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Courtney Love

Wins Lawsuit Against Landlord

1/19/2012 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love sad
Courtney Love
will NOT be evicted from her luxury Manhattan townhouse -- TMZ has learned, a judge just tossed out the landlord's case, because it turns out Courtney did exactly what a good tenant is supposed to do -- pay her rent.

Courtney's landlord filed the eviction lawsuit, claiming she owed $54,000 for 2 months of back rent.  But the judge just ruled the landlord was way off base.  Turns out the landlord and Courtney had made an agreement after the lease was signed that altered the payment schedule.  Courtney was paying according to the new deal, but the landlord was trying to enforce the original one.

So bottom line ... Courtney gets to stay.

P.S.  The landlord said originally that in addition to owing rent, Courtney accidentally set the joint on fire.  The judge didn't address the whole fire thing.


No Avatar


Good 4 her!

1006 days ago


Thought my computer finally had scratch and sniff until I realized I was eating a tuna sandwhich for lunch.

1006 days ago


She has more $ than god! & less class than Lindsay.

1006 days ago

Ozzie X    

I'm concerned because at what point am I supposed to care? She has millions buy a house and drug yourself to death.

1006 days ago


So this guy rented a place to Courtney Love and didn't anticipate that there would be any problems?? I wonder if he walks out into traffic, or skydives with his eyes closed too?

1006 days ago

Jay W.     

Bet she's fun in the sack.

1006 days ago

Ozzie X    

I was going to offer a sleeping bag it's good things got settled.

1006 days ago

Ozzie X    

By the way most people have a sense of humor and can laugh at themselves. They know where they stand. You can't go through life being offended. Americans blah. I could show you a picture of my peen and you'd laugh but all I care about is that it functions. Ricky Gervais is a God.

1006 days ago


Courtney is such a disgusting person. Frances Bean is to be admired for cutting her mother off. Also, I think the landlady will still start another lawsuit over the alterations to the house that Courtney made. The reason Courtney won't buy a house is she only get cash allotments 3 or 4 times a year from her trust, and has real bad credit. Can't buy her ostentatious mansion she desires that way. Pitiful creature.

1006 days ago

northern gypsy    

had it not been for her deceased husband...
it's almost a sure thing...she'd be a bag lady !!! waste of space...

1006 days ago


She looks like she's bat she-hit crazy

1006 days ago


TMZ you did not address the fact that the landlord said Courtney completely changed the place and destroyed art work I believe when she did not give her permission to. I guess the judge didn't address that either!

1006 days ago

BB not bb    

Why is the landlord lying and making up stories then? They must have had a second contract in writing. He must just like making trouble for her and trying to drag her into court, like a power thing. Once your landlord hates you, they try to make your life hell. Now she is going to have a problem every time she needs repairs or something done.

Why is her money in a trust and who is managing it? Can't they just buy her a house? Then even so, if she wants to be in Manattan it would most likely be a condo and very expensive to buy also. I think that the average place costs a million dollars, so something fancy would be even much more.

The landlord probably thinks he is doing her some big favor to rent to her. Then they think that they can treat tenants like slaves and switch around what they said. Some people just move when their landlord wants them out to avoid the bad relationship.

1006 days ago


I like Courtney. What bugs me about her is her constant complaining about financial "problems" she has. She has got to be kidding spending 27 THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH on a place to live, and them complaining about financial issues.

1006 days ago

buzz kill    

As usual the landlord takes in the shorts. His own fault for not checking out prospective tenants. As for the Judge, I guess we know who he's doing tonight.

1006 days ago
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