpes, she might now have herpes. Sick, dude.

A drunk a**hole tried the 'trick kiss' thing with my lady. I tracked him down a few days later. I just about removed his lips.

A few months after that, the same guy hopped on someone's Harley, gunned it, and rammed it under a pickup truck. He was in a wheelchair for a long time. Karma karma karma karma, karma chameleon...

1018 days ago
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