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Judge to Danielle Staub:

No One Can MAKE You Strip

1/19/2012 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Danielle Staub can keep her pants on ... for now ... 'cause the former "Real Housewives" villain just won a nasty legal fight with one of the biggest strip clubs in the country.

TMZ has learned ... a federal judge in NY just ruled that Scores New York failed to show why Staub had a legal obligation to continue working for the gentlemen's club after taking a $25k payment to perform in a stripper video in 2010.

As we previously reported, Scores sued Staub for $375k ... claiming she failed to make a series of appearances at the club and on the Scores website ... after accepting the initial payment.

But in the court ruling, obtained by TMZ, the judge claimed Scores drew up a "vague" contract ... and never clearly specified Staub's obligations to the club.

The judge officially dismissed the lawsuit Wednesday -- but the war may not be over ... 'cause Scores can bring the fight back to the court if new information comes to light.

In the meantime, if you REALLY wanna see Staub get naked ... there's always her sex tape -- if you're into bagels, broccoli and onions.


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Danielle Staub just doesn't seem like a nice person!

1017 days ago


No thanks! Don't want to see that.

1017 days ago


She deserves the money for keeping her clothes on. I've seen the nasty tape.

1017 days ago


a blind guy would beg to stay blind rather then see her nude

1017 days ago

Mulholland Drive    

flimsy contract - who cares.... plus she needs to be a classy lady now.. no more whoring around Danielle you're a Mothah!

1017 days ago


Her naked pictures were vomit-inducing. Between her miniature p3nis and her hard-as-rocks bewbs, and her Grinch face, no thanks.

1017 days ago


25K to keep her clothes on. That club just saved everyone's eyes. How thoughtful!!

1017 days ago


This whore is still alive? i thought the VD killed her along time ago!

1017 days ago


At one time in America women who were the age that this piece of work is at, were looked up to. They were the queen of their families. The one everyone ran to for advice. They had class, style, knew when to keep their yaps shut. They were respectful women that us younger gals could hope to be someday. And someone calls these womne 'mom'{cringe....}

Now?! One has to look far and wide to find ladies anymore. Being a lady is almost out of style. ANY of the 'Real Housewives' proves this. The pathetic middle aged women on FaceBook who want attention and are just desperate to be called a 'Couagr' are more the norm. How sad is this? This type of woman is epidemic in America.
And these women are raising children...great, with wimps for husbands...ya know, for the few years most of them even have one.....the dumbing down of America is still in full swing....thanks ladies for your contribution....done venting.

1017 days ago


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1017 days ago


She is a walking STD. Nasty ho-bag!

1017 days ago



1017 days ago


update to the story she my be in the works on a new movie at bmoviesondvds

1017 days ago


It is too bad that her two daughters had to grow up around her and their mother's immoral behavior. Her daughter's deserve a better mother role model.

To know your Mom stripped, how humiliating for them. What kind of message does this woman send her daughters?

Some people just do not deserve to be parents/mothers. They don't deserve to be blessed with kids when they act like this.

1017 days ago


Whenever I see her face all I can visualize is her picking her teeth and talking about her smelling like onions. She is soooo ugly and nasty looking I cannot imagine why ANYONE would WANT to hire her to take her clothes off! No thank you! I would however give her money to KEEP THEM ON! Ugh.

1017 days ago
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